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May 2016
She was raised to win, to bear the crown
Raised to ignore the weight wearing her down,
because happy girls, yeah, they don't cry

She lived to please others
She lived to aim other's expectations, and knew she could never be, who she truly is
Taught that success is the key to everything, and that success is only measured in a fancy career, money or power.
But happy girls, yeah, they don't cry.

And they all say that she'll go far
"She has her life all figured out", they say with admiration
Because supergirls, yeah, they just smile

Little do they know,
that when she gets home
She'll write down her real dreams and thoughts,
just to throw in a draw
because supergirls, yeah, they just smile

So tell me,
don't you know, that it's our fatal flaw,
to honestly believe,
that people aren't real human beings?
With dreams and aspirations that aren't considered "smart"
With emtions and tears they can't express without being considered weak

I guess we'll never realize
Because happy girls don't cry,
and supergirls just smile
Know that you don't have to be strong all the time. Know that you can rebel. Know that it's okay to cry and be unhappy, no matter what society tells.
Little do they know that I'm she.
Louise Ruen
Written by
Louise Ruen  19/F/Denmark
     David Ehrgott, ---, --- and ---
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