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May 2016
Her voice began as whispers to the people's soul,
And quickly grew to a crescendo of battle cry for the fighting spirits.
She raised her hands and say "We are not the ones who are weak today",
With thunder-like roar stood the soldiers of today.

Spears came down like rain to the battlefield,
With only shields on their arms as their salvation.
War horses came charging in the front line,
Breaking down all means of defense from the front.

Those spears are not spears,
But words that society has poured upon them,
Those horses are horses,
But judgmental peers pressured their very existence.

While she is just one person,
Just a little voice in the midst of the dying world,
"Live life as if it was your last" She chanted,
Was enough as an inspiration to keep on going,

Yusof Asnan
Written by
Yusof Asnan  Brunei
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