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May 2016
I know I really should not miss you
Besides, what is there to miss?
Well there was that night we sat
squeezed onto the cold granite bench
Too close for comfort, almost touching and
awkwardly keeping a thin veneer between us
Dragging on the conversation just to
share molecules with you-
atoms colliding one more time
You, telling me that you loved me, past tense and
needed me to be your friend, present tense
Me, never receiving any apology
You, telling me that you know I was heartbroken,
as if I am some crushed daisy you trampled on your way out-
a forgotten flower
You opening your lips only to hers
You, telling me about how hard the break up was with
the girl after me
You, telling my mom that your friend died
Me, not caring, anymore
Yet before the destructive summer nights there
was a time when
we did not use our words as weapons instead
there were nights characterized by
You, picking me up at the station
You, holding my hand
early morning confessions
You, crying into my shoulders while
leaning into the realization
that the day we will be 900 miles apart
is coming toward us at a marathon pace
You, looking at me
as if you have never seen another girl before
Me, loving for the first time
Me, laying my head in your lap,
sleeping to the sound of the TV,
You, retelling what movie I missed while
I was dreaming of our future,
Spring afternoons,
Sitting with your grandmother and
hearing all about her mailman or
Drinking a coffee in the rain while
talking to your mother about college
laughing with your brother until you came home
listening to your cousin try to sell steak knives
knowing all your dreams and
that midnight in the grass under the stars
when I was
wiping your tears while
you admit that do not believe in God
or even just
greeting your dog
meeting your dad
saying goodbye knowing
I would say hello in the morning
I miss it all
the passion, the hurt, the love
Melancholy tears
your earth ocean eyes that started the fire within me
Leigh Marie
Written by
Leigh Marie  Boston, MA
(Boston, MA)   
     ---, BabeRuth, Melissa and ---
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