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Mar 2016
it was a time of new and innovating burglar alarms for houses,
she bought one
and she became a part of the modern culture then.

everything seemed nice;
she thought no stranger will ever be able to come to her home
or even take something from her.

well, she was right,
no one did,
except her.

her foolish imagination made some stranger in her head.
but after a while he wasn’t a stranger anymore,
in her head.

even if he was just a stranger,
she was prepared to let him see her home.

and she did.
she let him.

alarm went on.
but it was false alarm.

no one actually came,
except her,
and her imagination.

no one will ever come,
not one intruder will ever be close to her house.
she understand now.
well, regardless of modern alarm or unique furniture
that house wasn’t so beautiful from the outside,
and the interior wasn’t so well-set,
it was a little bit messy.

but at the end, it was all her fault,
she decorated that house by herself.
Queen of Nothing
Written by
Queen of Nothing  Zagreb, Croatia
(Zagreb, Croatia)   
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