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  Oct 2016 Queen of Nothing
he asked if i ever smoked
because my eyes are always teary
and my lips are pale and dry
with my hands always shaking

i told him no
but my mind's a constant cloudy haze
and it's caused by something dangerous
to both our health

when it burns, it has this unpleasant smell
and tastes bitter on my tongue
much like your bitter lips
spitting out unpleasant words

it's us bygone,
it's we
in the past tense
it's *we-ed
hi!! i enjoyed writing this one, because it popped up at first while i talked to tamia about **** (see what a conversation between two poets can cause) and i made a joke that there's a 'we' in **** and the "-ed" is a suffix for the past tense of some action. so i decided to play it into a poem and voila! enjoy this **** :-)
It was a cold time. I lay in the frost
alone, immobile and blue from the treacherous
air, but then you passed and lay with me just
to keep me warm, seeing something worth saving
in my empty eyes. It was a cold life.
Yet movement came back to me, dispelling
the ice and banishing it from my heart.
You were the fire for me, the fire that gave
me my sight and filled my eyes with starlight.
The fire that heated me and danced with a
scarlet tranquility in the night, calling
me forward into safety and saving
me from the wind which so harshly froze my being.
~~ In this moment you, you and your guitar, are singing just for me. ~~
Queen of Nothing Mar 2016

we're always counting  


...counting to life, to death, to peace, to health, to have fun, to true love, to have ***, to ending, to be yourself...  


we're always counting  


even if we don't  


we actually are  


but really  


someone else always does it for us  

They taught you to read the lines

Did they teach you to read between them?

Sometimes the empty space
Contains more meaning
Than the sharp shock of loud noises
Made by people in distress

Sometimes those who have more to say
Can't say it
Because they are tired from the fight
And only wanting to sleep
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