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rattletaptap Apr 2020
I dream of blue roses and black tulips,
as well as kisses but I wonder whose lips?
I never can tell if she's even human or fae.
Am I to never see her, or are we as one to lay?

She has indeed burrowed herself in my mind
like a sickness for which a cure I cannot find.
Through runes and rituals I try our fates to bind
with hopes to see her then, when the stars are aligned
rattletaptap Oct 2018
There is a line I'm not sure whether to cross.
Things could be better if I do, but maybe not...
I think and think and overthink.
I could leave behind a wreck, or maybe no trail at all
Things get worse yet I still fail to act.
rattletaptap Jan 2018
I want to be a leaf.
A tiny leaf atop a tall tree,
where darkness holds no sway,
where the stars shine during long nights,
where the sun can warm me on tough days.

I want to watch as foxes run,
to hear the wolves howl at the moon,
to feel the wind and rain on me,
to be one with nature.

I want to live the life of a leaf
without suffering and pain,
to be at peace and feel safe
when I bloom and when I fall.
rattletaptap Jun 2017
We are all but leaves on a branch;
come autumn we fall,
come spring we grow.
rattletaptap May 2017
A one-eyed man I met,
from far away he'd traveled here.
In search of what he'd lost,
he told me of a place that can't be seen
where men who bravely die
rise in glory and await the fated day.

I did not believe his words
for then I was a fool.

Two wolves were by his side yet
I did not feel afraid.
Two ravens he had lost, he said
and asked if I could help.
My doubts would be gone
if I helped for they could speak.

Then the dreary night came on which
I met one of the two.
A tapping on my chamber door
revealed to me the truth.
"Nevermore" the raven said and
now I believed.
rattletaptap May 2017
Neither here nor there I was
when you blossomed amid autumn.
The well, I heard, had been emptied.
Saddened, I sat on the porch and
watched the orange sky glaze by
like we used to. Come twilight
I reminisced the old days.
You said it would be fine if
reaching out was not an option.
So, neither here nor there I was,
but deep inside I always knew
the dog wouldn't hunt.
rattletaptap Apr 2017
Even a single wave is enough to fill a bucket.
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