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Feb 2016
Little by little
I come no closer to understanding
Why I long for closeness
(An introvert like me)

My friends might deny it
But I know
Why the dogs don't tug on their leashes
And why I never wave hello to their owners

There are moments when
I am reminded of a stranger saying
"It's difficult, huh?
Having a sister that's an extrovert?"

In the middle of the night I wake up thinking
"No, but what's difficult
Is wanting to be the best friend I can be
(An introvert like me)"
I used to be totally at ease with being an introvert (unaware of it, even) until I realized social success comes to people who are outgoing, and that's when I craned my neck to see if the grass really WAS greener on the other side. Guess what? It was.
The Emerald Outcast
Written by
The Emerald Outcast
       Hollis, Glass, ---, Sana, Creep and 39 others
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