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Feb 2016
Legs intertwined
At the end of the night
Arms holding on tight
This feels so right
You say you're cold
So tighter I hold
I'll keep you safe and warm
Even through the darkest storm

I kiss your cheek
It makes you weak
You kiss my hand
Every moment so grand
No space between us
But I'm not making a fuss
I could fall asleep with you
Nothing would be better, it's true

Neither of us wants to go
Because we both know
That at moments like these
We want time to freeze
Moments like these
Are pleasing to you and me
And you're bringing the heat
Because **** you are hot
Stop staring?  I cannot
You're truly a sight to see
That's merely what I believe
I could admire you for hours
You're more beautiful than a flower
That blooms in the spring
You make me want to sing
And you radiate like the sun
And you're so much fun
And you've improved my like
And you're sharper than a knife
Will you be my wife
Through toils and strife?
Because I love you so
And that love will only grow
And that makes two
Because I know you love me too

I'm such a fortunate guy
That at the end of the night
I'm lying here with you
Because there are very few
Who get to experience this,
Who comprehend this bliss
But I'm one of those lucky few
And for that reason I thank you
Part Time Poet
Written by
Part Time Poet  22/M/Ohio
   Survived, Arlina H, m i a, Sarah and Jesica
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