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Aug 6 · 523
Did you miss me?
If I fell silent for days...

...would you miss me?
My stint as a poet continues...
May 2017 · 242
Until Today
Part Time Poet May 2017
I still get nervous singing in front of a crowd
And I'm nervous that nothing I do will make people proud
I worry that my life's heading in the wrong direction
And that I won't find someone who'll exchange affection
I fear that I have friends who don't want me around
They just tolerate me, wouldn't care if I were sound
Asleep, far away nowhere to be found
Or buried ten feet beneath the cold hard ground
They'll find my body long after I have drowned
Under the stresses and the worries that I tell you now
I keep this all inside
Hide it in my mind
When people ask if I'm okay I tell them that I'm fine
I've never let these words see the light of day
Cause how do I say
These things to people with whom I play and pray
So here these worries and thoughts will stay...

Until today...

I'm afraid one day I'll wake up depressed
Haven't achieved my goals, always tired and stressed
Didn't do my best when put to the test
Allowed myself to slip below success
Made mistakes along the way and now I'm less
Than I set out to be, my life's an utter mess
I'm scared one day I won't make people smile
And on the day my life goes on trial
I'll look back on all my days with regret
Because I'm just some guy that everyone will forget
My story's been written, my time's been spent
And I didn't change the world everywhere that I went
And I didn't give, not even a cent
Because my fragile mind was twisted and bent
From my original plan, the man god had sent
Out to be a saint, a prophet, a gent
Who on his own could make a dent
On the darkness of the world, that's what was meant
But I didn't become that guy
Instead now I cry
On my deathbed where I lie
Alone because I didn't try
I didn't reach for the sky
When I had the chance to fly
I fell down from life's high
And now it's my time to die

Now I'm all alone
At this all time low
Ten feet below
Accompanied only by the flowers that grow
Above me
Mar 2016 · 363
Trust (Part 2)
Part Time Poet Mar 2016
Months have passed
Since you came to me in pain
We've moved on from that
And a new friendship was gained

We're back to the top
Nothing can bring us down
Our bond is stronger than ever
I always want you around

We've regained our love
We're happier than ever
Together once again
Let's make it forever

Thank you for being you
You're beyond perfect in my eyes
I'm sorry for hurting you before
But I've been forgiven, haven't I?

You're a blessing in my life
There's no doubt for sure
You're the girl of my dreams
Through every obstacle we'll endure

I'll love you forever
Just give me your trust
Stay by you for eternity
To me that's a must
R.A.H.  I love you
Mar 2016 · 991
Part Time Poet Mar 2016
We were best of friends
Nothing could separate us
We were on top of the world
Then she came along...

Gradually we grew further and further apart
We talked less, saw each other less
And I thought I was doing fine
I didn't know I was hurting you

Then you came to me in pain
I didn't know what to say
You know I never meant
To hurt you in any way

I lost your trust
Our relationship cracked
When I heard what you had to say
My happiness lacked

Now I'm on a mission
To regain your trust
To redeem my name in your eyes
That is a must

Slowly but surely
We're becoming closer again
I'll do whatever it takes
To once again be best friends
Mar 2016 · 545
Our Little Secret (10w)
Part Time Poet Mar 2016
Smiling at you
Because we're the only ones who know
Mar 2016 · 480
Sorry Isn't Good Enough
Part Time Poet Mar 2016
Woken up at 1:00am
Dad's screaming
Grabs me and shakes me
Why is he doing this?
What did I do wrong?
Confused more than I've ever been
Mom comes in
Grabs dad
Tells him to stop
Dad gets angrier
Throws things
Hole in the wall
Mom's crying
Tears drop to the floor
Tells dad he's a monster
A lunatic
She runs out of the room
Dad tears blankets away
Tells me I need to grow up
And I still don't even know what I've done
Now there's a hole in me
And it's irreparable
It's too big to fix
Fear, sadness, regret,
All eating away at me
And I wonder to myself
Is it even worth it to be alive?
Could I just end it all this very moment?
Would my parents even care?
All I want to do is make them happy, proud
Yet I've torn them apart
Made them hate me
All I'm thinking now is
"Lord forgive me, help me redeem myself for what I've done"
But I'm scared
Scared because I don't think I'll ever be able to fix this
This hole might just be too big and too deep
This blemish will stick with me forever
Feb 2016 · 326
Lying Here With You
Part Time Poet Feb 2016
Legs intertwined
At the end of the night
Arms holding on tight
This feels so right
You say you're cold
So tighter I hold
I'll keep you safe and warm
Even through the darkest storm

I kiss your cheek
It makes you weak
You kiss my hand
Every moment so grand
No space between us
But I'm not making a fuss
I could fall asleep with you
Nothing would be better, it's true

Neither of us wants to go
Because we both know
That at moments like these
We want time to freeze
Moments like these
Are pleasing to you and me
And you're bringing the heat
Because **** you are hot
Stop staring?  I cannot
You're truly a sight to see
That's merely what I believe
I could admire you for hours
You're more beautiful than a flower
That blooms in the spring
You make me want to sing
And you radiate like the sun
And you're so much fun
And you've improved my like
And you're sharper than a knife
Will you be my wife
Through toils and strife?
Because I love you so
And that love will only grow
And that makes two
Because I know you love me too

I'm such a fortunate guy
That at the end of the night
I'm lying here with you
Because there are very few
Who get to experience this,
Who comprehend this bliss
But I'm one of those lucky few
And for that reason I thank you
Feb 2016 · 383
Winter Formal
Part Time Poet Feb 2016
Wow what an evening
We danced without a care
But it wouldn't have been the same
Without your presence there

There you were
In a beautiful dress
No I couldn't stop staring...
Out of everyone there
You surely looked the best

I wanted to be
By you all night
Because in reality I still love you
Please never leave my sight

When that slow song came on
I literally sprinted to you
That song was our first slow dance
That'll always be our song too

Holding you in my arms
Why couldn't that moment last forever
Nothing will ever top those couple minutes
Never Never Never

I would do anything
To repeat that night again
To dance with you for hours
It was like a scene from heaven
R.A.H.  I never stopped loving you
Jan 2016 · 554
Happy That You're Happy
Part Time Poet Jan 2016
She means the world to you
And you mean the world to her
You two are fantastic for each other
I see it in your eyes when you think about her, in your face when you talk about her
I can sense how much you love her and that's a wonderful thing
I think I can finally accept that I don't need you to be any more for me than you already are
You and I are so close now
And that's all I need from you
A best friend, the best one I could possibly have
A queen that I can spoil
A girl that I can go to with any news, joy, problem, anything
You're always there for me and I love you for that
And I'll be here for you forever too
I'll still love you in the same exact way for the rest of my life
But I know that even if you love her more, I'll always be happy for you
**Because nothing makes me happier than to see you smile
L.R.  Thank you for helping me move on
Jan 2016 · 1.1k
Everything Reminds Me of You
Part Time Poet Jan 2016
The color red, it's your favorite
The color white, your car, your house
Shakespeare, we were King and Queen
Choir, you sing like an angel
Gymnastics, you competed
Joseph, you directed
Laser tag, you destroyed
HIMYM, we watched as we cuddled
Your scent, it still lingers on me
Wine, I'd love to drink with you
New Years Eve, we talked all day and night
Mitchell's, we stayed for hours and conversed
France, we traveled together
Poetry, you got me writing again
My car, where we kissed at midnight
My basement, where we made love
It all reminds me of you

Sometimes I wish I had amnesia so I could forget...move on
But I love you so much
No case of amnesia could take you out of my mind

Although sometimes it hurts
I want you to know
That I love each and every one of those little things that reminds me of you
Jan 2016 · 335
Drown in my Sorrow
Part Time Poet Jan 2016
Why does life have to be so cruel?
Putting myself in a place like this was not how I planned my senior year to go
And now I'm crying my eyes out
I'm in a world of pain and sorrow
I've never loved something so much that it hurt but you're my first
I'm leaving a trail of tears everywhere I go
I'm flooding the world with my emotions
No one can sense the pain I hide except for you
Jan 2016 · 293
But You're Hers
Part Time Poet Jan 2016
I want you to be mine, but you're hers
I want to be yours too, but you're hers
I want to cuddle with you, but you're hers
I want to kiss you all day and all night, but you're hers
I want to be your everything, but you're hers
And I want you to be the same for me, but you're hers
There are so many things I want to do with you but can't
*You're hers
Jan 2016 · 685
It Scares Me
Part Time Poet Jan 2016
I can't imagine a life where I don't end up with you
But to be's inevitable
And that scares me
You can't picture a life where I'm all you need
And that brings tears to my eyes
You apologize as the salt from my tears approaches my lips, leaving stains on my cheek
We've dug ourselves a deep hole that won't be easy to climb out of
My hands are shaking as I'm typing these words
The taste of salt on my tongue
Why did fate do this to us?
Everything happens for a reason, but what's the justification for all of this pain, suffering, love that won't evolve into anything?
Maybe we'll find out tomorrow, maybe we'll find out in a decade, maybe we'll never find out at all
But I can assure you one thing
If I had to redo this part of my life,
100 times out of 100, I would dig that hole again and again with you
L.R.  Wishing that you'd be my one
Jan 2016 · 337
Part Time Poet Jan 2016
Normal day at the office
New York City, can't complain
I wouldn't imagine anything
Going wrong today

Then we hear it...
Terrorists in the building
They're on the lower floor
Wielding guns, killing everyone

Our office goes on lockdown
We pile into one room
I pray to God they don't find us
No one deserves what's about to come

Door kicked open
Gunmen storm in
Screams and cries shriek out
I guess this is the end

They line us up
We cooperate with their commands
Maybe they won't **** us
If we don't make them mad

Then the nightmare begins
One by one they pull us out
In front of everyone so we can see
Stands straight, points gun, bang, on to the next one

I watch and shutter
As the bodies pile up
These were people I knew
And now their lives are done

I can't bear to watch this any longer
I sneak behind the line and hide
Behind a cabinet so they can't see me
Listening, I hear the worst sounds one can possibly imagine
1, 2, 3, Bang, Scream, Repeat

Then a pause
A muttering of foreign tongue
Footsteps creak against the floor
They're looking for more

One of them comes around the corner
He faces me with gun in hand
I lunge at him, grab the weapon, point
Shoot once, twice, three times
It's not so fun when you're the dead man

I look around the corner
More are coming my way
I send a quick prayer to God
Then jump into the fray

I shoot and I shoot
Fighting for my life
Knowing that I'm not going down
Without a fight

One down, two down, three down, four
Blood spatters the walls, bullets fall to the floor
My gun stops shooting, the cartridge is empty
There's no way to fight now
Need to find another way out

Throw the gun at the window
It cracks but doesn't shatter
"It's worth a shot," I tell myself
Then I flee from my cover

I sprint at full speed
As the bullet **** by
One of two hit me
But I keep fighting to survive

I lower my shoulder
Slam into the window
It shatters, I fall, I'm out
But the ground is quickly coming to meet me

I hit the ground with a smack
Glass raining down around me
People are looking at me and the building
Trying to discover what just happened

I get up slowly, painfully
A puddle of blood where I laid
People ask if I'm okay
But I tell them to run away

I run and I stumble
Away from the building
I'm slowly losing consciousness
Not knowing if I'm going to make it

Down the street I go
Searching vigorously for help
My vision is going out
I guess this is it

I awoke in my bedroom
I'm okay, all is well
Heck of a nightmare
Keep me away from that hell
This was one of those very realistic and vivid dreams where you see everything...I saw the blood, I heard the gun shots and the window shattering, I watched as people feared for their lives.
Jan 2016 · 304
What did I do? (10w)
Part Time Poet Jan 2016
What did I do to deserve a girl like you?
L.R.  It must've been something truly amazing because that's what you are
Jan 2016 · 238
Sleep (10w)
Part Time Poet Jan 2016
Need it?
But can I get it?
Jan 2016 · 704
New Years of Suffering
Part Time Poet Jan 2016
Words can't describe what I'm feeling now
I feel like I deserve pain
I want to slam my head into a wall
Hold my breath till I give in
Drown myself in the hotel pool

It's New Years Eve so why do I feel like breaking down and crying?

My family's all here so I shouldn't feel lonely
A new year is starting so I shouldn't feel like ****
I feel like I don't matter
       I'm a nobody
What would happen if I took my life tonight?
Would 2016 miss me at all?

I wonder and I wonder
About you
         About life
                  About death
About how much you mean to me
About what I mean to you
Do I really mean a whole lot?
**** **** ****
I need something to clear my head

I want things to change
Not between us
But I just want my feelings to change
I don't want to feel lonely
I don't want to feel depressed
I want to feel like I matter again
Not trapped inside a school of fish
I feel like a tear drop in a vast ocean
So if I go, what difference will it make?

Why the hell am I thinking this way?
My life isn't ending
And I'm not going to end it
I'm shaking from my thoughts right now
My mind is scaring me
Why do you have to be so ******* perfect?
I love you but I know it's not enough
Nothing will make you mine
She's yours and you're hers
And I can't say a word about it
Why the **** can't I just have you?
I'd be the best friend, husband, father, soulmate that anyone could give
I'd be the best for you
And there wouldn't be a doubt in my mind about that
I'd give you my heart, my soul, my being
I'd give you my all, my everything
If you could just be mine
But I know that that option is out the window
We've scrapped it, shredded it, thrown it in the fire
Made a deal from a TV show that I know will never happen
Just to give me the false security
The false belief that I have a chance
**** my life
        **** my feelings
                **** my mind
                        **** **** ****

My eyes feel dry but I want them to be leaking
I want my tears to stain the walls
        And the bed
                And the carpet
                        And everything around me
I want to drown in my tears
Flood the world with my emotions
No ark will be able to withstand this hurricane

This is the worst New Years I've ever experienced
But I have a resolution:
Be a better friend
Become closer to you
Stop the suffering
Stop suffering

Breath in...Breath out
Everything will be okay
Jack Kerouac has told me so
These feelings will come and go
And my happiness will grow and grow
And my demeanor will surely show
That I'm a warrior
I've made it through the dark
This black moment in my life
This hell
Soon there will be no more suffering
But for now
My mind was in a dark place on New Years Eve
Jan 2016 · 1.3k
I'm a Mistake
Part Time Poet Jan 2016
What have I done?
I took it too far
I'm just an idiot
Yeah just a ******* idiot

How can I live with myself?
It might not seem like a lot
But even the slightest pain I cause you
Is causing me to hate myself

I can't eat
I can't sleep
I can't think straight
Knowing that I've hurt you

I just want your warmth
Your love
Your everything
But I don't deserve one bit of it
Because of what I've done to you

I hope you're able to forgive me
I need you in my life
I promise I'll be a better person
If you accept my apologies

Yeah I'm just an idiot
A ******* idiot
Please forgive me
For what I've done to you
Jan 2016 · 661
My Drug of Preference
Part Time Poet Jan 2016
I talk to you and you give me a buzz
You make me go absolutely crazy
You don't have to do anything but be there
And I'm gone...
        Absolutely insane

You're like my drug and I'm going through a relapse
Every moment that I'm without you
I want you
        Crave you
                Desire you
                        Need you
                               I'll die for you if I have to

You have me hooked
And I have no way to escape
        No way to come clean

You have my mind spinning
       I don't know where I'm going
                Or what I'm doing
                        I just know that I want you

                I have you on my mind

Your effect on me is immense
And that's why I love it
But I won't be satisfied
Until you give me another dose
Talk to something
And I'll enter another high
L.R.  Yes I know I'm crazy...crazy for you
Jan 2016 · 367
Wish List
Part Time Poet Jan 2016
I want to run far away with you
I want to go where we can be happy
Somewhere that we'll both enjoy
Together without a care in the world

I want to take good care of you
I want to keep you safe and warm
I won't let anything hurt you
I'll be your safe haven, your home

I want to stay by your side forever
I'll never leave you alone
Through thick and thin and dark of night
My loyalty will be shown

I want to explore the world with you
I want to go traveling and see the sights
See all the beauty the world holds
Although I see most of it in you

I want you in all of my memories
I want you forever on my mind
When I look back to thing I've done
I want to see you there by my side

I want to make you feel special
Like you're a queen because you are
You're my queen and that will never change
You are forever my golden heart

I want to love you more than anything
You'll be all I care about in the world
My love for you will never dwindle
Because you are my life

I want to wake up with you beside me
All the days that I'm alive
Kiss you good morning every morning
Because that's what you'd like

I want to write you poems, sing you songs
More than I already do
We can write together, create together
Something great and new

Our love will make a masterpiece
We are the canvas, our lips the paint
I want to kiss you until together we make
Something more beautiful than Van Gogh could create

I want you as a part of my life
Until my last breath is done
Because I need you forever
Like the Earth needs the Sun
L.R.  You mean the world to me...I hope we stay in touch forever.
Part Time Poet Dec 2015
I've fallen in love with a girl
That cannot love me back
She's everything I want
Yet a love for me she lacks

She's perfect in every way
There isn't a flaw about her
I just wish that things were different
That way I could have her

I don't want to seem selfish
Her life and feelings matter too
But I pray and I wish day after day
That she'll come to love me soon

I've fallen for a girl
Fallen oh so very deep
She tells me it will never work out
And for this reason I weep

I feel the tears come to my eyes
As I face this truth in my mind
My tears begin to dampen the page
Where I am writing these rhymes

I will never have her to myself
At some point I'll have to give her up
This isn't a truth I want to confess
That she won't be mine when we're grown up

I talk to her day after day
And each day I get pulled in more
I want to take her far away with me
For she is the only one I adore

I've fallen in love with a girl
That never leaves my mind
I think about her throughout the day
And dream about her at night

I want to give her the world
That is what she deserves
For she is a queen, a girl of royalty
For her only the best should be reserved

I could talk about her for hours
And not for a second get bored
When I think about her I can't help but be happy
Her effect on me is something I adore

I enjoy every moment
I get to spend in her presence
For she's an angel, a girl of beauty
She came down to Earth from the heavens

No matter what happens to the both of us
In our future lives
I will never forget her or stop thinking about her
My love for her will never die

I've fallen for this girl
And I want her to be mine
But I know that I can't have her
So I'll love her to the end of time
L.R.  I wish we could be together forever
Dec 2015 · 254
High Expectations
Part Time Poet Dec 2015
I've always held myself to super high standards
And when I say high, I mean high
Higher than the skyline
Higher than the birds
Higher than the clouds

Where has that gotten me?
Well look at me now
I'm an athlete
I'm a singer
I'm a dancer
I'm a student
I'm a fighter


But really I'm just a guy
A guy who does what he's supposed to do
A guy who lifts other people's spirits
A guy who strives for what he desires
A guy who gets what he wants no matter the cost

But is this really a good thing?
Every day I'm stressed
I'm tired
I'm pushed to the limit
I'm dying on the inside
And it's all to make myself look good and others proud
What's happening to me?

I hear that when you don't get enough sleep each night your life expectancy drops significantly am I going to die soon?
50 years?
30 years?
10 years?
What if I die in my sleep tonight?
Will I be happy with all that I've done?
Will I be satisfied with how I've lived my life?

Why yes I will be!

I've taken every opportunity that has come my way and excelled.
I've met hundreds and hundreds of people and made a positive impact on their lives.
I've been handed so many obstacles and barriers and overcome each and every one of them.

Why do I live my life like this?
Because I hold myself to high expectations.
I push myself to the limit in order to live a better life...Live your life to the fullest every day.
Dec 2015 · 221
Kiss Me (10w)
Part Time Poet Dec 2015
Kiss me right now before I ******* lose my mind
Dec 2015 · 263
Is There a Reason? (10w)
Part Time Poet Dec 2015
Why do we do

All the things that we do?
Dec 2015 · 283
Part Time Poet Dec 2015
Man against man
Until the battle is done
Bullets whizzing by
From the barrels of guns

We fight and we fight
All day and night
Soldiers wounded and dying
It's a tragic sight

Why do we take part
In this thing we call war?
The conflict is unnecessary
There's another way I'm sure

Presidents and dictators
Craving a greater reign
Conquering for sport
Their reasons for war are insane

Religious diversity causes people to battle with much aggressivity
How can two groups that believe killing is wrong join in such an unjust activity?

Racism is another cause of war
Yet we're all humans, just of different color
Is a difference in pigment really a good reason to fight and **** one another?

Why is there so much hatred on the Earth?
We fight and we ****, peace seems to be at a dearth

Killing is such a wrong thing to do
Taking another's life, I can't imagine it
Ending a person's story before it was meant to be through

What causes someone to act in such a way?
Is it something we've done,
Or the things that we say?

One thing is for sure,
These wars need to end.
Our world is troubled and dying,
And it is our job to create peace and make amends.
Part Time Poet Dec 2015
5 o'clock, I should start my homework
Haha that's a funny one
I'll just go on Facebook instead

6 o'clock, Time to eat dinner
This shouldn't take too long
I can start my work after

7 o'clock, Okay I'm done eating
I should really get my homework started
Goes on Twitter for an hour

8 o'clock, Oh **** it's 8:00 already?
I'm serious I'll start my homework now
Oh look someone texted me

9 o'clock, How the **** did an hour go by already?
That was like ten minutes max
Oh well, I wonder what's new on YouTube?

11 o'clock, Did I really just spend two hours watching videos on YouTube?
Wow I have a problem
I wonder what's happened on Facebook since I left?

12 o'clock, Oh **** it's a new day
I have school in eight hours and my homework isn't started
Well I'm not going to get any sleep so I might as well just stay up later

1 o'clock, Wow I'm so tired
Homework is stupid
Why do teachers give homework?
Whoever invented homework is dead to me

2 o'clock, Haha I'm still going
Tomorrow is about to be rough
But now that "tomorrow" is today
I have to last a full day on no sleep
Wait I still have to start my ******* homework

3 o'clock, Finally started my homework
Too tired to process anything
This homework is gonna take forever cause I'm exhausted out of my ******* mind

4 o'clock, School starts in four hours
What the **** am I doing?
Why did I have to procrastinate?
Why do I do this to myself?
I have a major problem

5 o'clock, Finished my homework
Have to wake up in an hour
Oh well, an hour is better than none
I'm never procrastinating again!
*Cycle repeats tomorrow
I go through this struggle night after night after night
Dec 2015 · 2.5k
I'd Never Mean to Hurt You
Part Time Poet Dec 2015
I'm sorry for all that I've done
All the pain I've put you through
You endure enough already
And I'm making it worse for you

I'm sorry if I've ever hurt you
You know I mean the best
I'd never do anything intentionally
If I knew it would cause you distress.

I'm sorry if I've ever made you cry
I couldn't live with myself if I knew
That I had caused enough pain
To make tears stream out of you.

I'm sorry if I've ever made you sad
And if I have please tell me why
I don't want to be that guy
I want to make you laugh, not cry.

I'm sorry if I've ever ignored you
You deserve my full attention
A girl like you is special
And my mind needs to focus in your direction.

I'm sorry if I've ever annoyed you
I try my best to please
Sometimes I don't think about the things I say or do
And I am irritating without cease.

I'm sorry if I've ever pressured you
To do the things you shouldn't do
You have the right to make your own decisions
And I should respect them instead of forcing you.

I'm sorry for all the pain I've caused
And all the distress I've put you through
No matter what I do
Just know that I never mean to hurt you.
Dec 2015 · 439
My Golden Star
Part Time Poet Dec 2015
You are my Golden Star not just on snapchat

You are the light that leads me,
The sight that gleams for me.

You are the beauty of the world,
And I could stare at you forever.

You are sheer perfection,
And you deserve to have Earth in the palm of your hands.

You are independent,
And your knowledge will guide you.

You are humorous,
And I love when you make me laugh.

You are you,
And you'll be my Golden Star forever.
Dec 2015 · 1.8k
If Things Were Different
Part Time Poet Dec 2015
If things were different,
And we were the same people with different characters,
Maybe we'd be together
Maybe we'd love one another.

If things were different,
Maybe we'd be happy together
And we'd stay with each other
For the rest of forever.

If things were different,
We could cuddle,
We could kiss,
We could love,
And we wouldn't have to hide it.

If things were different,
Maybe we'd grow to become married
Husband and wife
And we'd make a family.

If things were different,
Maybe we'd grow old together
Travel together
Explore together
Experience together
Side by side through it all.

But in the end,
None of this really matters
Because you are who you are
And I love everything about you.
Dec 2015 · 2.1k
I'm Lying Here Awake
Part Time Poet Dec 2015
I'm lying here awake
Just thinking about you
Where we started
And who we've become.

I'm lying here awake
And now I'm wondering
Are you lying there awake
Thinking about me too?

I'm lying here awake
Listing all of your perfections
If I try to list them all
I'll be up until the dawn.

I'm lying here awake
As the minutes tick by
I'm going to get little sleep
But it's worth it because
I love to think about you.

I'm lying here awake
Drifting off into sleep
I'll see you in my dreams
And I'll carry you off to live happily ever after
Because you're a princess
And you deserve a prince
I'll rescue you from any trouble, any distress
And I'll never leave you as long as you're alive.

I'm lying here awake
Just thinking about my princess
And how my life would be different
If I had never met you.

I'm lying here awake
And now I am thankful
That I met you
In our own little fairytale.
Dec 2015 · 1.1k
How Lucky Am I?
Part Time Poet Dec 2015
How lucky am I you ask?
I'm the luckiest guy on Earth
To have the privilege...the blessing
to know a girl like you.

Why is it a privilege you ask?
You are the most amazing ******* Earth
And I adore everything about you.

What do I adore you ask?
Your smile, laugh, eyes, beauty,
Your smarts, talent, humor, kindness,
The list goes on and on.

Why am I so kind to you you ask?
In my eyes you're not just a girl,
You're a queen, angel, goddess,
And it would be wrong for anyone to mistreat someone so extraordinary.

Do I love you you ask?
The answer to that is simple:
I love you to the moon and back,
I love you more than life itself,
And you are the light of my life,
Joy of my world.

So how lucky am I you ask?
Luckier than winning the lottery,
Luckier than landing a dream job,
Luckier than being saved from death,
Luckier than a four-leaf clover,
All because I know you.
Dec 2015 · 292
Part Time Poet Dec 2015
Time to warm up,
My race is impending.
My last prayer to God,
I am sending.

The runners line up, awaiting our cue,
To start the race and run till we're through.

We begin to run at the crack of the gun,
Running and struggling for a good position.

The gap widens as we each run our race,
Some running faster but I keep my own pace.

I keep pushing myself more the further I go,
The results will show my effort I know.

The last lap is coming,
Time to kick in.
My legs tell me, "slow down,"
But I try not to listen.

I push and sprint to the finish line,
I tell myself, "this race is mine."

I cross the finish,
I'm happy it's done.
And to my surprise,
They tell me I've won!

I walk off the track
Happy as can be.
I quickly pray to God,
"Thank you for helping me."

Now this race is over,
But my next race is impending.
Time to prepare,
My last prayers I am sending.
Thoughts I have during a meet
Dec 2015 · 212
Part Time Poet Dec 2015
The trees dance to the singing breeze,
But in the winter the dance will freeze.
The world is frozen for months ahead,
This cold and ice is something to dread.

Soon the spring is welcomed with warmth,
And the trees' buds and flowers burst forth.
Bears and squirrels return from their slumber,
And the colors of the world increase in number.

The summer brings along with it the heat,
And tar melts on the warm concrete.
The world is alive with people and play,
If only this liveliness could be one to stay.

Then autumn comes once and for all,
Colorful leaves to the ground they'll fall.
We return to winter soon again,
Where the world will be white and be frozen.

The seasons cycle for all years to come,
Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn.
Part Time Poet Dec 2015
I don't know where to start
There is so much I can say
About this girl that stops my heart.

In my eyes you're perfection
In my mind you're just amazing
Everything you are...words can't give you justice.

Breathtakingly beautiful,
Strong and confident
All of these things make up who you are:
a goddess
a queen

Life with you is electrifying,
Life without you is a bore,
When I'm with you I can't help but smile,
When you're gone I want you here more and more.

I could stare into your eyes forever
They take me to a different place
A heaven, a paradise,
In you I can find peace.

So put on your tiara,
Let's take a night out on the town
You be the queen and I'll be the king
Take me to that paradise
And we'll smile this night away.

My first poem about her

— The End —