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Nov 2015
An open mind-
An open mind is
        An open door
        An open window
        An open book-
        An open book
                Full of blank pages
                Paper before the ink-
                                ­My tears are droplets
                                of ink that I cry into
                     ­   Ink
                                My blood is droplets
                                of ink that I bleed
                                into poetry
                              ­  My sweat is droplets
                                of ink that I work
                                into poetry
                                Tears, blood, sweat
                     ­           Like the sea
                               A bottle of
                                       Stories unwritten
                                       Words unsaid
                                       Promises broken
                               Emotions that I bottle
                               up and reveal only in
                               my writing
                               Things that could've
                               been and almost were
                               if not for
An open mind
Written by
Meg  In my thoughts
(In my thoughts)   
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