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Oct 2015
When the autumn dawns,
Nosedive like a wither'd leaf,
Fly with the pinions of air,
From the terra firma
Rise like a phoenix

When the autumn dawns,
Upswing like disrob'd tree,
Robb'd of every bling,
But thriving still

When the autumn dawns,
Fly like windy breeze,
In the clutches of
Your hawk-claws, carry
The moribund leaves and twigs

When the autumn dawns,
Settle like rich soil,
Lose enough to let go,
Strong enough
to hold on.

Dear Friend, When the autumn of life dawns,
Carry aroint deceas'd past,
Fly in a direction new
Stand strong and recreate
Thyself like a phoenix.

Copyright Dr. PRERNA SINGLA, 21 SEPT. 2015.
Summary: Autumn- the season of the fall... the write is about the autumn of life, taking inspiration from nature, the poetess wants to convey the message to her friends that when autumn of life dawns be like leaves, withered but flow with the winds to recreate when things r favorable.. like winds carry away the dead past, like trees still stand strong, like soil lose the unimportant n hold on to important relationships. . When autum of life dawns, dont lose hope, fight, survive n reborn as phoenix..
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