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Oct 2015
I’m writing you this
With liquor on my lips
Wide eyes, hands shaking
Down to my fingertips

You won’t read any further
I’ve already accepted that,
Maybe your mind will change
Once you see your tires flat

I don’t mean to play *****
But I’ve got a bleeding heart
Your twisted lies were enough
To tear what’s left of me apart

You “never meant to hurt me”
It’s all you continued to say
“Don’t leave again” I’d reply
Though I knew you’d run away

I saw galaxies in your eyes
God I wish you believed I cared
Now you’ve gone to better things
And I’m the one left impaired

You see you were like the moon
Going through these phases
Always changing your opinion
Like it was hidden in mazes

I’m done looking for a solution
When it’s clear I won’t find one
But why can’t you look me in
The eyes and tell me we’re done?

You meant everything to me
And I tried hard to save you
I knew you were depressed,
Nothing we couldn’t work through

I love you and your blue eyes
Your stories and the laughs
But I guess you’re right my dear
It’s time we go our separate paths
I will always remember how you tasted of mint and cigarettes
Victoria Ruth
Written by
Victoria Ruth  Dark Paradise
(Dark Paradise)   
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