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Oct 2015
The parasite that bites, that always bites in the night,
The parasite that does so fright, it bites who it will, whoever it might,
The teeth so sharp the tongue that hangs, it ***** and ***** and *****
Again. It's the parasite that bites, tasty thrills are it's delight,
The eyes that blink the watering mouth, the open lips,
You are the one the parasite decided was the best to pick,
Salivating and drooling, it just can's wait for it's turn to take a lick!
It's all about when you've gone to sleep, they go to work,
They feed and feed you're all they need, you'll do quite well...

And all the while you are supposedly evil and you're going to hell!
Alan S Bailey
Written by
Alan S Bailey  M/Unlisted
   ---, --- and RH 78
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