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Sep 2015
Varicose veins stitched into her thighs she is beautiful in the way
Her skin is soft and quietly dimpled
The places around her slightly down turned mouth
Her eyes that have seen
That have SEEN
Into the hearts of many a lover of a weepy child
Eyes lost and found through the window pane overlooking the slowly rotting rose bush
Her stomach is like linen sheets it is delicately wrinkled delicately lined
The labor of child birth the beauty of carrying a child
She has given herself she is reborn she is eternal
Stretch marks slightly more pale than what they cut through glow In the moonlight she is angelic
Shimmering grey hair twinkles against where it has splayed behind her
A halo a crown of settling dust
She is illuminated
Her body is art she has been delicate she has been rough
Her ******* hang they have fallen softly from the gentle caresses of Father Time
So softly she is touched
The light of the night surrounds her and in all these things
Silver trands velvet skin
A maze of veins on her palette
In all of these things she exists
She EXISTS she remains ever beautiful ever daunting
She is She is She is
And she will always be
This piece was inspired by my beautiful mother.
Emma Hill
Written by
Emma Hill  417
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