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Aug 2015
I've barely met you,
But I like the sound of you.
You seem like someone who gets me.
I think I'd like to stop feeling,
Perhaps you can help me.

Let's run away,
I can't be "normal".
Let's be asylum seekers,
Seeking the end of the world.
I hold my hand out, and you can say yes or no,
Let's run away.

Let's travel the countries we've never been to,
Cheap cars, easy ***
Everything we say is meaningless
And ain't that the beauty of it?

A boy holds my thoughts at home,
But I'll let you hold my heart.
I'll never tell you how much I miss him,
But perhaps,
By the time we're on the road,
He won't matter anymore.

We don't have to face
Nightmarish reality
We can keep driving and we can never stop

I miss him, I miss him so much,
But we can be
Our teenage dreams,
We'll still think they're heroes,
Even though they're not.

Suburbia is calling home,
Ignore it
Come with me.
Take me with your teenage dreams,
We'll be alright
I promise.

My hand holds out
With a stranger I've never met before
You're that kind of person I get the feeling,
That I'm in love with.

Let my hand
In yours
And clasp it.

I'm only
Written by
Beckawecka  Ireland
   Arlo Disarray
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