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Aug 2015
the motherships are
hovering overhead
& to the east,
apollo breathes fire
past the ******* incisors, like
'try &
catch me now'

or never.

to my west I felt nothing
but the most
uncomfortable comfort.
it's just.

becoming barefooted
clouds of dust I run
to the godlight
& in time I find I
also become

& I'm just freeezing
& my feet are filthy & bleeding
anything for that rush

tell me somethin brother
do ya cluster with the others?
are you some
undiscovered color
in the monochrome gutter?

are you sixsixsix seven
aren't you *** & heaven

dost thou seek
the foul
or the feather'ds;
brother of blood
& sweat,
is thou the sheep
or the shepherd?

we want the teeth.
to the tooth, troopers.

how rude;
I can see right thru
that wool suit
all too true to the stupor,

don't you know I know you,
don't you.
Running thru orchards with no shoes on at the buttcrack of dawn
Jerusalem Cricket
Written by
Jerusalem Cricket  California
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