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Mar 2015
Under an apple tree they sat,
the young couple, with their sun hats.
it was a perfect day they believed,
the perfect day was over when he had to leave

she cried a little on his shoulder,
as she was speechless and her arms became colder.
he said his goodbyes and promised they weren't forever,
however she knew their relationship would sever.

letters back and forth once a week,
and she missed the little kisses she once got on her cheek.

she re-lives the days where everything was perfect all the time,
she looks at the apple tree they used to climb.
she knew something wasn't right,
he hadn't come back he was supposed to be on last night's flight.

i hear a knock on the door, it wouldn't be him
my significant other would have walked right in.
i open the door to someone i don't know and they began,
informing me both him and i have lost a man.

i drop to my knees thinking how could this be,
maybe god did need another angel but why couldn't it be me?
i look around feeling more empty than empty could be,
filled with sorrow, i think should i let go, should i be free?

whats the point in living if he's not living with me,
he was my one and only. my happiness, my glee.
i take one last breath and draw the knife,
who knew someone could have this much impact on my life
Written by
et  canada
   Jade Welch and ---
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