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Feb 2015
You're a book I can't read. I flip open through pages with letters made from ashes. The minute I start to comprehend your letters fade to dust. I turn to the cover to look for a clue but then I saw nothing - there was only you.

You're a droplet in the rain. I walk with the sun and I thought days with you are gone. But then the heavens must have planted you deep in my world; I hid myself yet you conquered my skin. I wiped you off in a second to only see that the clouds have cried thousands of you in a scene. Help me, I'm drowning.

You're the light in a dark room. And it's not because you enlighten my cloak or my fears. But it's because no matter what I do I am always drawn to you. I look at the quiet fire that is you, and there you glamor my body with heat. I want to touch your gleam, but I often fret, a second I flinch.

You're the kiss of the sea to the shore. And I lie helplessly as you come and leave me. Thoughts of you keep coming back over and over and over. I'm trapped in a place where we meet only at a time your fate would allow us to be. I turn numb from not moving but then you'd come and kiss me. Oh, I thought you really would but I opened my eyes and there you are leaving with the sea.

And I wish you were something magical. For then it would be easy for a dreamer to ignore a fantasy. But you're as alluring as a metaphor and I'm nothing but a sheer sentence ended in a question mark. I'm all uncertainties in the presence of your beauty.
Leo Letters
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Leo Letters
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