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Patrick N Oct 2014
We prosper by our connectivity
it permits us influence and involvement
which invokes within us a feeling of usefulness
a sense of purpose that allows us to believe,
we are worthy of being **beloved
Patrick N Oct 2014
I talk to her, and her
She talks back, it echoes
I squeeze her, and her
She burrows into my chest, splitting it

I laugh with her, and her
She smiles back with too many teeth
I can’t love her... and her, and me
We cry tears, we should have never let be.
Patrick N Oct 2014
It burns so magnetically, beckoning them in
the warmth is alluring and felt on their wings
they flutter and dance to the heat and light

embracing a malevolent illumination in the blackest of night
knowingly I wait, whilst feeling a premature pain
watching the last dance of moths to the flame

— The End —