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Patricia Arches Sep 2015
They always
Tell me
The skies
The limit
But when
They do
I reply
With a
Laugh and
Say why
Must I
Be limited
To just
The sky?
Patricia Arches Aug 2015
Life is like a rollercoaster
You're in for one heck of a ride
At times you can get nervous
Butterflies inside

Fear can strike your very core
As you observe its height
But as you see it more and more
Anticipation rides

Down and up
Up and down
The worst parts followed by the best
And when you reach the highest top
Your fear is put to rest

As the ride comes to a stop
You can look back and observe
That you accomplished a life so great
Every twist
Every turn
Every curve

So don't you worry about being alone
There are people in the seats by your side
Enjoy life, the rollercoaster
You're in for one heck of a ride
I wrote this poem in my highschool English class as a writing prompt for extended metaphors. Looking back, I realize how blessed I was to be under such a wonderful teacher who really encouraged me to start writing. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have rediscovered my love for writing. Thank you, Ms. Linny, if ever you stumble on this page. Your kind words and warm smiles leave an impact on people greater than you can ever imagine.
Patricia Arches Aug 2015
Never fall in love with a poet.

Her familiarity with words
How she can gather and pick the best of consonants and syllables from the white picket fenced field that has a sign near the entrance labeled  "alphabet"
and with this she may offer you a bouquet of sentences carefully articulated and placed in a specific manner to look effortlessly marvelous

How she will always fall asleep with a thought
And turn them into thought infused dreams
And then churn this mixture in the mechanisms within her
Bring forth a lovely array of vocabulary that sounds like rhythmic melodies to your ears

Never fall in love with a poet.

She will know your words all too well
Because she knows words all too well
She knows that they aren't always what they seem
And no matter how many words you offer back to her in return
A lesson is engraved within her heart which solely believes
that words can not be given alone

The beauty of words must be matched with the strength of actions
Less your beautiful words will be nothing but a distraction
Without the fibers of action to hold your words together, to wrap her up in a cloth of security and warmth
Everything you will say and have said before is just
sweet poetry

And she, my dear, is a poet
Who has too many a poem tucked away in the deepest corners of her heart
What good will just your poem do?
The dangerous beauty of words.
Patricia Arches Jul 2015
How easy it is to fall in love with the knight in shining armor from the land of words
He will sweep you away on his steed named Promises,
Of appreciation and sincerity
But never forget that his armor will eventually come off

And all that will be left is the man born from the land of dishonesty
Who grew up with men who were
Enemies of integrity and action

His steed, Promises, is fast
he will run away when he feels threatened
When there is nothing left for himself
And he will take the knight, oh knight in shining armor when he goes

He will be long gone before night ends and the moon's light no longer glistens against his armor
He will be just the reflection of a reflection of the Sun
a suit of cold steel
That's all he really ever was.
I choose to love the faithful King from the kingdom of the Sun.
Patricia Arches Jun 2015
Maybe, just maybe
the rushing waves aren't there to hurt you.
Maybe the breaking down of the rocks, the itty bitty bits of sand that fall off with every tumultuous
crashing of each wave
beating upon what is
supposed to be so strong
falls quickly in oceans of beauty, travel down streams of
deep and rich blue
You'll find it to be a lot easier when you let go.
Patricia Arches Jun 2015
how do you move on when your heart can barely keep up with your feet monotonously dragging across the ground?
you're at the subway, it means nothing to you now
I watch you take in what once was our city and breathe in the fresh air
while I suffocate in your perfume with every inhale
every exhale is meant to be an "out with the old"
but I know that carbon dioxide only enters the plants we grew together and brings back the very same oxygen again
You wanted to grow a whole garden of different flowers
because you wholeheartedly believe that the world needs more beautiful things
I hope you still know that you're that beautiful thing in this world.
But now
I will wake up each morning knowing that the sun rises for me as well
Your smile will fall into the lists of things I love, but I now revel in the things that made and still make you smile
the things that took your breath away
They take my breath away too.
I no longer need to breathe in your air, breathe out my worries, or leave this city.
I've found what's made you so beautiful, and it's slowly changing me too.
Patricia Arches Jun 2015
I always thought that the worst kind of pain was to see yourself lose someone so very slowly
to see him every single day for the longest time, anticipating that one morning you won't be able to see him again
but still hoping that you will
rejoicing in every moment he's still around but noticing that he's slipping away as time slowly creeps in
and when he leaves, it's a kind of emptiness that you tried to acquaint yourself with each new morning
but this time the emptiness takes his place

I always thought that nothing could beat that

but I've found a pain more sudden and sharp
no time to compose yourself
or to comprehend the situation
leaving isn't an unwelcome guest but rather an ever present force that hits you head on
your head is left in a daze when he leaves
before you had the chance to know he was gone
before you had the chance to really say goodbye

see, when he leaves slowly your heart is battered everyday and when the final blow does come, the pain is somewhat bearable because you've grown callouses from those wounds

however, when he leaves as quickly as a flash of lightning, all you are left with is an echo of the thunder
and a realisation that you don't have an umbrella on hand for the mess of the storm
Me for the last two months.
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