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Nov 2019 · 101
How are you?
Omar Abo Shama Nov 2019
When was the last time things went really better but left you drained with much irreversible ******* to deal with?
It's when things are good
but you may never be.
Because what really matters isn't the surroundings,
it's what you've become after all.
Feb 2018 · 127
Message to the God
Jan 2017 · 339
Omar Abo Shama Jan 2017
And then there's no good way to end things
Cause it's ending. Y'know?
May 2016 · 242
Omar Abo Shama May 2016
It feels like there's no earth to stand on.
Apr 2016 · 251
When i go home ..
Omar Abo Shama Apr 2016
Im gonna tell god everything.
Apr 2016 · 425
Omar Abo Shama Apr 2016
I can start and i can't finish.
Apr 2016 · 332
Being good is easy.
Omar Abo Shama Apr 2016
And the most special thing about being great is that you're not just good.
Feb 2016 · 258
What's special about her?
Omar Abo Shama Feb 2016
She sees me when i really dont exist.
Nov 2015 · 352
Omar Abo Shama Nov 2015
Yesterday she did her best to avoid his defects and to see his beauty.
Today she's doing her best to avoid his beauty and to see his defects.
Oct 2015 · 341
The past and today ..
Omar Abo Shama Oct 2015
Life gave me her heart and it took it back.
Life let me suffer.
Life goes on.
Then i've got the one who fixed everything to start without suffering.
A new real love.
Life is beautiful.
And today life is giving me what it took.
Now i've to choose.
My brain died and what im sure about is only one thing.
God is laughing at me now.
Oct 2015 · 241
Maybe lucky.
Omar Abo Shama Oct 2015
He's better and that's why he always gets his answers first .. or maybe not
Sep 2015 · 257
The bottle..
Omar Abo Shama Sep 2015
Both of them stared at the bottle and then looked at each other deeply in the eye.

-What do you think? Do you want to drink?
=Im thinking about something special.
-Tell me
=I promise to share this bottle with you when we both reach 70
-And what if we didn't?
=We wont.
Mar 2015 · 579
Guess What ..
Omar Abo Shama Mar 2015
Guess What ..

There are some people at a dinner table in Peru don't know anything about you, your problems and even your existence.
Mar 2015 · 338
That Pain
Omar Abo Shama Mar 2015
Do you know exactly what's harder than hiding the pain deep inside?

Guess what ..

It's when you scream out loud and look around to find that nobody already heard you.
Sep 2014 · 350
No excuses ..
Omar Abo Shama Sep 2014
If A loves B
B loves C
C loves D
And D loves A

Maybe they don't understand and they're always confused but they all know what does it exactly mean when you're strong with the one who loves you and weak with the one you love ..

And they'll always find an excuse when there is not ..
Aug 2014 · 373
That Shake Hand ..
Omar Abo Shama Aug 2014
Yes i'm conscious ..
Yes she's there ..
Laying her back on the car ..
Looking at the phone ..
She didnt change ..
Beautiful as i used to see her ..
Thought many times before going towards her ..
Suddenly im beside her ..
Without even knowing what happened or how i did that ..
She was surprised ..
Her eyes were happy too ..
That shake hand
Was like loving my hands
It was strong like asking for help ..
I just wanted to keep holding this hand ..
Nothing can help me to say how much i do miss this skin and this touch ..
She had to leave ..
She did it again ..
More stronger ..
Asking for more help ..
What's supposed to happen after this is what i really don't know ..
Her touch was enough ..
And nothing could be fixed ..
I will just enjoy this dose until having another ..
Up until then , I'm fine .
Jun 2014 · 302
Much better ..
Omar Abo Shama Jun 2014
You better run , I was here to make you fall only to not catch you in the end ..

"That’s the down side of falling in love with me - I never know what I want and will blame you for my indecisiveness."

I pretended to feel the same way and i can never call you mine ..
I lied to your eyes ..

You see, in those times, when they used to smile at me and they were exactly the same eyes that used to look at me like I was your favourite person ..
I'll remember the look in your eyes, the way you struggled to form a sentence ..

I shouldn't be making excuses, I should have remembered that you don't do that anymore.

Now you're okay ..
Now you're away ..
I was going to do nothing but poison everything you once thought you loved
Omar Abo Shama May 2014
It's sad how the things go like this today ..
I've thought about it hundered times ..
The words that should be said ..
Before reaching this pointless point ..
Time won't always heal your pain ..
Sometimes , the pain will always haunt you ..
Listen to my unspoken words ..
Hear my unheared scream ..
Stare at my eyes and you'll find the answer ..
It's sad how the things go like this today ..
This pain inside your chest , i feel it ..
This pain that lead you to carziness ..
This craziness that i can handle ..
It's me , It's your home where you're always safe ..
I will be there away and you'll replace me hundered times ..
Until you realise that no one can handle you but me ..
Not because you're hard to handle but because it's me , it's your home where you're always safe ..
I will be there away and you'll comeback ..
Until then , i will be in another place where i didn't use to be in ..

I will be

In the corner of your eyes

And you'll always look at me

May 2014 · 280
You'll never know ..
Omar Abo Shama May 2014
I knew that i was falling in love ..
And i hated that most of all ..
That showed me what does "Weakness" really mean ..
When you watch yourself falling in love ..
When you've nothing to do but staring at yourself ..
Falling in love , what an awful thing!

I've watched myself putting its shields down , breaking its walls , opening all the doors to you and forgetting all the lessons it has learned ..

But i couldn't save myself ..
I'm lost in your eyes within that beautiful glow ..
And i can't find the way out ..

I gave you a very special thing that you may don't appreciate ..

I was naked to you ..

You saw my soul and all its layers ..
You saw what's behind everything i cover myself with everyday ..
You saw what i've tried so hard to mask ..

You saw me ,,

And you'll never know how does it feel like to me ..

There are some feelings that no matter what you say
No one can feel them ..
May 2014 · 279
I'm not enough ..
Omar Abo Shama May 2014
You know, I can feel the fear that you carry around and I wish there was ... something I could do to help you ..

You know , I can feel the way you want me so much .. as much as i want you ..

Do you know how much does it hurt to see you afraid when i have nothing left to make you feel safe ?

Tell me that's not my fault again and again and I'll nod my head like the doll I should be .. I will smile the way you want me to .. I will close your eyes to never make you see what may hurts .. I will hold your hand to make you never hesitate .. I will hug you so tight , whispering that everything will be okay when it's not .. I'll give you everything i've ever got ..
And when there's nothing left inside to be given , don't stare at my eyes and make me feel that i'm not enough to you ..

Because i know ..

And finally you will have no other option but to loathe me ..
May 2014 · 318
No answer
Omar Abo Shama May 2014
I wonder if my God is listening to me right now
I wonder if he listens to the whole prayers 
I wonder why did he give me a brain that can't handle the truth .. 
A brain that is lost in the darkness .. 
A brain doesn't really know what's the point .. 
A brain knows the equation but doesn't know the answer .. 
All the roads lead to death .. 
And the more i know the more i feel bad ..
I feel lost .. 
And if i dont deserve the answer ..
Why do i deserve the question ?
May 2014 · 488
Lies under the spot
Omar Abo Shama May 2014
Stop talking to me like you need me
cause I know that the only thing you truly want is me being stuck in you while you live your life without me .
Apr 2014 · 325
Again , again and again
Omar Abo Shama Apr 2014
It was when she cameback to talk ..
More beautiful ..
More confident ..
With more light inside than before ..
I've just found myself starting from the beginning or as we called it "The end" ..
Im falling in love again with my princess ..
Im falling in love again with every single small and beautiful detail about her ..
Im falling in love again without thinking ..
Her light is in the middle ..
I tried to run away from it ..
But the truth is that i run around it ..
In a closed circle ..
Without rules ..
And with no exit ..
Again , again and again ..
Omar Abo Shama Apr 2014
I never thought my angel would go away ..
I was lost for words did not know what to say ..
My shout went unheard ..
It's hard to look around and find the world doesn't give a **** to your pain like you don't exist ..
It didnt stop ..
The sun , the moon and the stars act like nothing is happened ..
Every single thing inside you is dead and the universe still acts like nothing is happened ..
You've lost it all and the universe still acts like nothing is happened ..
The heaven didnt change its colour for my loneliness ..
The stars didnt get dark for my broken heart ..
And the sun didnt share with me the hardest night ..
I set her free and she left ..

But everytime we meet makes it much harder and the universe still acts like nothing is happened
Aug 2013 · 675
Her Wedding ..
Omar Abo Shama Aug 2013
It's better to play this track while reading .­-schoenberg


It was when i held that paper and read your name ..  

Next to another man ..  

Seeing that you're not mine anymore ..  

And believing that's not my name ..  

Not my wedding ..  

And this is only an invitation ..  

An invitation for me ..

Finally i receive what i thought i'll day send ..  

She invites me ..  
To see her eyes showing love but not to me ..  

To feel her happiness but not because of me ..

And to believe that every single thing she has will be for him and not for me ..

A day to know that everything is done ..  

And the place i thought was day mine is not mine anymore ..  

But i'm strong enough to accept this invitation ..  

Strong enough to go and see ..  

Strong enough to hide my broken side ..  

Strong enough to see her happy without me ..  

Strong strong strong ..  

Then everything went wrong ..  

When i saw her eyes ..  

And stared ..  

Then i took my broken steps to that corner ..  

To that seat ..  

Where she wouldn't be able to see me ..  

And she's next to him ..  

Holding his hands ..  

And every single second kills me ..  

Kills every single memory for her ..  

Kills every single feeling for her ..  

Kills every single thing that is still alive because of her ..  

It's hard to become a grave for these things ..  

But i can't let lies live inside ..

I wish if i could hold your hands now and leave ..  

One more single night ..  

Without hearing your questions ..  

Without telling you my answers ..  

Without your blame and without my reasons ..  

Before this day comes ..  

Why didn't we give one more chance to our love to fix it all ..  

Why did we become too late to fix anything ..  

But now i'm good ..  

I'm good ..  

Good enough to stand up and leave ..  

Maybe there's something you've got ..  

Maybe there's something i've lost ..  

Maybe you're happy or maybe you're not ..

Shame on me ..  

Shame on you ..  

Baby we've failed ..  

Yes we've failed ..  

And now ..

Let life take us to where it goes ..  

To anywhere ..

To nowhere ..

May 2013 · 4.4k
That New Golden Saxophone ..
Omar Abo Shama May 2013
The concert was about to finish ..

And now it's her turn ..

With her instrument ..

With her golden saxophone ..

The lights were diminished ..

And she started playing her favorite musical note ..

With her heart that is full of feelings ..

And her closed eyes ..

In her special world ..

The air goes out from her lungs softly like tears ..

And the great audience feels every tone ..

She doesn’t see them ..

She doesn’t hear their clap ..

Only his soul that is around ..

And Only his voice that is heard ..

Then his beautiful smile ..

With tears in his eyes , He said ''You're the best''

Then she looked at her saxophone ..

And remembered years ago ..

At one of their nights ..

During one of their phone calls ..

- You know babe , I adore the Saxophone ..

- Really ?

- Yeah , it's my favorite instrument ..

- Hold on ..

- What's this noise around you ?

- Nothing just my family ..

- Hmmm , didn't they sleep ?

- No , gonna call you after sometime ..

- Ok no problem ..

And after sometime he called her back ..

- Now tell me what will you do when you get a saxophone ..

- Haha , I really don't know but I've never thought about having one before ..

As they used to do , He started telling her a story before sleeping ..

She doesn't care about any stories ..

She just loves listening to his voice ..

She stays silent ..

To listen and feel ..

Every single word ..

And while listening , The call was over ..

She did a call again and again ..

No answer ..

She called his home ..

No answer ..

Again and again ..

No answer ..

The phone was ringing away from his sleeping house ..

Without his family noise that didn't exist ..

Among a lot of people ..

In his crushed car ..

Between his dead body ..


*That New Golden Saxophone
Omar Abo Shama Apr 2013
What would you feel and what would you do ..

What would you say and what would you try to undo ..

If today is your last day ..

If your words are your last say ..

If your life ends tonight ..

Imagine this night !

Will you start the earthly delights ..

Or you'll just start desperate fights ..

between your evil soul and your soul of lights ..

Would you think about committing suicide ..

Because of the pain you can't hide ..

and because of the sorrows you can't slide ..

Is that how you want to end your life ?

Are you an evil person with no pure soul and no guard ..

A guard to save you and care for you ..

That person that can make your life the best ..

But you will still be that evil person ..

Like a broken vase in need of some glue ..

Like a tired detective in need of clue ..

Because you're about to die today ..

You're confused and You're not sure if you want to astray ..

But your sane soul could lift up its gaze and whisper to you ..

Telling you that God's way is the best avenue you can ever choose ..

Are you going to hesitate this time ?

Are you going to decline ?

No , You can't decline this way ..

You have to be righteous still ..

And Justice still...Just take a deep breath and Chill ..

Close your eyes , Pray to God ..

No matter what  ..

The god is forgiving ..

You aren't ready for the moment of truth ..

The moment of recalling and faith ..

The moment you wish you did better in life ..

imagine what they will do ..

Will they cry ..

Will they have a chance to say at least goodbye ..

Will they feel that it's just a lie ..

Will they wish you come again ..

Will they feel the real pain ..

Will they remember everything you did ..

Will they feel your soul lying on the bed ..

Will your picture stay forever in their head ..

Will tears run in their eyes ..

Will they stop believing their lies ..

Will something change !

No time to try ..

No time to regret ..

Now there's nothing you get ..

Think of how different it would be if today isn’t your last day ..

I know it’s too late ..

Too late to book a place ..

Too late to leave everywhere a trace of your smile and your face ..

After all of that ..

Imagine if today is not your last day ..

What would you say ?

It doesn’t matter today or tomorrow ..

It doesn’t matter now or later ..

Maybe ''today is your last day'' was a lie ..

Maybe you still can try ..

Maybe you can prepare yourself to never say again '' why ??

Here or there ..

Today or tomorrow ..

Now or later..

**You will die ..
Apr 2013 · 649
let's be happy
Omar Abo Shama Apr 2013
I've decided to be happy and never be sad ..

Love that good and love that bad ..

Here you're my hand ..

Hold it and stand ..

Understand !

Let's go out ..

A lot of things we've to care about ..

Ourselves , our souls and who's around ..

Let's rise from ground ..

It's never the last round ..

Run ..

Be a sun ..

Never fall ..

Love them all ..

And stay happy ..

Please stay ..

Yes today ..

And for more one day ..

Don't delay ..

The time to say ..

"I'm happy" (scream)

Do you feel the pain ?!

Ok . Let's be happy again (:
Omar Abo Shama Apr 2013
A great love .. 
A wonderful marriage .. 
Everything was perfect ..
I hold you in my arms ..
You rest there peacefully ..
Silently kissing my neck ..
Whispering you love me ..
My heart was your garden ..
And my body was your world .. 
My eyes were your home ..
And my words were your poem ..
My hug is where you stay ..
And my pulse is what you always breath..
But today I'm not there ..
And I miss you so much dear ..
I will come ..
Dead people are alive ..
And I will call your name ..
From heaven , you will hear ..
That i am still alive ..
My heart still beats for you ..
I said we would last forever strong ..
Yet i am there in your heart everlong ..
I remember the running tear ..
The fear of losing me ..
The fear of being alone ..
I remember ..
I saw you ..
I could feel you ..
When I left this world ..
It was when you heard my last say ..
It was when you lost your way ..
It was when my hands were frozen .. 
And my heart was giving you the last pulse of love .. 
Now I just wish to come one moment ..
To know how you live today without me ..
And who could save you .. 
To see you living and smile for just awhile ..
With my unseen soul ..
With my unseen eyes ..
With my unseen heart ..
But I know that you'll see me ..
You'll see me someday ..
I'd be there to comfort you ..
And hold you in my arms ..
I will be young again ..
And breathe for my loves sake ..
Oh i hope my wishes were true ..
God says its not ..
But he has sent me to earth ..
For a view ..
For a glance ..
Just one chance ..
From heaven I'm coming ..
To the place where I lived ..
The world seems the same ..
I remember this world ..
The winds took me to my home ..
And I'm full of feelings ..
The home is still the same ..
And tears began to fill my eyes ..
This home was my world ..
But where's my name ..
Where are my pictures ..
There's a new picture there ..
I get closer to it to know what's this ??
My wife in her white dress ..
And another man is holding my princess ..
Her eyes were so happy ..
And her smile meant a lot ..
And i couldn't believe ..
Was it my eyes or the reality
I was replaced ..
Was my love less than my life ..
Was my worth only till the time i survived ..
Was i a saving angel for you ..
Or just an angel you once knew ..
Tears of hate fill my eyes ..
Blood poison pain fill my heart .. 
A loud scream went unheard ..
Then i stared at your smile ..
With my crying eyes ..
All i ever wanted is seeing you okay ..
I don't know why this feeling of jealousy is taking over me ..
I have died, i still cant believe that my heart doesn't beat ..
How could i hold you inside my heart that is pale cold ..
How could you survive with my love strong but frozen ..
As i move inside to my room ..
The colour has changed ..
From the brightest red it has become blue ..
Are you feeling the same way too?
Here's my cupboard, does he wear my coat?
Oh, there is nothing but new clothes ..
And yours too. Do you remember this black dress i gifted you?
Do you still miss me? Do i come in your mind and stay?
Or maybe just pass away?
I wish i never came here ..
I wish i never saw my home ..
because its no more mine ..
its yours and his ..
Goodbye my lover , Goodbye today ..
As i returned to where i stay ..
Faraway ...
As you rested peacefully in his arms ..
I'll ..
Rest In Peace ..
Apr 2013 · 451
Is There Something Else !?
Omar Abo Shama Apr 2013
All of me was yours and now you are free ..

Like something must happen or day must come ..

Don’t talk about me and don't say ''HE'' ..

Walk in your way and if u need me ,, Welcome ..

Your memories in my heart and always they’ll be ..

Your face is still in my eyes and always i’ll see ..

A lot of chances I gave to you ..

Things I did , Things I've never used to do ..

That '' Without you I'll die ''

Then that '' Goodbye "

The truth has become a lie ..

I'm here..

Next to fear ..

Watching you disappear ..

Say all of your words ..

Put in my heart all your swords ..

Hurt and ignore ..

Break and block any an open door ..

Throw and take ..

Hold and break ..

Sleep and wake ..

It doesn’t matter if you were real or fake ..

Go ..

I forgave you ..

Now Is There Something Else !!?

Just Nothing ..

Go away ..

Maybe everything will be okay ..
Apr 2013 · 447
Your Soul ..
Omar Abo Shama Apr 2013
How long has it been since last time we have talked ..

How long has it been since last time together we have walked ..

If i don’t know your name ..

I won’t realize what you said ..

I still remember your words ..

They were swords ..

I just came to see ..

What you would do ..

If i gave you a chance ..

To make things right ..

But they were right ..

You don’t need chances ..

You need nothing ..

For you there's a name i found ..

Blind blind from the sky to the ground ..

I just came to see ..

What we are going to be ..

And what will happen if i let you talk to me ..

I just came ....

To see if you still feel the same ..

Shame ..

On you ..

You don't know what you lost ..

Let me tell you something right ..

Let me put in your black , something white ..

To lighten your night ..

About what you said or even what you did ..

Unforgotten words will stay forever in your head ..

I’m gone ..

I’m gone ..

I’m gone ..

On my knees , alive but dead ..

Look at the invisible , blood i have bled ..

The shattered love , The shattered smile ..

The shattered touch even for awhile ..

The way you used to talk , the way you used to dream ..

I listen loudly to a silent scream ..

Then your beautiful eyes ..

Don't close them ..

I know what lies behind them ..

Say goodbye ..

Say and just don’t try ..

Say and don’t lie ..

Say and let me die ..

Fears and tears for years ..

And nothing is here ........

Suddenly something called my name ..

Your soul again ..

The real meaning of pain ..

It came closer and closer ..

It whispered and i closed my ear ..

It came closer and it said please hear ..

I took my broken steps back ..

It came closer .. Im sorry !

it came closer .. Im sorry !

It held me tight ..

It said forgive me about what i said ..

Forgive me like more times you did ..

I know that you don’t mean what you did..

You love me , i know you do ..

We are still one and we’ll never be two ..

I’m with you even if she's not ..

To get all what we day got ..

To find all what we day lost ..

Then i closed my eyes ..

It’s near , i feel it ..

i slept on her hands ..

And I woke up .. ‘’you still here ?‘’

Yes , forever dear ..
Apr 2013 · 710
A Minute ..
Omar Abo Shama Apr 2013
At one of my cold nights , I was holding my phone..
Resting on our bed alone and cold ..
Hearing a song about missin my lost part ..
Writing a poem about how long has it been since the last time we have talked ..
I was shocked , You Are Calling !!
It's your number , it's your name ..
Oh my god what can i do ?
Just I answered . ''hey
She said '' Hey baby
I couldn't say anything .
I said ''how are you
She said "I'm daying without you , i need you darling really ( and with a weak voice )’’ I'm cold without you , i really miss you ..
i know about what i did and how much i hurt you .. but i swear i love you . please forgive me and come back to me .. I'm  nothing without you
I said '' But .. I ....
She said '' don't say anything please .. just think and always remember how much i love you and try to forgive and back i need you now more than anytime before , i love you ..
And she ended the call ..
A tear left it’s sea in my eyes .
A Broken Heart is beating again .
A confused brain .
Don’t know what to do .
I can’t leave you .
How much i was waiting for a call like this ..
Cold nights and bad days ..
I couldn’t forget you by all the ways ..
How much i missed your voice  ..
How much i missed your touch ..
How much and how much and how much ..
How much i miss seeing myself is fine and how much i miss drinking our love's wine ..
SUDDENLY .. In a Minute !
I found myself still in my cold night ,  holding my phone..
Resting on our bed alone and cold ..
Hearing a song about missin my lost part ..
Lost in my poem’s lines about how long has it been since the last time we have talked ..
What happened ! i don’t understand anything !!
I opened my phone's log , where’s your number ! there’s nothing ..
I slept !
I slept when I was holding my phone..
Resting on our bed alone and cold ..
Hearing a song about missing my lost part ..
Writin a poem about how long has it been since the last time we have talked ..
I dreamed .
I dreamed when She was Callin ..
It’s her number , it’s her name ..
Then i found
Rivers of tears ..
More of fears ..
It was one of my cold nights
It was the coldest ..
Silent and cold ..
As i returned to my empty bed to hold my phone..
Resting on our bed alone and cold ..
Hearing a song about missing my lost part ..
Writing a poem about how long has it been since the last time we have talked ..
Will She Call !?!?!?
But it was her voice and her way .. It was her words and her say ..
Was it a message ?
So what was it !
It was strange ..
It was a dream ..
It was a minute ..
maybe minute can change more , maybe minute can open the closed door ..
Why all what i wanted to see and feel just in a dream ..
and why all what i dreamed was like a water and now it's a steam ..
Why I'm in my place , all of my dreams just i can see it in the sky
Why I'm still here , can’t fly ..
Why and why and why ..
Maybe it was just a dream ..

But it made me have something i missed ..
It’s your soul ..

Here , there and everywhere ..
Mar 2013 · 542
Omar Abo Shama Mar 2013
A lot of things i have to accept without saying why

And why I'm the one who have to try ?

What it was ? and what it will be ?

Who was blind and who could see ?

Too many whens and too many whys !

Were they lies ??

Why I'm in a cave ?

And who can save ?

You always break , and I'm have to fix

Stop talking , stop these tricks ..

Always patient and always suffer without say ..

Why the thorns always full my way ..

And i’ll say again ‘’why’’ !!

More things are wrong ..

Trying everyday to be strong ..

But no way to walk ..

And no heart to talk ..

But what can I do , just i can stare ..

And i can’t do anything even if it’s not fair ..

You throw me behind ..

You killed a lot of things inside ..

Don’t search , believe me , Nothing you will find ..

And how can you find when your heart is blind ..

How can you live , please tell me ..

Did you forget our years in days ..

Did you try to love me by all ways ..

Did you feel the love in your heart ..

Or you just felt the wanted part ..

How can you live , please tell me ..

Look in my eyes and say ..

Why suddenly you left the way ..

Why couldn't you stay ..

I can’t believe that you were the one who I had protected ..

I can’t believe that you were the one who i had respected ..

Nothing to do ..

Everyone in his way . let’s go ..

Don’t fix me i'm not broken ..

Fix yourself and wake up ..

Nothing left to take ..

The fear killed you before the war ..

Go and close behind you the door ..

You did more ..

Believe me . someday you will regret ..

And even if you didn’t ..

I’ll say why ......

Why did you do this to me .
Mar 2013 · 686
Who Teached The Teacher ?!
Omar Abo Shama Mar 2013
Think ..

The thinker takes it all
Mar 2013 · 679
Life Is Good ..
Omar Abo Shama Mar 2013
Life is too short ..

Take the good with the bad and accept ..

Try to be different and break the rules ..

All of us are living , so choose the way you want to live with ..

Laugh when you are sad ..

Smile when you are crying ..

Stare at the sun ..

Sit or walk or run ..

Be far or be near ..

Feel the protection or feel the fear ..

Love people or hate ..

Do what you want .. it’s your fate ..

Love what you got but always remember what you had ..

Forget what you can and forgive who you want ..

Learn from your mistakes , but never regret ..

Be the person that you love , not the one they love ..

Don’t care about any talk ..

Don’t stop !! do anything . Run or at least walk ..

Cry , but dry your tears fast ..

Move on and try to make it the last ..

Live your day and walk on your past ..

Nothing to lose !

Everything you are losing , it wasn’t yours ..

Even yourself isn't yours ..

Think of how different it would be if you never met the one person who changed everything ..

At all we are living ..

Create the fact ‘' Nothing Will Change No matter What You Do ’’ .. so move on

In every sun shine try to start a new life ..

And let the moon take all your pains when it goes ..

And what will happen !

Leave your broken world behind ..

Always try to say  ‘’ Never Mind ‘’ !

Doesn't matter if you can see or you are blind ..

Life is like a book ..

More pages , just turn over the page ..

Dream to see Tomorrow fine ..

And dream to read the good line ..

You can control ..

Even if you couldn’t !

Whatever ..

If you are smiling or sad ..

If you are a good one or a bad ..

If you are a normal one or a mad ..

If you had completely lost it .. or everything you had ..

IT GOES ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 2013 · 472
All I ever wanted ..
Omar Abo Shama Mar 2013
Truth isn’t what i believe ..
Love isn’t what i need ..
Something is different and i have to know ..
It doesn’t matter to stay here or to go ..
It doesn’t matter the answer would be yes or no ..
It doesn’t matter if you was blind or everything you saw ..
It doesn’t matter to leave me in this way ..
It doesn’t matter to be silent or to say ..
It doesn’t matter to forget or remember me day ..
It doesn’t matter to go or to stay ..
Say what you want ..
Mean what you say ..
Remember the darkest Lights of that day ..
Eyes are open , hands are ****** ..
Deep inside i'm warped and twisted ..
I realized that’s not my place ..
I couldn’t see in your eyes my face ..
I didn’t realize that being away ..
Will make everything okay ..
Truth isn’t what i always believe ..
And targets are not what i always achieve ..
It doesn’t matter to look or to talk ..
It doesn’t matter to stop or to walk ..
Seeing you okay all i ever wanted ..
Search me inside ..
I’m you ..
I can’t change the past ..
I can’t predict the future ..
I just have the present moment , to say ..
Thank you ..
Thank you for making my life so wonderful ..
Mar 2013 · 458
Hope ..
Omar Abo Shama Mar 2013
I believe in hope ..
whatever what happened there's hope ..
people come and go ..
Love takes you high and down ..
what i always try to proclaim ..
that all the roads lead to the same ..
Past is past ..
Today maybe is the last ..
Smile , forget your problems and don't say why ..
there's always hope and it won't die ..
Rise from the ground ..
Look around ..
It's just the first round ..
you still have the right ..
the right of living ..
Tomorrow is white ..
there's a sun after every night ..
hope is here ..
hope is near ..
Happy or Sad ..
Normal or mad .. 
Good or bad .. 
We all have to proclaim ..
That all the roads lead to the same ..
Smile ,, You're alive :)
Omar Abo Shama Mar 2013
Did we lose everything ?


Could we get at least a thing ?


I think of you lying in that bed ..


And wonder if there is anything I could have said ..


I reconsidered what i did ..


I saw our years ..


The laughs, the love, even some tears ..


We were the best ..


I held it true ..


To be close to you ..


I did all what i could do ..


I know you love me too ..


I know i wasn't perfect ..


But i gave you all i had ..


And if we were so deep in love ..


Why does it feel so bad?


And if we were so deep in love ..


Why are we now, so sad?


I still have a lot of questions  ..


and i still wonder why??


Why we had to say goodbye ..


Why we couldn’t try ..


Why we still believe that we are living ..


**It’s a lie
Mar 2013 · 1.2k
A Tissue ..
Omar Abo Shama Mar 2013
I was sittin in a car ..
Holdin a tissue , my hand was out of the window ..
The tissue wanted to leave cause of wind ..
Suddenly i remembered you  ..
You were like a tissue , The air was like a power wanted to make me without you ..
I tried to hold on tight..
In my heart i remembered every night..
But seein you want to leave broke me ..
So i left it , i left you ..
May life will take you to another place will be safer than a hand in the air ..
Omar Abo Shama Mar 2013
I’ve created a new world without you ..
Yes , all of you ..
Without your smiles and your faces ..
Without your souls and your places ..
Without your love and your lies ..
Without your whens and your whys ..
Without you ..
All of you ..
There’s nothing to proclaim ..
I know that everything would just stay the same ..
But there’s no problem ..
I’ve just created a new world without you ..
Yes , you ..
You left and you know well that there’s no life after you ..
You left and you know well what will happen after you ..
I hate myself for breathing without you ..
I don't want to feel anymore for you ..
Blinding wall between us ..
I have lost my way ..
And all paths lead straight to you ..
It doesn’t matter to reconsider what you said ..
It doesn’t matter to reconsider what you even did ..
I’ve just created a new world without you ..
And you ,
I found myself in you ..
Among lies you were something true ..
No one could describe me and you ..
But you weren’t just a one ..
You have a lot of faces with everyone ..
Your plan was to run away ..
And i was ready to be with you forever and stay ..
I just want to tell you true words ..
I wasn’t the addict here ..
You just forget your greatest fear ..
It doesn’t matter to reconsider what you said ..
It doesn’t matter to reconsider what you even did ..
I’ve just created a new world without you too ..
Running , running ..
In an endless maze ..
They’re so cunning ..
They put me in a daze ..
We could make everything so sweet ..
We could face everything and beat ..
You’re the winner , and i love tasting the defeat ..
The world is too big and im too small ..
Its when im about to fall ..
Im lost don’t get a thing at all ..
I need you and you never answer my help call ..
So i keep running to anywhere ..
I keep running to nowhere ..
Hoping to find ,,
Some consolation to what’s left of my mind ..
You always deceive ..
There’s nothing true to believe ..
There’s even no goal to achieve ..
And now ..
It’s time to leave ......
And i swear It doesn’t matter to reconsider what you said ..
It doesn’t matter to reconsider what you even did ..
Because i’ve just created a new world without all of you ..
I have something to say ..
Understand it by your way ..
If you couldn’t create a new world without people ..
Someday , You’ll find no place to escape ..
Mar 2013 · 4.5k
The revenge project
Omar Abo Shama Mar 2013
Don’t stare at me ..

I swear i can revenge ..

Don’t stare at my words ..

Really I can revenge ..

Don’t talk to me like this ..

Don’t talk about me like this ..

Don’t use this way ..

The killer was only in need for a gun ..

It’s simple to **** ..

It’s simple to hurt ..

Don’t act like a killer ..

Because i’ll never be your victim ..

Revenge ?

No need for revenge , i will just sit back and wait ..

Calm down babe , i still didn't think about revenge ..

Once i read ''Those who hurt you will eventually ***** up themselves ''

And if i'm lucky ..

**God will let me watch
Mar 2013 · 456
Tell her ..
Omar Abo Shama Mar 2013
Her soul has visited me at night ..
To ask me if I still remember ..

Her words and her love ..
Her hug and her touch ..

Her soul has visited me at night ..
To ask me if I still care ..

About her life and her smile ..
About her heart and her eyes ..

Her soul has visited me at night ..
To ask me if I still think ..

About her problems and her feelings ..
About her looks and her words ..

Her soul has visited me at night ..
To ask me if I could understand ..

What she couldn't explain and What she meant ..
What she tried to do and what she didn't ..

Her soul has visited me at night ..
To ask me if I miss ..

Her days and her moments ..
Her voice and her smile ..

Her soul has visited me at night ..
And I've a lot of whys ..

Her soul has visited me at night ..
And she always tries ..

Her soul visits me but she don't ..
Her soul cares about me but she don't ..

Tell her why she didn't come ..
Tell her I'm sad ..
Tell her I'm mad ..
Has no one told her he's not breathing ..
Has no one told her he has lost his way and all paths lead to her ..

Remind her of the days we spent ..
Remind her of the messages we sent ..
Remind her of the words we said ..
Remind her of the things we did ..
Maybe she forgot ..
Maybe she has lost what we had got ..
Maybe she needs someone to tell her ..
You're her soul , tell her ..

Tell her why she didn't come ..
Tell her I'm sad ..
Tell her I'm mad ..
Has no one told her he's not breathing ..
Has no one told her he has lost his way and all paths lead to her ..

Tell her that I've never forgotten ..
Any moment ..
Any day ..
Any word ..

Remind her of the one who had saved her when he couldn't at least be able to save himself ..
Mar 2013 · 529
Alive but ..
Omar Abo Shama Mar 2013
Your heart is still beating ..

Your words are still the same ..

The way you laugh didn’t change ..

The way you get confused ..

The way you walk and talk ..

Air is still getting pumped through your lungs ..

Blood is still running through your veins ..

You still have sense ..

You still can see and hear ..

Food and water are keeping you alive ..

But still ,

**You're dead to me
Mar 2013 · 1.0k
Happy birthday ..
Omar Abo Shama Mar 2013
Today is different ..

Today I can't say ..

Happy birthday ..

Today i don't have this right ..

As you know , I can only write ..

I've just remembered our past ..

The moments that you decided to be the last ..

So fast ..

But today isn't like those days ..

And this year isn't like those years ..

I'm here alone without you ..

A new life I've begun ..

A new life without your sun ..

But it's still her birthday ..

And all the best wishes I've to say ..

In a friendly way ..

It doesn't matter where my words will stay ..

In her heart or faraway ..

But it's still what I've to say ..

Happy birthday ..
Mar 2013 · 458
Maybe Someday ..
Omar Abo Shama Mar 2013
What can I do now ..

I've lost it all ..

Too late ..

Beside a closed gate ..

You've gone before I tell you ..

How much is it hard without you ..

And how much I need you ..

You've gone before listening to my reasons ..

Before knowing the answers of your questions ..

Finally I'm the only loser ..

You left me alone ..

I wish I could meet you ..

And say all what should be said ..

I wish I could listen to you ..

If I have only one more day ..

I would have more to say ..

I would tell you how much I miss you since you've been away ..

I wish I could delay ..

The time of death ..

Finally I'm the only loser ..

You left me alone ..

The pain I can't hide ..

The sorrows I can't slide ..

I wish you could hear my say ..

I wish you could be here today ..

To hold you in my arms ..

To forgive all your mistakes ..

To have another chance ..

To thank you for all you've done ..

Someday , After life and after people ..

May I would be able to see you again ..
Mar 2013 · 961
The End ..
Omar Abo Shama Mar 2013
Years passed ..

Year after year ..

Waiting with fear ..

Beside a closed door ..

On a cold floor ..

But won't fight more ..

Today I can tell you that we're the same ..

Today I can tell you that I can forget what you day forgot ..

Leave what you day left ..

Break what you day broke ..

Today I can tell you that you're not my princess anymore ..

Today is the time to break that door ..

The chances are forbidden ..

And noway to forgive ..

Or give ..

Any pulse of love ..

Nothing left inside ..

Nothing to hide ..

This is my last say ..

Believe me , The end is today ..

The words have been drained from this pencil ..

The pencil that started the story ..

Is the same pencil that wrote

The End .

— The End —