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Mar 2013
I believe in hope ..
whatever what happened there's hope ..
people come and go ..
Love takes you high and down ..
what i always try to proclaim ..
that all the roads lead to the same ..
Past is past ..
Today maybe is the last ..
Smile , forget your problems and don't say why ..
there's always hope and it won't die ..
Rise from the ground ..
Look around ..
It's just the first round ..
you still have the right ..
the right of living ..
Tomorrow is white ..
there's a sun after every night ..
hope is here ..
hope is near ..
Happy or Sad ..
Normal or mad .. 
Good or bad .. 
We all have to proclaim ..
That all the roads lead to the same ..
Smile ,, You're alive :)
Omar Abo Shama
Written by
Omar Abo Shama
   King David, st64 and Nirmalee
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