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Apr 2013
A great love .. 
A wonderful marriage .. 
Everything was perfect ..
I hold you in my arms ..
You rest there peacefully ..
Silently kissing my neck ..
Whispering you love me ..
My heart was your garden ..
And my body was your world .. 
My eyes were your home ..
And my words were your poem ..
My hug is where you stay ..
And my pulse is what you always breath..
But today I'm not there ..
And I miss you so much dear ..
I will come ..
Dead people are alive ..
And I will call your name ..
From heaven , you will hear ..
That i am still alive ..
My heart still beats for you ..
I said we would last forever strong ..
Yet i am there in your heart everlong ..
I remember the running tear ..
The fear of losing me ..
The fear of being alone ..
I remember ..
I saw you ..
I could feel you ..
When I left this world ..
It was when you heard my last say ..
It was when you lost your way ..
It was when my hands were frozen .. 
And my heart was giving you the last pulse of love .. 
Now I just wish to come one moment ..
To know how you live today without me ..
And who could save you .. 
To see you living and smile for just awhile ..
With my unseen soul ..
With my unseen eyes ..
With my unseen heart ..
But I know that you'll see me ..
You'll see me someday ..
I'd be there to comfort you ..
And hold you in my arms ..
I will be young again ..
And breathe for my loves sake ..
Oh i hope my wishes were true ..
God says its not ..
But he has sent me to earth ..
For a view ..
For a glance ..
Just one chance ..
From heaven I'm coming ..
To the place where I lived ..
The world seems the same ..
I remember this world ..
The winds took me to my home ..
And I'm full of feelings ..
The home is still the same ..
And tears began to fill my eyes ..
This home was my world ..
But where's my name ..
Where are my pictures ..
There's a new picture there ..
I get closer to it to know what's this ??
My wife in her white dress ..
And another man is holding my princess ..
Her eyes were so happy ..
And her smile meant a lot ..
And i couldn't believe ..
Was it my eyes or the reality
I was replaced ..
Was my love less than my life ..
Was my worth only till the time i survived ..
Was i a saving angel for you ..
Or just an angel you once knew ..
Tears of hate fill my eyes ..
Blood poison pain fill my heart .. 
A loud scream went unheard ..
Then i stared at your smile ..
With my crying eyes ..
All i ever wanted is seeing you okay ..
I don't know why this feeling of jealousy is taking over me ..
I have died, i still cant believe that my heart doesn't beat ..
How could i hold you inside my heart that is pale cold ..
How could you survive with my love strong but frozen ..
As i move inside to my room ..
The colour has changed ..
From the brightest red it has become blue ..
Are you feeling the same way too?
Here's my cupboard, does he wear my coat?
Oh, there is nothing but new clothes ..
And yours too. Do you remember this black dress i gifted you?
Do you still miss me? Do i come in your mind and stay?
Or maybe just pass away?
I wish i never came here ..
I wish i never saw my home ..
because its no more mine ..
its yours and his ..
Goodbye my lover , Goodbye today ..
As i returned to where i stay ..
Faraway ...
As you rested peacefully in his arms ..
I'll ..
Rest In Peace ..
Omar Abo Shama
Written by
Omar Abo Shama
   Tessa F and ---
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