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Mar 2013
Don’t stare at me ..

I swear i can revenge ..

Don’t stare at my words ..

Really I can revenge ..

Don’t talk to me like this ..

Don’t talk about me like this ..

Don’t use this way ..

The killer was only in need for a gun ..

It’s simple to **** ..

It’s simple to hurt ..

Don’t act like a killer ..

Because i’ll never be your victim ..

Revenge ?

No need for revenge , i will just sit back and wait ..

Calm down babe , i still didn't think about revenge ..

Once i read ''Those who hurt you will eventually ***** up themselves ''

And if i'm lucky ..

**God will let me watch
Omar Abo Shama
Written by
Omar Abo Shama
   --- and Arrywill keepya smilin
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