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May 2014
I knew that i was falling in love ..
And i hated that most of all ..
That showed me what does "Weakness" really mean ..
When you watch yourself falling in love ..
When you've nothing to do but staring at yourself ..
Falling in love , what an awful thing!

I've watched myself putting its shields down , breaking its walls , opening all the doors to you and forgetting all the lessons it has learned ..

But i couldn't save myself ..
I'm lost in your eyes within that beautiful glow ..
And i can't find the way out ..

I gave you a very special thing that you may don't appreciate ..

I was naked to you ..

You saw my soul and all its layers ..
You saw what's behind everything i cover myself with everyday ..
You saw what i've tried so hard to mask ..

You saw me ,,

And you'll never know how does it feel like to me ..

There are some feelings that no matter what you say
No one can feel them ..
Omar Abo Shama
Written by
Omar Abo Shama
   Maria Imran and ---
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