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Apr 2013
What would you feel and what would you do ..

What would you say and what would you try to undo ..

If today is your last day ..

If your words are your last say ..

If your life ends tonight ..

Imagine this night !

Will you start the earthly delights ..

Or you'll just start desperate fights ..

between your evil soul and your soul of lights ..

Would you think about committing suicide ..

Because of the pain you can't hide ..

and because of the sorrows you can't slide ..

Is that how you want to end your life ?

Are you an evil person with no pure soul and no guard ..

A guard to save you and care for you ..

That person that can make your life the best ..

But you will still be that evil person ..

Like a broken vase in need of some glue ..

Like a tired detective in need of clue ..

Because you're about to die today ..

You're confused and You're not sure if you want to astray ..

But your sane soul could lift up its gaze and whisper to you ..

Telling you that God's way is the best avenue you can ever choose ..

Are you going to hesitate this time ?

Are you going to decline ?

No , You can't decline this way ..

You have to be righteous still ..

And Justice still...Just take a deep breath and Chill ..

Close your eyes , Pray to God ..

No matter what  ..

The god is forgiving ..

You aren't ready for the moment of truth ..

The moment of recalling and faith ..

The moment you wish you did better in life ..

imagine what they will do ..

Will they cry ..

Will they have a chance to say at least goodbye ..

Will they feel that it's just a lie ..

Will they wish you come again ..

Will they feel the real pain ..

Will they remember everything you did ..

Will they feel your soul lying on the bed ..

Will your picture stay forever in their head ..

Will tears run in their eyes ..

Will they stop believing their lies ..

Will something change !

No time to try ..

No time to regret ..

Now there's nothing you get ..

Think of how different it would be if today isn’t your last day ..

I know it’s too late ..

Too late to book a place ..

Too late to leave everywhere a trace of your smile and your face ..

After all of that ..

Imagine if today is not your last day ..

What would you say ?

It doesn’t matter today or tomorrow ..

It doesn’t matter now or later ..

Maybe ''today is your last day'' was a lie ..

Maybe you still can try ..

Maybe you can prepare yourself to never say again '' why ??

Here or there ..

Today or tomorrow ..

Now or later..

**You will die ..
Omar Abo Shama
Written by
Omar Abo Shama
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