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Mar 2013
Truth isn’t what i believe ..
Love isn’t what i need ..
Something is different and i have to know ..
It doesn’t matter to stay here or to go ..
It doesn’t matter the answer would be yes or no ..
It doesn’t matter if you was blind or everything you saw ..
It doesn’t matter to leave me in this way ..
It doesn’t matter to be silent or to say ..
It doesn’t matter to forget or remember me day ..
It doesn’t matter to go or to stay ..
Say what you want ..
Mean what you say ..
Remember the darkest Lights of that day ..
Eyes are open , hands are ****** ..
Deep inside i'm warped and twisted ..
I realized that’s not my place ..
I couldn’t see in your eyes my face ..
I didn’t realize that being away ..
Will make everything okay ..
Truth isn’t what i always believe ..
And targets are not what i always achieve ..
It doesn’t matter to look or to talk ..
It doesn’t matter to stop or to walk ..
Seeing you okay all i ever wanted ..
Search me inside ..
I’m you ..
I can’t change the past ..
I can’t predict the future ..
I just have the present moment , to say ..
Thank you ..
Thank you for making my life so wonderful ..
Omar Abo Shama
Written by
Omar Abo Shama
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