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Mar 2013
A lot of things i have to accept without saying why

And why I'm the one who have to try ?

What it was ? and what it will be ?

Who was blind and who could see ?

Too many whens and too many whys !

Were they lies ??

Why I'm in a cave ?

And who can save ?

You always break , and I'm have to fix

Stop talking , stop these tricks ..

Always patient and always suffer without say ..

Why the thorns always full my way ..

And i’ll say again ‘’why’’ !!

More things are wrong ..

Trying everyday to be strong ..

But no way to walk ..

And no heart to talk ..

But what can I do , just i can stare ..

And i can’t do anything even if it’s not fair ..

You throw me behind ..

You killed a lot of things inside ..

Don’t search , believe me , Nothing you will find ..

And how can you find when your heart is blind ..

How can you live , please tell me ..

Did you forget our years in days ..

Did you try to love me by all ways ..

Did you feel the love in your heart ..

Or you just felt the wanted part ..

How can you live , please tell me ..

Look in my eyes and say ..

Why suddenly you left the way ..

Why couldn't you stay ..

I can’t believe that you were the one who I had protected ..

I can’t believe that you were the one who i had respected ..

Nothing to do ..

Everyone in his way . let’s go ..

Don’t fix me i'm not broken ..

Fix yourself and wake up ..

Nothing left to take ..

The fear killed you before the war ..

Go and close behind you the door ..

You did more ..

Believe me . someday you will regret ..

And even if you didn’t ..

I’ll say why ......

Why did you do this to me .
Omar Abo Shama
Written by
Omar Abo Shama
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