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Noelis 3d
Why? Why did I have to meet you? Why did I let you in my life? Why did I share my regrets with you? I remember when we first talked. I remember when you first dmd me. I remember how I sat on your lap for the first time and you rested your head on my chest while I played with your hair. I remember how after that, on a Tuesday, we were sitting down and you grabbed my legs, pulled me in towards you and put them on your lap. I remember how your hands softly caressed my thighs. I remember how, on a Thursday, I rested my head on your chest for the first time and how you held me and listened while I told you some things barely anyone knew about me. And I remember the way you held me and how my worries dissipated in your arms.

Now I look at you from far and I just feel uneasy. I feel the hate and the anger within my love. I wish I didn’t feel like this. I’ve never loved someone like this. And I hate to admit it, but you might’ve been my first love. This hurts so much. You’ve moved on. You don’t care anymore. And why should you? You can have any girl you want. And I hate you for that because I probably was one of those girls. Nothing special about me. Just another “pretty” face in your life. “You’re just different.” “I’ve never related to someone as much as I relate to you.” *******. But at least it made me feel special for a little while, so thank you for the beautiful lie. I did love you. Still do. That’s probably why I have all this anger inside of me.
Noelis Jan 21
sins slip through your lips
your voice, like a spell
it parted my lips
oh, so persuasive
got me gripping my sheets
wishing you were here
feeling your hand tightening around my neck
as you work your way up inside of me
so forbidden
that it makes it even more desirable
i crave you
***** talks
filthy thoughts
i can feel you
you got me edging
driving me crazy
i know you want to be here
but Daddy can only hear.
Noelis Jan 2
when i get angry or sad
i just want to get ****** hard against a wall
to the point where i beg for mercy and cry
*** is my escape from strong emotions
so please make me choke on your **** and swallow your salty potion
i might be broken but im not looking to be fixed
i just want to be ******* like im some **** and to see you having fun using your whips on my skin.
Noelis Dec 2018
your hands on my hips so firm
while we aggressively kiss
hungry for each other
you bite my lower lip
oh master, you look so celestial
your black, leather belt
on my soft, pale neck
please, tighten it up
take me to that high
drive me crazy
whip me up and call me out
punish your ***** little  s l u t
for being such a  b r a t.
Noelis Nov 2018
this feeling of being so
of me
becoming you
feeling how little by little
you erode my heart
with the waters
of your dark rivers
that slowly win the war against my pure oceans

how can i hate this feeling
without hating you
how can i get rid of it
without making you leave
how can i  k i l l  it
without hurting you
please tell me
because i’m running out of feelings
for you to play with.
Noelis Oct 2018
How can someone’s touch feel so heavenly
when it’s full of sinful intentions?
How can such a raspy voice soak you this much?
oh Baby, your breath on my neck takes my oxygen away
Your words, your moans
got me gasping for air
Please do not let go of my hips
Make me feel glorious with just a lick
I’ll get on my knees
and wash away your sins.
  Oct 2018 Noelis

Underneath your skin

a thousand suns steadily shine,

my hands blistered with every touch

I burn and burn-

But ashes I’ll become entwined

in your desires,

tell me what to do my queen

if completely to be yours requires

to slowly burn and burn,

I will gladly plunge into the fires-

October 2018
“Despite the cold chill, she burned inside with a hunger she didn’t want to dismiss. Not tonight.”
― Katherine McIntyre, Scrying for Summer
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