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Neli May 11
here i am
getting ******* by a man
whom i know well enough
to know that i’ll never feel for him
what i feel for you.

i like to think that the rope is your tongue
caressing my skin
that the gag in my mouth
is your lips
and that the leash is your hand on my neck
signaling that the pleasure is about to begin.
  Apr 27 Neli
I wish i wanted more out of living, than death.
this isn't very much of a poem but i thought i'd share it anyways.
  Apr 27 Neli
Travis Green
He is a dangerous temptation to my soul,
an explosive and strong beat in my mouth,
a rollercoaster ride spinning me out of control,
sheer seduction running through my cells
as I drown inside the swirling sea storm.
  Apr 27 Neli
I live in Sweden
But I was born and raised in France
From parents who came from Haiti
Which is a former colony of France
Where slaves were brought from Benin
(To feed the greed of French monarchs)
I speak French, English, Swedish, and can understand creole
I feel in French, think in English, listen in creole and live in Swedish
I love Florence, I am forever bound to Paris and have international friends
Being a French citizen means that I am European
Am I then also Dutch, Danish or German?
Does it really matter?
Am I not just another man?
A question to those who tell people to go back to their country.
Neli Apr 27
My heart aches
I've lost count of how many times I've cried today
And I can't remember the last time I slept
Nor the last time I ate

My legs shake
I've lost my appetite
And I'm so weak
And I'm so tired of feeling like this

Does it ever end?
The pain
Does it end?
Or do I have to shoot my brains out to end it myself?
  Apr 19 Neli
He built me a house with a bridge by a lake
and tore down the walls that kept me afraid...
windows and doors that let me see the sun,
as before he came along, I'd never felt such warmth...
with a flash of dust, he saw a hammer in my hand,
knocking everything down and as fast as I can...
Don't you see I'm destructive, I live for the pain....
Don't try to fix me, because I'll only break myself again...
  Apr 19 Neli
I get that you’re angry
I can see it in your face
But not everyone knows you
Like I know you, so for once
Speak up

Speak up for yourself
Because no one else will do it for you
What happens when I am no longer here
No longer telling them
What you want me to tell them

What happens when a nod
Or a shake of your head
Isn’t interpreted the way
You mean for it to be
Just please, speak up
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