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  Oct 2016 Niecy
you're a piece of art
a beautiful masterpiece
that i can't afford
  Oct 2016 Niecy
i'd give you the world
but it wouldn't nearly be
enough for our love
  Oct 2016 Niecy
Waiting. Time stands still.
The world slows down, why is that?
To practice patience
Niecy Oct 2016
Be cautious
Be weary
Of the **** victim who doesn't like to be touched.

I mean she likes to be touched but
Not in a certain way or
Not on a certain day

Be weary
Be cautious
Of the **** victim who has flashbacks of the "incident"

"Why are you crying during ***?"
"Are you okay?"
"Why do you want me to stop?"
Because it's my body and I said so,
Because it's my body and I said

Be cautious
Be weary
Around your new "**** victim" girlfriend
Making sure if it's okay to caress your body every time,
Being gentle enough to not trigger another panic attack because the last one was bad enough...

Be weary
Be cautious
By showing support,
Not by trying to fix what can't be fixed.
By listening.
Not by saying you understand because I doubt you were a **** victim too.

Rest in peace to the girl who couldn't live her life the way she was supposed to because she was too busy being the **** victim...
Niecy Oct 2016
I am from a mother and step dad  that loves me dearly, a "father" that rarely sees me, a beautiful sister who inspires me everyday,  and my best friend who loves me unconditionally.

From swimming late nights in my grandparents' pool
and sleepovers times a million
Labor Day barbecues,
Cross country road trips,
Telling jokes and sharing stories
I am from karaoke nights, game nights, wish I could see them more nights
I am from family adventures

I am from theatre clubs and dance teams
Perfection for performances
Repetition is key
I am from different characters and seeing the world from their eyes
Pointed toes and pretty smiles
I am from the stage

I am from a society that teaches "don't get *****" instead of "don't ****"
I am from not accepting the truth when I have battle scars as proof
I am from a world where I have to try not to attract any attention because it could be the "wrong" attention  
I am from objectification

I am from healing and self love
Strength and self confidence regained
I am a child of God and for that I will never be afraid
I am from faith

This chapter is just beginning
I'm looking forward to where life takes me

This is where I'm from.
  Jun 2016 Niecy
Mike Hauser
I need someone I can rely on
When all in life is said and done
Who's only crutch is that of love
~Someone just like you~

Someone close who knows me well
Not just another kiss and tell
Someone willing to offer help
~ Someone just like you~

I need someone to be the link
To right the wrongs truthfully
Someone who is a part of me
~ Someone just like you~

Someone with a warm soft heart
A gentle soul, a lasting mark
A hidden flame inside the spark
~ Someone just like you~

Guess what I am trying to say
I need someone as a help mate
Someone lasting all my days
~ Someone just like you~
Niecy Jun 2016
No one ever tells you how hard it is.
I say no one ever tells you because you have to feel it for yourself.
You may have heard stories, but you will never know the struggle until you go through it yourself.
I'm talking about how to love
Or how not to love
You see, everyone makes it seem like it's a fairytale and everyone gets their own prince charming at the end of their own book.
They don't see what happens behind closed doors.
Do you know how long it took to write that book?
Do you know how many mistakes the author made?
Do you know how many times he wanted to start over and start a new story?
Go in a different direction?
Replace a character just to find out that that person was needed in ways us as readers will never understand?
Yes, in the end, we all get to experience the happy ending
But at what cost did it take the author to get there?
How many times did he struggle until he just...
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