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Nico Allentine Aug 2015
You love the look, the electricity, desire my lightning
But you hate the thunder
I'll admit it can be frightening
When my mind burst asunder
Heart chakra tightening
You are the sun and i am the storm
But we need each other and you keep me warm
I told you I'd have you, running for the hills
The pain i would cause, along with the thrills
I'm an *******, completely undeserving
Unstable eccentric unpredictable swerving
Astounded that you will even have me in your presence
Like water for my soul, drown me in your essence
Your magic instills such a skillful resistance
To all of my depression and its relentless persistence
Quiet my heart, heavy and abrasive pounds
I just want to listen to music with you revel in the strange sounds
You help me walk in a world i forgot i could
Challenge what i do and remind me what i should
My sun in the sky my shaman, who re-introduced myself to me
My light tower in the distance when I'm lost at sea
Ill be yours if you'll be mine
Souls enmesh, utterly divine
Im needy attached possessive and insane
But i swear the love i can give is worth the pain
Nico Allentine Aug 2015
I want to make you happy, make you think, make you ***
I want to take all your pain and make you numb
You the ruler of my heart, of my mind
Destroying my thoughts and making them kind
Full of love laughter and a careless abandon
Not another situation would I have wished to be land in
Your eyes your lips
Your hands grasped tightly on my hips
Oh Daniel how can this be true
A mirror reflection of my soul in you
Transcendental more than my body or mind
More than anything I had ever hoped to find
Cant be real must find the flaws
Nothing but fields, where used to be walls
Life and death, flowers and bugs, friendly and sweet
Can feel my breath that much more every time that we meet
Please say its not in my head
That you feel it too, that my heart isn't dead
Quintessential elation
Followed by a drug induced sedation
One that leaves you calm and well
Your face in my heart, as it starts to swell
Overcome with love, yes I'm falling
All this self doubt lay claim to the stalling
Please love me back
Please tolerate all that I lack
All the poison I contain
Take this madness and make me sane
Nico Allentine Feb 2015
Move forward
One day my imagination
will manifest with great focus
and concentration.
Yet still with great hesitation
I mosey more and more forward
Always moving in the same direction
So turned on by the world at large
I give not a **** who if any, is in charge
I release a sigh...
Empty pockets, spent my cash
But I bought some wine and I have some hash

A slap of madness in the face
Putting my thoughts in their place
All through that stratosphere
Dark matter that had left me here
Nico Allentine Jan 2015
I'm not going anywhere
And I know its the wrong place to go
I'm ashamed of myself
And rightfully so.
Nico Allentine Dec 2014
No more dependence
No more being so reliant
Its time to be a woman
Its time to get defiant
No more of this looking for another
To make me feel finally whole
I've got a brilliant mind, functioning body
And a warriors soul.
Nico Allentine Dec 2014
Looking for a book, a gift, searching for a relic
Senses heightened, as if i took a psychedelic
I can feel every breath inhaled by each lung
Dissect every melody of every word sung
Can feel the air, the light behind his face
The perfect sentiment, the most pleasant place
Eyes locked, us both, sipping on pabst
Words flooding, time... lapsed
This welcome can not be over stayed
Anxious ramblings over and over and again replayed
Trying to appear more calm than I felt
Playing it cool, while my heart slowly melts
So cliche, so expected, so everything I've heard before
So I fell for my feelings and I fell to the floor
I pull myself down and again become grounded
Replay the words, your voice, and how sweet it sounded
Nico Allentine Nov 2014
Here I am aching for some small affirmation
Still holding back overcome with desperation
Don't see me this way, I'll keep my distance
Begging the universe for your interest and persistence
One cup of coffee
One glass of wine
One kiss in the cold
Please be mine
75 minute staring contest, entranced in your gaze
I hardly blink, entangled in a haze
Energy and strings, invisible connection
Awkward glances, second chances, unsure of direction
Scared and hopeful, lost in joy
Seven years later, your no longer a boy
These symptoms of love leave me feeling sick
No sleep
And all too quick
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