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Nicholas Slater May 2017
blooming into being,
basking in the light of our inner awareness,
we grow each new day
ever present to love
Nicholas Slater May 2017
Let the beauty of life unfold,
the colours fill my soul
I choose to let go,
my heart is in control.
Love with every breathe I take,
sure mistakes I'm going to make.
With every step a lesson,
to be more and more present.
Present to this light within
bright shining under my skin.
Each new day a choice
to let love be my voice
Nicholas Slater May 2017
Cosmic light shining
The sun at dawn
Another day begins
Pure energy is thought
Where to place my attention
So my love does grow
Let go of this feeling
Fear won't be my core
Breathe in this moment
Let the beauty arise
letting go of this mind
I wake up to the light
Be here be now be present
Or be crushed by control
No past no future
Only awareness I know
this infinite now
is where love resides
And so I decide
To see beyond my mind
And live a free life
Nicholas Slater May 2017
Then we kissed, the pure ecstasy of that moment
Nothing else mattered the instant your lips met mine.
Our energy as one, embraced skin on skin,
life all around me standing still.
The beauty of two lovers love, together at last, united paths crossing again
Feeling the others heartbeat
dancing in this playground of life
Side by side we stand, love so strong
bright light shining even through the darkest storm
Nicholas Slater May 2017
All the things I've said to you
Each word that I've uttered
All the poems that I write to you
Each phrase carefully selected
Everything I do for you
Is from my heart of hearts
I love you truly I do
I'm sorry I'm so complicated

Forgive me for my untrust
I have learnt an important lesson
I will no longer give into fear
And see through my imagination
This filter my mind creates
Based on past relationships
Is not the reality of us my love
A moment of unawareness

I want to see you as you are
My beautiful butterfly
I know you love me so much
So please don't lose faith in us
Just give me a little time
To learn to trust once more
in your bright light shining  
I can learn to love again
Nicholas Slater May 2017
There is something else I've realised
Realised recently
That when I get obsessed
Is all about me
I don't put myself in your shoes
Not thinking of your needs

So I'm taking a wee step back
And keeping track
Of my mental state of being
Noticing when my selfish trates
Surface and scream at me
Letting go and letting love
Enter into my being
Knowing that you love me
Is perfectly enough for me
Nicholas Slater May 2017
Sunrise dawn breaks
Whisper of love
In the suns rays
I inhale this brand new day
Full of possibilities
To stay awake
To learn
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