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murphis bleek Dec 2015
i put my struggle in my faith
cut the chase just to find a race
put my heart in it
just to find out that
ave been the 300th person
who has been in it.
id like to continue now
but tears are still running down my cheeks .........................
murphis bleek Oct 2015
through hell to heaven.
we make mistakes just to get to perfection.
even though I dont do what I should
I hope you know i'd love you if i could
the truth hurts but it doesn't ****.
and me changing won't make me fulfilled.
sometimes we have to accept the fact that what is done is done.
But its easier said than done under this sun.
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murphis bleek Jul 2015
Ave been telling you
 for so long
That this is my heart
I give it all to you
Babe take care of it
 this is my all
And there is nothing
 that can tear us apart
Oh from afar
You light up ma world
Babegal are my star
So Babe don'tgo
For what I feel is real love
murphis bleek Jun 2015
Am crying, thinking and re-correcting my mistakes.
Trying to fix things that I broke
Erasing the past that we made
It's hard, *** we wrote it in ink
It's hard to let this sink.
It hurts to see you leave
And I wish you could feel how I feel
But I know tym will heal
Definitely someone broke our seal
And this time, I know it's for real.
murphis bleek Jun 2015
May be i came far from home
*** lately ave been so alone
But then it's crazy
How I cn feel you ride along
Tell me if this is love,  love love love
That I feel
Or am just lost
In moments that ain't real
Or my thoughts
Is this love or its not.
murphis bleek Jun 2015
You ride like normal
Buh inside is a soul so lost.
All the guys u met
Had a peep in your dros.
Don't take the blame
It's not your fault.
It's hard to find a knight
In a shinny armour.
Buh Was it hard to say no?
To the whole show?
U let them have thier way.
In the end  
Non ever stayed.
Cool girl.....
Ah feel for u.
Am not here to
Highlight ur imperfection
Buh young gal
Y don't u leave this death section
Lemi Introduce u to a new section
To a man hu carried all
Your life burdens..
murphis bleek Apr 2015
Once love had eyes to see
And a mouth to speak
But now love is deaf
And blind to me
Love laughed when I was silly
Now love's mouth is sealed
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