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murphis bleek Jun 2018
When the sun rises early in the morning
And pierces through the room
I know am going to wake up right next to you
Knowing that it is you
Whom, I gave my heart to
That it is you,
Whom, I gave my vows to
Everyone can see it
The beauty in us two
The beginning of a journey, called marriage
Starts with us too
You are perfect
I couldn't want anything more or less
Just you
Thank God,  
I found you
And when the day ends.
it will be just us two
Gazing at each other
My mirror
The one I gave my love to
I love you
murphis bleek May 2017
sometimes i just call to say hi
sometimes i just call to ask if he has called.
i guess at that moment i am insecure.
sometimes i just call to hear your voice.
sometimes i just call to listen to your tonation.
it tells me if you still want to be involved.
sometime i just get you angry
just to know how long it takes you to forgive me.
sometimes i just get angry
just to hear you say sorry.
sometimes i don't say i love you
am scared my words wont mean anything to you.
sometimes you just say you love me
between you and i its the only word that can melt me.
murphis bleek May 2017
finally it reached me
dragged me through
yet it wont break me.
its easy to say your demons are not scary
its easy to say we will slain them together.
but i don't know
mine are so scary when am on my own.
with all my strength
i cant fight them alone.
so now you know.
that i don't know
how to be strong when am alone
to you am the greatest
but i don't know
when am alone
am scared
murphis bleek Mar 2017
So they never figure
If it's things they can number.
They will never be fulfilled  
With numbers there's more to acquire
And much more to lose
Today you have non
Tomorrow you want it all
Today you have one
Tomorrow a 100
A thousand and it never ends
The feeling of getting things to make your soul smile.
murphis bleek Feb 2017
And on that hour
we kneel and pray
not for ourselves
but those who stray
we pray for the lost to be found
and brought back to his presence
safe and sound.
murphis bleek Feb 2017
i thought you were so pure
since i pronounced love to you
you've made me so insecure.
And if this love is sick
on this road together
we will find its cure.
murphis bleek Mar 2016
was there a day that i cried.
that day i wasted my life.
planting a seed of sorrow in my subconscious.
watering it with tears of hopelessness.
with the expectation of things getting better..
then i will be stronger,,
then i realised ......
when all is lost .
.there is one thing we nevr lose.
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