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689 · Apr 2015
The Silent and the Night
murphis bleek Apr 2015
As silent as the night is.
Great evil, lies inside it.
As many souls are silent.  
Few decide to harm them.
Friends of the night
Enemies to the silent.
As the silent lies down helpless
and looks breathless.
Who will guard them.
There is power for the powerless
Protection for the harmless.
There is great evil under the night
And God is for us all.
577 · Jun 2015
how I feel
murphis bleek Jun 2015
May be i came far from home
*** lately ave been so alone
But then it's crazy
How I cn feel you ride along
Tell me if this is love,  love love love
That I feel
Or am just lost
In moments that ain't real
Or my thoughts
Is this love or its not.
407 · Jun 2015
murphis bleek Jun 2015
You ride like normal
Buh inside is a soul so lost.
All the guys u met
Had a peep in your dros.
Don't take the blame
It's not your fault.
It's hard to find a knight
In a shinny armour.
Buh Was it hard to say no?
To the whole show?
U let them have thier way.
In the end  
Non ever stayed.
Cool girl.....
Ah feel for u.
Am not here to
Highlight ur imperfection
Buh young gal
Y don't u leave this death section
Lemi Introduce u to a new section
To a man hu carried all
Your life burdens..
397 · Apr 2015
Young and Vibrant
murphis bleek Apr 2015
When you are young
Life is so melodious like a song
Sometimes you never realise when the words go wrong.
When you are young everthing is war
Because you live in a battle zone
Where everthing is torn.
When you are young  everything is wrong
And the world is cold like a storm
Where you are left alone.
Because you are young and reckless
Everything you do you careless.
Because you know only your kind can understand your ways and your signs.
Young and vibrant
392 · Jun 2015
Time will Tell
murphis bleek Jun 2015
Am crying, thinking and re-correcting my mistakes.
Trying to fix things that I broke
Erasing the past that we made
It's hard, *** we wrote it in ink
It's hard to let this sink.
It hurts to see you leave
And I wish you could feel how I feel
But I know tym will heal
Definitely someone broke our seal
And this time, I know it's for real.
387 · Apr 2015
Letter from the village
murphis bleek Apr 2015
When the mountain falls to the sea<br>
Dont forget who helped you believe <br>
When time starred at you <br>
Through the hour glass<br>
Waiting for the moment<br>
Which will never pass<br>
Dont forget who prayed with you <br>
When you get to the other side <br>
Where its cold <br>
Dont forget the sun, that made you black<br>
Is still at my back
353 · Apr 2015
419 love
murphis bleek Apr 2015
Once love had eyes to see
And a mouth to speak
But now love is deaf
And blind to me
Love laughed when I was silly
Now love's mouth is sealed
350 · Dec 2015
fell too deep 1
murphis bleek Dec 2015
i put my struggle in my faith
cut the chase just to find a race
put my heart in it
just to find out that
ave been the 300th person
who has been in it.
id like to continue now
but tears are still running down my cheeks .........................
298 · Jul 2015
please stay
murphis bleek Jul 2015
Ave been telling you
 for so long
That this is my heart
I give it all to you
Babe take care of it
 this is my all
And there is nothing
 that can tear us apart
Oh from afar
You light up ma world
Babegal are my star
So Babe don'tgo
For what I feel is real love
298 · Mar 2016
murphis bleek Mar 2016
was there a day that i cried.
that day i wasted my life.
planting a seed of sorrow in my subconscious.
watering it with tears of hopelessness.
with the expectation of things getting better..
then i will be stronger,,
then i realised ......
when all is lost .
.there is one thing we nevr lose.
290 · Apr 2015
skip a heartbeat
murphis bleek Apr 2015
It's over
I will no longer pretend
And its tym we stop being friends
It's time i let go
It's time I'd be sincere and grow
I love you
And I just don't no how to show..
289 · Apr 2015
The taker (Foe)
murphis bleek Apr 2015
You robbed me of my family<br>
Friends and enemies <br>
Long story. cut short <br>
Let us start from infinity<br>
You like to take those we do not see<br>
Those we do not give<br>
Envy us for reasons unknown to we<br>
Make us do things they won't  believe <br>
Born to fight you since eternity <br>
Lurking behind our darkest fears<br>
Bringing dark clouds into happy atmospheres. <br>
If u can't  appreciate what they do<br>
Why take thier golden years<br>
Created for them soo many peers<
Ended up alone, soo many tears. <br>
Young and old could leave any moment
Any moment, In any year..
Now its gut over fear....
      Voice for the departed
*** with u they could never reason.
279 · Feb 2017
murphis bleek Feb 2017
i thought you were so pure
since i pronounced love to you
you've made me so insecure.
And if this love is sick
on this road together
we will find its cure.
273 · Apr 2015
murphis bleek Apr 2015
Before I came into existence
I never knew the world.
On a particular day, the world welcomed me
And put me in a family, which was going to be
Responsible for who I'd be.
The woman who brought me to this world
Named me Benjamin
Which meant son of peace.
222 · Oct 2015
hell to heaven
murphis bleek Oct 2015
through hell to heaven.
we make mistakes just to get to perfection.
even though I dont do what I should
I hope you know i'd love you if i could
the truth hurts but it doesn't ****.
and me changing won't make me fulfilled.
sometimes we have to accept the fact that what is done is done.
But its easier said than done under this sun.
Notes (optional)
216 · Mar 2017
Numbers expire
murphis bleek Mar 2017
So they never figure
If it's things they can number.
They will never be fulfilled  
With numbers there's more to acquire
And much more to lose
Today you have non
Tomorrow you want it all
Today you have one
Tomorrow a 100
A thousand and it never ends
The feeling of getting things to make your soul smile.
213 · Jun 2018
Us 2
murphis bleek Jun 2018
When the sun rises early in the morning
And pierces through the room
I know am going to wake up right next to you
Knowing that it is you
Whom, I gave my heart to
That it is you,
Whom, I gave my vows to
Everyone can see it
The beauty in us two
The beginning of a journey, called marriage
Starts with us too
You are perfect
I couldn't want anything more or less
Just you
Thank God,  
I found you
And when the day ends.
it will be just us two
Gazing at each other
My mirror
The one I gave my love to
I love you
199 · Feb 2017
murphis bleek Feb 2017
And on that hour
we kneel and pray
not for ourselves
but those who stray
we pray for the lost to be found
and brought back to his presence
safe and sound.
197 · May 2017
i don't know
murphis bleek May 2017
finally it reached me
dragged me through
yet it wont break me.
its easy to say your demons are not scary
its easy to say we will slain them together.
but i don't know
mine are so scary when am on my own.
with all my strength
i cant fight them alone.
so now you know.
that i don't know
how to be strong when am alone
to you am the greatest
but i don't know
when am alone
am scared
192 · May 2017
murphis bleek May 2017
sometimes i just call to say hi
sometimes i just call to ask if he has called.
i guess at that moment i am insecure.
sometimes i just call to hear your voice.
sometimes i just call to listen to your tonation.
it tells me if you still want to be involved.
sometime i just get you angry
just to know how long it takes you to forgive me.
sometimes i just get angry
just to hear you say sorry.
sometimes i don't say i love you
am scared my words wont mean anything to you.
sometimes you just say you love me
between you and i its the only word that can melt me.

— The End —