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Brian Turner Aug 2023
Maybe something was wrong but
For a moment I thought I was dying
I saw the pit, I saw my soul.
The darkest moments

Maybe something was right but
For a moment I thought I was living
My heart pulsed wildly
As you and I laughed together

Maybe something was destined to be
For a moment I believed the future was bright
Sunlight glistening over the house through the windows
As I looked up to the sky

Maybe these are just my thoughts
For moment they tried to convince me that they were real
I get up and start the day
Content and confident that I can have a positive day
Thoughts on thoughts..
Brian Turner Aug 2023
Morning dew, morning sun
Looking out on the morning run
Past 'Byers Keep' ’n' fields of wheat

'Shurlock row', 'Glebe farm'
Watch out little squirrel I mean you no harm
Sound of rubber coming from the tyre
Past the ducks, the stream, field ’n' 'Blantyre'

Beads of sweat on my forehead
I look up and smile
At one with nature, leaving a busy world for a while
Get out and cycle in the countryside :)
Brian Turner Jul 2023
Gentle seas reflect light near the island of Brac
Local men tender their allotments early in the morning
Swifts start to dart about
A local lady carries herbs and flowers down hill to the restaurants

Old men gather for coffee and cigarettes
People carry bread and cherry baklava from the bakery
The butcher's door is always open, he is working hard
Tourists sprint about in a hurry

Kids play cards as if it's the 1970's
Ladies show off dramatic tattoos on their backs
Walking down the steps to the beach
I sit near the outdoor shower and relax, getting ready to dive in
Notes from our holiday near Split in Croatia
Brian Turner Dec 2022
After the freeze came the warm days in December 22
The days starting getting longer
The morning grass dew

The leaves stayed on for longer this year
Due to the warmth of November
We didn't expect it
We didn't remember

Walking is joy
And joy to see
Man and women and dogs
Forest, leaves and the trees
Notes from an enjoyable walk today 5.3 km
Brian Turner Dec 2022
Iced leaf
Like a candy peal
Sitting upright
On a frozen morn

Iced pond
Grass caught upright standing still
Blackbirds frantically seek food
Squirrels bury nuts for later

Iced gate
Someone has been here
Opening it
To start the day
Notes from a frosty UK morning
Brian Turner Nov 2022
Walking through the park
Light pores through trees and leaves
Two swans stand casually preening themselves
Their white feathers lifting gently then settling, then lifting in the wind
A heron parks on a wooden post in the pond
Signets busy themselves on the surface
Just being, being there to witness this
That's all that is needed today
Brian Turner Oct 2022
Stark, definition. ..gut, gross, hart, stabil
Stark world, stark value
Driven by obsessive digital noise
Driven by the need to control the narrative

Dark, definition..with little or no light
Dark world, darker world
Driven by people with dark voices
Driven by the need to bleed

Bark, definition ...loud noise that a dog and some other animals make
Bark world, full of 'other' animals
Driven by the need to be heard
Driven by the need to be part of the pack
This poem is an experiment. I don't  know if it works or not.
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