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Aug 9 · 111
White Flowers
The white flowers poured their color
Into the flowing seas
As I poured my soul endlessly
Into the streams of still water

The medley of the rain speaks to me
In its crystal droplets and clear pitter-patter
It tells me that she needs no another
So, I hold back my tears

I tell myself some other day
If I write and write again
About the sadness of the rain
Time will wash away her beautiful face
Aug 8 · 53
Moving on
A million unspoken words
As the rain pours
When the flowers shiver in the cold
The morning comes

I'll wait in the dark woods
Searching in the corners
Where desire lurks
As the sky hides from plain sight

Sleeping soundlessly
My mind stays awake at night
Hoping for your touch
Yet forgetting you constantly
Aug 8 · 90
The streets are endless without you
There's no home to go back to
A light led me to your arms
Now it flickers, unsure of your warmth

If this is the way you want things to be
I'll be alright in a few weeks
I know you're lost to me
There's a life beyond this misery
Aug 8 · 375
Lover's Dream
The flowers shift and sway
As the sun blazes
Letting the warm breeze color this scene
With your face close to mine

Every day seems longer than the last
A violent storm carries with it the past
There's pain in my heart
That gets lost in the locks of your hair
Aug 8 · 156
The Canvas
There's a fire burning inside
A crimson, blue, and yellow light
It shines in my heart
Brushes my canvas with art

It is filled with pain
That spreads faster than the violent rain
Deep blue spreads across the bruises
Reddest hues mark the grooves

It is the colored canvas of my soul
Aug 8 · 66
There's a fire raging inside
That ravages the memories of my life
I save my sorrows
And hold my fears close

As the rain pours tonight
A hurt heart forgets its desires
Every moment seems longer
Than the stars that glimmer
Aug 5 · 257
Summer Breeze
When you look into my eyes
You calm the storm inside
The helpless trees shift their feet
And the leaves move swiftly in the breeze

As you touch my hair with your fingers
A dawn is breaking and the sun blushes crimson
Bringing up the sleepy birds out of their slumber
To fly into the heat of summer
Jul 28 · 98
This Bird
The best thing you ever did for me
As you tore the walls I had built
Out of fear
Was set this bird free

I had forgotten how to trust
Crossing the sea of despair, none the wiser
As I took on your worst
Teaching myself it was worth the pain

I still think about you
Just not as much
Your hands are cold to the touch
And our shoulders don't brush

I'll no longer drown in my tears
I've put up my walls for the last time
A bird in heart sings crystal clear
In a land with no fear
Jul 8 · 97
The Sweetest Thing
There's a cloud over me
Thunder rumbles its calling
A painted sky is free
So are the millions of flowers

It's the sweetest thing
To be near you
When the day is done
Your kisses feel soft as the rain

Being away with you
In some distant bench
Near a crescent lake
Where the sun doesn't set

It's the sweetest thing
To be near you
When the day is done
Your kisses feel soft as the rain
Jun 25 · 118
Say it over again
Look at the skies
As I say the last goodbye
Before you leave me
Will you tell me how you feel

Don't leave me broken
Tell me you'll love me again
For this moment
Take me in your arms

Can I hold you once more
In the rain that pours
Tell me you'll see me again
Is this how things should end?

Before you leave me
Will you tell me how you feel
Do you care for me with all your heart
Will you hold me in your gaze
And embrace me with your warmth
Take me to the places you once left behind

A walk down your memory lane
I remember, you wore a checkered skirt on that night out
With your hair gingerly touching your sweater
The moon heard your starry chatter

I was captured by every fiery glance
Enamored by the look of desire
A cheerful sunrise gave me another chance
Take me to the places you once left behind
Jun 14 · 111
Memories we shared
The way you laugh tonight
Is melodious as the birds singing
The way you smile tonight
Pulls me towards you like the moon to the tide

Your ways are magic in their own right
I slip into daydreams and burn in my desires
Jun 14 · 339
Talk With Me
The way you laugh tonight
Is beautiful as a sea meeting the sunrise

The way you smile tonight
Is magnetic as the moon pulling the tide

Your ways are magic in their own right
Slip away into your dreams and desires

Tell me that you care for me with all your heart
Hold me in your gaze and embrace with your warmth

Tease and touch my soul with your charms
I remember, you wore a checkered skirt on that night out

With your hair gingerly touching your sweater
The moon listens to the stars and their chatter

I am captured by you
Jun 14 · 224
You look to me
Like dandelions in the breeze
With yellow petals to touch
Softest on the earth

If I were free
Like yellow roses in the sea
Pouring their colors into the waters
Too good to last

There's a way to see
That you belong with me
Jun 14 · 82
Night Sky
There were the stars in your embrace
A breath of wind in the land of you
Stellar stardust that made the shape of your silhouette
A heart made from the ashes of my desire

The night sky is empty without you
Jun 14 · 83
Wish Upon a Star
Take me with you
To a place where the stars
Come out at night
And listen to my heartbeat's dying fire

As I wish upon them
Jun 11 · 93
Empty Ocean
You aren’t with me
This harbour is lost
The stale air that I breathe
It is simply washed by the sea

The sweet air
The silence
The agony and despair
Is all left of this place

Nature says
What the heart knows
This empty bay
Filled with promises of yesterday
Jun 11 · 55
An ocean of you
I chose to get lost in your eyes
There was a smidgen of dust
On your nose; my heart went numb
An ocean ushered in the sun rise

But love is a two way street
I wondered what would happen today
I shared a breathless sun set over the ocean
As noon subsided, you gently held me

I watched how you stayed a second more
As you flipped through the books
For the parts of the novel that caught your eye
The storm came as the ocean roared

Yet, this is our time
Or whatever is left, I gave to you
Like a song bird, I sang to the sky
The storm doesn't care that I am lost

Whatever is left is taken by time
Your entire beauty, mind, and affection
Are all lost to the cruelty of circumstance
Yet, as an ocean carries life, you carry immense love
Jun 11 · 62
Lazy Summer
The leaves are playing
This autumn
You are the solitary bird
Singing to the wind that hushes trees

When friends come and go
You are the silence
That fills the emptiness
Inside me

There is no warmth when
The trees are without leaves
My heart is bare and cold
Still looking for a lazy summer
Jun 11 · 62
Once Again Pt. 2
After countless days spent
A handful of stars aligned for you and I
I've waited all my life for this moment
It's past midnight, are you mine?

In the language of the universe
The depths of the deepest rivers
I collected a handful of memories
And threw them into eternity

The days spent in vain
And full of pain
After the rain touches the trees
Are you still there?
Jun 11 · 48
Once Again Pt. 1
As I sketch your face in grains of loose sand
The waves crash and the ocean sighs
The skies call out to me in the chatter of stars
I hear your name tonight

The mystical song of the thunder plays
A magical flute serenades me tonight
My heart dances in step with the waves
Yet, I hear your name tonight
Jun 10 · 329
Fire's Inside
When I look upon the ocean
The sparkling sun skips a beat
Upon its reflection, there's someone

When I look into the moon
The stars connect the dots
Upon its moonbeams, there's someone

In the darkness of the soul, the past resides
The tumult of the present exists too
Tomorrow is another day, so look into the light
Jun 10 · 49
Take Me Somewhere Nice
I know I'll find some love and pain
To me, they are friends just the same
So take me somewhere
The world ends in a couple of hours

In my life, the rain pours on the flowers
As I drag this ragged body through deserts
So take me somewhere known
Where the streets have hope

These dreams and desires
Shall miss the dawn's fire
So take me somewhere
As the thunder dies as it rains

Will this last day come back once more
Remind me of the sweet love I missed?
Take me somewhere nice
As the sun sets on my life
Jun 10 · 72
When You're Gone
I dwell upon the lazy dawn
Take a fresh breath of air
In the form of a yawn
The flowers wilt when you're gone

My soul is chained to the stars
A heart as dark as the night sky
Your smirk and charms
The memories hold me when you're gone
Jun 10 · 611
It's flowers and perfume
When it's you
It's poems and books
When I'm with you

It's songs and guitar
When it's you
It's four o clock
When I'm with you

I'm in my head all alone
But my heart knows you're the one
Jun 10 · 33
Stupid Like Love
Sometimes I wish that you entered my life
Like a bird that sings upon the trees
For once my life could be about you
Let this moment be ours

Can I be free from myself
You've cast a spell on this soul
Dwelling upon the past forever
Tonight isn't the same without your presence

Let this moment not leave me
Your hair, the breeze downstairs
A sudden chill creeps up my shoulder
Tonight is my moment to be yours

Tomorrow, you'll be someone else's
I'll still carry my blessings in my heart
This soul will shatter
Into a million stars of your night sky
Jun 4 · 58
Purple Skies
This ocean is deep enough
Let's sit at sun down
I'll breathe in the salty air
You'll watch the blushing purple skies

You think you know people
But show them a moment of love
They walk away scared forever
Scarred by a stream of lovers

I reach out to your hands
Take your shirt off, holding you in mine
And open a closet of memories
I know you'll get lost without me

I'm lucky to know you so well
As I open my mouth and kiss you softly
And open my heart and let you in
Close my mind and get lost with you
When the waves come crashing
I'll be your rocky shore
Jun 3 · 111
The night sky holds
Dead stars without letting out a tear
With the moon shining upon the darkness
Can I be the one who holds you in your pain?
Jun 3 · 62
Feeling's Gone
How do I say this to you
Here's a song
Of when the heart quivers like a fool
Through dusk till dawn

At dusk, the birds scale the cityscapes
As the magic of summer appears
The sun escapes
Into the clouds filled with tears

Then the moon shivers when it is dawn
It holds the dead stars in its embrace
Without any anguish, it calls out
To the burnt out comets that I chase
Jun 3 · 333
Moment in time
If I daydream about you
It's because
I love you
Jun 3 · 69
Worlds Apart
The moon and stars
Are together at night
But every dawn
When I think of you

I realize we're apart
Jun 3 · 67
If I call out your name
It feels as if I hearing it
For the first time
Because the heart doesn't know

That I've found the one
Jun 3 · 77
Call me by your name
If I call you on a stormy night
Will you pick up
The rain is pouring
My heart is torn

Is this the way to be apart
The movies we watched
Memories we shared
The moments when we cared for each other

All of this washed into an endless ocean
Or we just forgot that those emotions existed
Are we really that alone?
To forgive and forget seems hard

But the words can't be saved
The punches can't be pulled
I'll keep my distance
There's a way to know that you're gone

I call inside in my heart
The emptiness calls out to me
My own name
May 22 · 263
Good night
If the moon calls out your name
It lets out a whisper
Because my heart speaks to it softly
May 21 · 214
Place in my heart
There is a place in my heart
It is where the ocean is still
For a second of love
There's an everlasting fire

Of desire and knowledge
Wanting more, you set my mind aflame
Laying waste to my restraint
Dousing my defenses in pain

You changed me in a million ways
Moments at your feet felt rare
I wish I could care for your presence
Your smile encapsulates your essence

After you left, I'd hold on to our confidences
And sing a song
Hum your words, lose track, and move on
I was lost in the wilderness

You left behind a kinder person
And forgot to take the piece you left
A place in my heart
Never forgets
May 17 · 395
Rains of Remains
The coldness of the pouring rain
After a day spent sleeping on the benches
A smile that rises like a tide from a calm sea
Once you let go

These scenes woven together
By intimacy
Made beautiful by your hands
And destroyed by mine

The moon smiles when you look
And it hasn't been the same
Once I called out your name
From the nook of my heart
May 7 · 115
Summer Streets
Tomorrow I'm going to wake up
The same person, in love with that one girl
From a long forgotten past, hiding it well
I'll carry the weight of it through the hours

As the troubling cries of children fill the summer streets
And my car amidst the many corpuscles of this city
Reeks of a thin air of smoke and pride
I'll be the same person in bed, a memory in someone's head

A lonesome struggle emerges in the hearts of my mother
She cares a little, I do too
But its just enough to fill the silences of our neatly decorated lives
I'll come back to these things, and a little dog who changed it all

It's May, I know it tonight because its loveless as the summer heat
A drenched sweet air fills the trees, flowers, and street
But there is a lightness in my every step because I'm sure
That I'll be the same person when I wake up in my bed

A fountain pen and river of consciousness pours this poem
Time feels like a malleable object, spanning decades in this lyric
And lasting only a few seconds in bed, spending an eternity
Dreading over the past instead

You and I can walk into the skies, but we are chained
By our desires, and dreams seem to belong elsewhere
On this bench, it does feel like I'm free
It's a memory, I shall share from a little corner in my head

Her scent, sweater, sweetness, and kindred spirit
Lips, hips, and hair, all effervescent as the next day
Vaporized and emulsified into time's ocean and outer space
She often told me that you are just a small instance of my life

But the pain inside has left a lasting trail of scars and human faces
Everywhere I look I see you in them, even in a cup of tea
Our species is a strange one, its evolving everyday
As time fades and space expands, why do I feel the same?

So, many raindrops fall from the sky, often they feel like one sound
But those that fall on her face after a hard day at work
They seem special, like God had made that moment for us
Since then, I have changed because of her
Apr 2 · 56
Wordless Whisper
To you this is my song
In this earth
That needs so many people
Like you

Be someone
Whom you can love
Without any question
Without anyone holding you down

To you this my last call
If I can't be the one
To make you feel beautiful
I'm just not the one to look to for the right words
Apr 2 · 48
It was your spirit
Your ambition
That tested the limit
Every stance held passionately

I will miss those eyes
Cutting through mine
In the air of smoke rings
You held me, words lingering

I still feel lighter
Thinking of you
But that's all one can really do
If I can no longer make you feel like a feather
I was so close.
Apr 2 · 119
Nature is Pleasant
Trees under the sky
The leaves rustle tonight
In anticipation of the breeze
The flowers open and blossom

To the morning light
In your eyes of brown I can see
The distant forests
Dancing with ease

In step with the little leaves (under their feet)
Mar 15 · 63
If You
It felt just right
Your hand intertwined
In my fingers, and hair
Lazing on my shoulders
But I couldn’t say the right words
To keep our hearts together
Beating as one
And arms holding one another
Aching for each other’s touch
I could have tried a little harder
To be someone else
But this is who I am
An emotional wreckage looking for some solace
If in those moments of my angry impulses
You cannot accept me
Do not be ashamed because I am yet to accept myself
For who I am along with all the mistakes that come along
With it
No one knows what tomorrow brings
I hope that I am a different person every breaking day
But when the sun comes out and in my vast sea of regrets
I’ll find some peace knowing that with you
I had found some acceptance for who I was
Some gratitude for who I’ve become
You taught me to love and to live life
I found the essence of everything in nature
It continued to stir my soul and reinvigorate that lost zeal
That I thought would never come back, suddenly it all
Came back to me
Feb 9 · 132
Lazy Flower
The dawn broke
And she finally
Feb 3 · 83
Colors of the Clouds
In a tussle of the wind
The trees shed their leaves
This fall
No one to tousle their flowers

I'm darker than the deepest sea
Lighter than the shallow breeze
Feb 3 · 78
Sea Ship
A whisper in the south
Called the girl in
The sun set on the frothing waters
And a little innocence went a long way

The storm had just arrived
As the kettle came to the boil
I could've played the flute
In a drunken haze

I spent my days
Exploring the world
The magical wind
Had cast its spell
But your hair was in your face
And your eyes would peer through

As soon as the clouds broke
And the lightning took the silence away
Feb 3 · 50
Goodbye Skies
I always thought the sky could be blue
In those paintings, the clouds were out of tune
They were grey like my heart
They were white at times

The blue sky never knew
When the rain would pour
Or if the sun was to come out
If the people were there
Jan 30 · 79
In Time
Beauty encapsulated in brief time
Time left at forlorn bay
Not enough to say
Except it was a beautiful day
To be alive
Nature gives
It takes
You remind me
Of the nurturing
Arms of the breeze
It took my breath away
But gave you a stride
In the cold winter
Under the stare
Often brushing the trees cold and bare
Jan 30 · 251
Sleepy child
A song bird sings
The autumn skies
Laziness rises
Jan 30 · 80
Time Wasted
If you stayed a second
The novel would have been
Left cold and bare
Some books are
Best left unopened
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