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 Feb 2015 Moons
Rachael Judd
As i watched the moon disappear into the morning light
Pulling on a cigarette
I fell in love with life
As the dark sky created morning air
 Feb 2015 Moons
Rachael Judd
Sitting side by side he asks in a whispered voice,
"Whats the first thing you notice on a person"
I replied, "their eyes".
After a moments pause he asks me why
I explain that no matter what color or shade
An eye will tell you how deep there secrets go,
How much they love
Or how sad their heart is
Eyes will tell you how passionate a person is
Or how dark the deepest pits of them are.
When i look at you, i see all the good things, and the not so good things.
Everyone thinks the mouth spills secrets and lies
But i promise you, its all in the eyes.
 Feb 2015 Moons
Rachael Judd
Life is a puzzle
Where everyone has to fit in,
Belong to society
And the walls they crowd us in
We are all just searching
For the place
That connects
Our empty spaces
To their whole places.
Piece after piece
We start to believe
That no one out there
Is our soul mate destined to be
We continue through life
Till the day death flaunts our heart
We are completely

— The End —