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your eyes are like the night sky
pitch black and endless
a pool of mystery so deep

the first time i stared at you
it left me wondering
how a world so vast and mysterious
can fit into a face so small
The song Stars by Callalily played on my mind when I first stared at you after a long time of not minding how handsome you were.
Being short helps
They’ll see right over your head
Don’t ever speak up
Sit in the back of the class
NEVER raise your hand
You want to be on a sports team?
That’s not the way to go
Join art club
They’ll notice your work but they’ll never notice you
Play in the band
We’re super loud but they still don’t see
Being in choir works too
Even when you’re singing your heart out
They’ll never notice you
You want to join the drama club?
That’s great
They’ll notice you for a night
Then the next day you’re out of their sight
Always dress in black
You’re a ninja in these halls
Never stand in the middle of the room
Always stay close to the walls
Now there’s one more thing you can do
Just try to be me
Then they’ll see right through you
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