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Louder than any drum beat or strum of a guitar
Louder than a crack of thunder no matter how close or how far
All of the voices in your head, starting to scream all at once
Though the space around you is silent, you can hear each and every one saying,
"You should've done this different."
"You could have been better."
"Why didn't you speak up?"
"Why didn't you tell her?"
And as long as there is silence, the voices won't stop telling
Everything you could've done to turn off all the yelling
You could turn on some music to drown all of them out
But you're looking for something specific
Some important sound
A voice lost years ago
Where it went, even you don't know
A voice that has never spoken up
Never said a word
Until finally, through all of the noise
your own voice is heard
I'm last in everyone's brain
Last in everyone's heart
Last on everyone's mind
I thought I was at least first in yours
but I was wrong
You told me that I was your number one
I know that's not true
You have your friends, the band, your family, then you have you.
Where am I on your list?
Dead last
Just like I am on everyone else's
I say, "I miss you."
You say, "I'm sorry."
I say, "I wish you were here."
You say, "I'm sorry."
I say, "I need you."
You say, "I'm sorry."
What will happen if I say, "I love you?"
Will you say, "I'm sorry?"
I don't want an apology.
I want you to miss me.
I want you to want me.
I want you to need me.
I want to feel like I'm not wasting my time.
Because if I am, you really will be sorry.
The way the water glistened on your body made her weak
Your eyes a deep sea green
Your lips the perfect shade of sunset pink
You were like a siren
Beckoning her to come closer
It all started with one not so innocent touch
One not so innocent kiss
One not so innocent night
You left her wanting more
But she was afraid to get too close
Afraid that you would take her down into the depths of the sea
So that she could drown in your every word
Afraid all you wanted was for her to get caught on your hook
But then you kept calling her with a voice as soft as silk
Singing to her
Making her jump into the water with you
The pressure of the salty water has surrounded the both of you
The gentle waves become a violent storm
You both sink into the feeling of temptation
Until you both find yourselves
In Too Deep
Why is is important that people notice you?
Peoples’ opinions matter so much that one bad comment or dislike causes you to collapse.
You want to be loved, but this isn’t love.
You post on social media made up stories about how your life is going great just so you can get a good rating.
But they don’t know you.
I mean your friends and family do obviously, but what about the other followers that you’ve never even heard of?
That you’ve never even met before?
Why do you care what they think?

Why do I care what people think?

That simple, stupid thumbs up.
Writers notice the point to believe in a cure for real life
The magic of taking you out of this world
And transported into another universe
Full of love
heart break
and friendships
like no other
They create freedom on a single page
A story that becomes an addiction
A drug
Medicine for the mind and soul
I don't know how to tell you this
I don't even know where to start
But I'm falling out of love
I think I have a sick heart
Our love was so strong
and I don't know what to say
but now it feels so wrong
I just want you to be happy
I wish I knew what to do
But I am so confused
I think I need a jumpstart
to fix my sick heart
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