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Dec 2016 · 500
Milda Miranda Dec 2016
the eyes of judging, their stares stabbing my soul again and again.

people stare and wonder why i stray
they will never understand that wandering is my way.

the secrets in here ,
cause an aching in my heart .

the ribbon by my side,
i watched it unwind.

i long to belong,
but i always go.
Oct 2016 · 544
Milda Miranda Oct 2016
we were in love
so deep in it
we fell
without rising

but then i deviated;
i broke you with my fingertips.

if only i had known that it was all my fault,
if only i had seen how hurt you were,
if only i had noticed you beneath those stars, aching for me,

i would love you even more.
           but it's fine now.
you have moved on and is transcending into something new.

if only i could do the same too.
Oct 2016 · 338
Milda Miranda Oct 2016
no way.
non- logical.

when you told me you love me,
even when you know nothing ; not a lot about me.

you cant love someone with knowing little.

no way.
non- logical.

when you told me you love me,
but you've known me for a long time; seen every flaws.

you can't love someone with knowing everything.

— The End —