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Nylen Williams Jan 2018
“Fairy, oh fairy, sing us a song!”

“Of what, my friends? We don’t have long.”

“Of the imp who longed to dance,
Who went astray
Who had a chance,
But had it taken away.”

“Ah, you speak of Mela, the imp with a dream.
She faded away before she was ever seen.

For the fairies ruled the lands,
And no imp could rise to a position of power,
Of grace,
Or of importance.

When Mela longed to dance, she was denied,
The right to be free was so close,
Yet so far.

She struck a deal with the Fairy Elder,
Promised him a year of service,
Of solitude and pain,
In exchange for a chance to dance.

The Elder agreed but secretly plotted,
He worked in secret and was never spotted.

He sent a young fairy to harm the imp,
To keep her from dancing,
To give her a limp.

When the time came to dance,
The fairy worked its magic.
It broke the imp’s wings
Which was something quite tragic.

The imp tried to dance but alas,
The time was gone.
She couldn’t do anything but sing a sad song,

Of the troubles she went through,
Of the pain that was caused.

Of the way she struggled just to be denied the chance of her lifetime.

So now I tell this story,
To you fairy boys and fairy girls,
Of an imp who dared to dream,
And of the fairies who were selfish enough to take it from her.”
Nylen Williams Nov 2017
Its eyes are starlight,
Its scales are flames,

Its breath is life,
Its claws are death,

Its wings are the wind that blows through the night
Its roar is the thunder whenever it takes flight

It's there for all to see,
And yet none enjoy,

It governs our skies,
Keeps us safe and warm,

It brings us the food
We rely solely upon,

It calms the waves,
It stirs up the air,

It's there for all to see,
Yet none seem to care,

It's growing weaker
With each passing day

Its breath has gone shallow,
It can't lift its head,

Instead of helping
We let it struggle instead

The poor, poor dragon,
Alone till the end,

We cared too little,

And too much,

And now it's dead
Treat our atmosphere with respect before we die plz
Nylen Williams Nov 2016
Something around us is changing,
But I can't find the source.
Maybe the lights are dimmer,
or perhaps the water has gone sour.
Maybe the wind has died down,
or the temperature has dropped.
Perhaps it's something more.
Maybe I've woken up somewhere unknown,
Maybe it's somewhere I've been.
Whatever has changed is certainly unknown to me.
Maybe I'm asleep,
Or drowning in my thoughts.
Something around us is changing,
But I can't figure out what.
Nylen Williams Nov 2016
I am drowning in my sorrow,
I am burning in my lies,
I am tripping over my hatefulness,
But still, your help arrives.

I am helpless in the dark,
Afraid of the unknown,
Falling over edges,
But your arms pull me close,
And your help arrives.

How can I repay you?
I haven't anything to give.
My life is a burning building
But you are the one who runs inside to save me.

Whenever I am down, you are there to pick me up,
Whenever I am down, you find ways to make me smile,
Oh how wonderful it feels,
When your helps arrives.


Lately, you seem sad,
You smile less and less,
You drown in your own depression,
The world has weighed you down.

Just this once,
Let me be there,
Let me help you soar.

This time, I'm here for you.
Nylen Williams Nov 2016
They come and go as they please.

There goes Summer,
Here comes Autumn.

Next is Winter,
And finally, Spring.  

Then the process starts all over again.
Oh, the beauty, the beauty of the seasons.

Spring brings life, warmth, and love.
Flowers of all colors will dot the landscape,
The grass will grow green,
The trees will bud, leaves will appear,
The bees and the birds will return,
Hope of a good life high in their little hearts.

Summer brings freedom, joy, and heat.
The grass will loose it's moisturized texture.
It will yellow over time.
But it doesn't stop there.
Fruit will ripen.
New animals will be born.
Flowers will remain in full bloom,
Until Autumn comes along.

The leaves on the trees and the grass all around,
They wither, crumble, fade away,
But that doesn't take the beauty of the day.
Lovely red, yellow, orange leaves will fall to the ground,
Creating a painting, a feeling of bliss.
One day soon, the first snow will fall,
And winter will follow soon.

Watching the beautiful snowflakes,
Each one unique,
Sipping my hot cocoa,
Feeling the warmth down to my feet.
Dancing in the snow,
Creating angels all around,
Making a new friend,
Naming him Mr. Snowman,
Enjoying days off from school,
Whether it's from snow or due to seasons,
But then it starts to warm,
And Spring is in full bloom again.

They come and go as they please.

There goes Summer,
Here comes Autumn.

Next is Winter,
And finally, Spring.  

Then the process starts all over again.
Oh, the beauty, the beauty of the seasons.
I love each one!
Idk I just thought of it and loved the idea of describing each individual season. :p Enjoy!
Nylen Williams Nov 2016
I am me,
I am me and so much more,
But that's not who society wants me to be.

Society tells me to be skinny,
But when I loose weight, it teases me for not eating.

Society tells me to look pretty,
But when I put on make-up, it tells me that I'm trying too hard.

Society tells me to wear what I want,
But when I put on shorts that reach passed my knees,
When I put on shorts because it is warm outside
It tells me that I am desperate.

And so I go back to being me.
Forget what society says.
I am me.
I am me and so much more.
I am the me that I want to be, and I won't let society tell me otherwise.
Nylen Williams Apr 2016
Why do I fight day and night?
Wh do I care about what's wrong and what's right?
What gives me the powerful to show who I am?
Who gave me this power?
I fight for the freedom of speech,
For the freedom to be who I want to be,
For the freedom to be half black and half white,
For the freedom to have a family in Kenya,
For the freedom to show that I can be strong enough to fight for those who aren't
So, if you think I'm not good enough,
What do you fight for?
I won't judge you if you don't judge me.
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