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I am healed somehow
I am cured of my fantasies of love
all that’s left
is the reality of love
which is even more beautiful
people are incomprehensible
the lilies are coming up everywhere
so too, the invasive Norway sprouts,
do I tear them out?
hope they die a natural death?
are they harbingers of the world to come?
what do I do?
I’m a dinosaur, it’s true
but the stars, at least, know my plight
if ever I feel alone
or confused
I just touch the ancient galaxy and know
we are still in this together
eternity and I
I am filled to bursting with love
it flows out of me
my heart, my head, my hands
ecstatically ****** and pure
it dissolves into shades of the sunset sky
slips through the superhighway of tiny air currents
finds your house, your room, your bed
settles around your precious body
I give this love to you
this blanket of warm light
to heal your happy
and keep you safe
what I like best about spending time alone
is being with him
Jesus totally gets my humor
also, he wound be mortified if I worshipped him
he would roll his eyes lovingly
because, incarnation, ya know?

he visited me a few years ago to say hi and give me a hug
it was very sweet and wonderful
one thing people don’t appreciate today is that Jesus had a very deep voice
like, very deep
sometimes like molasses, sometimes like a semi crunching slowly over gravel
he was an amazing vocalist
I’m sure people were so attracted to him at the time because he was beautiful and had an intoxicating voice
he is also incredibly gentle and warm and gives the best hugs in existence

anyway, I really can’t stand what humanity has done with him
so I’m going to skip today, like always
but I do plan on eating too much candy
as a toast
one of life’s paradoxes
is that we must learn to give up
without giving up
I put around you a gentle glow
to heal your hurts
and wish you happiness
in whatever form you can accept
only love matters
and everything will be ok
meet me by the sunset tree
meet me at the lonely sea

meet me now and meet me then
meet me soon and yet again

meet me while the music plays
meet me through the brightest days

meet me with a broken rose
meet me where the water flows

meet me neath a weeping moon
meet me past a tarnished noon

meet me on my lowest tide
meet me even if I lied

meet me when the tale is told
meet me as the wind grows cold

meet me in the sullen chill
meet me if you love me still
We're old swords, my
lovely— dogged, not
learning from the two
hundred years that our
city's been burning; we're
just ashes to ashes and
in between, yearning.
is gone; no shiny coin
or sacred fawn or star
to set our compass on.
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