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Nov 15 · 37
First Kiss Revisited
I want to celebrate! No, more--
honor? Yes, but more than that-- re-create!
Yes! the ineffable, even cosmic experience
of that eyes-closed, every cell of you utterly
focused on that first gentle, tender contact  
of your lips with theirs.  It's as soft
as the brush of a butterfly's wing, as wondrous as
a meteor shower on a warm summer night,
as the first step on a newly-discovered planet,
becoming fireworks, hearing God sing your names,
two galaxies merging seamlessly into one,
a brass band playing, a rainbow born between you,
a roller coaster in that weightless moment of free fall,when
you feel newborn and infinite all at once.
Copyright 2019 by Michael S. Simpson. All rights reserved by the author.
Nov 14 · 32
That's All
I can only give you love that lasts forever,
and a promise to be near each time you call,
and the only heart I own,
for you and you alone,
that's all,
that's all.

I can only give you country walks in springtime,
and a hand to hold when leaves begin to fall,
and a love whose burning light
will warm the winter nights,
that's all,
that's all.

There are those, I am sure, who have told you
they would give you the world for a toy.
All I have are these arms to enfold you,
and a love time can never destroy.

If you're wondering what I'm asking in return, dear,
you'll be glad to know that my demands are small.
Say it's me that you'll adore,
for now and evermore,
that's all,
that's all!
Lyrics to a classic jazz ballad by Alan Brandt and Bob Haymes, 1952
Nov 13 · 138
The Way You Look
Someday, when I'm awfully low,
when the world is cold,
I will feel a glow just thinking of you,
and the way you look tonight.

You're lovely, with your smile so warm
and your cheek so soft,
there is nothing for me but to love you,
and the way you look tonight.

With each word your tenderness grows,
tearing my fears apart,
and that laugh that wrinkles your nose
touches my foolish heart.

You're lovely, never ever change,
keep that breathless charm!
Won't you please arrange it,
'cause I love you,
just the way you look tonight.
Lyrics to a classic jazz ballad by Jerome Kern and Dorothy Fields: "The Way You Look Tonight."
Nov 13 · 126
My One and Only Love
The very thought of you
makes my heart sing,
like an April breeze
on the wings of Spring,
and you appear in all your splendor,
my one and only love.

Shadows fall and spread their
mystic charms
in the hush of night
while you're in my arms.
I feel your lips so warm and tender,
my one and only love.

The touch of your hand is like heaven,
a heaven that I've never known.
The blush on your cheek
whenever I speak
tells me that
you are my own.

You fill my eager heart with such desire!
Every kiss you give
sets my soul on fire!
You give your self in sweet surrender,
my one and only  love.
A jazz ballad by Robert Mellin and Guy Wood, tweaked ever so slightly by me.
Nov 11 · 440
I've Never Been
I've never been in love before.
Now I know it's You
I'll  love

I've never been in love before.
I've kept my heart locked up
behind an iron door.

But now Your love,
Your love so true and strong
has filled me with Your song,
this song that from me pours.

So please forgive
this helpless haze I'm in,
I've never really been
in love
Adapted from a beautiful love song by Frank Loesser: "I've Never Been in Love Before."
Jul 31 · 614
Skin Listening
for the first touch of
our cosmic lips
as the galactic melodies
"you" and "I"
begin to intermingle
creating the
first movement of
intergalactic symphony
Jul 30 · 94
Upon This Stage
We meet, poetic souls upon this stage,
with words we play and flirt, we joke and rage.
What we would reveal is oft concealed,
while what we would conceal is here revealed.
This little poem has been lurking as a Draft since 2010. It is what it is. I think it's time to let it have its moment of exposure to offer its insight. Enjoy!
Jul 29 · 40
Here's My Sign
When we meet,
my beloved,
I will embrace you
in God's love.
If God gives me words,
I will speak them to you.
If God is silent,
I will bless you
in that holy silence.
Jul 22 · 152
I Am
I am the rock
I am the water
I am the eagle
I am the sky
I am the sun
rising over the ocean
I am your joy
and the tears
that you cry
I am your joy
and the tears
that you cry

I am the seasons
and the rivers flowing
I am the salmon
I am the bear
I am the questions
I am the knowing
I am the answer
I am the prayer
Copyright 2019 by Michael S. Simpson.
All rights reserved by the author.
Jul 22 · 78
Little Bit of Heaven
I'm watchin' the sunrise from over some coffee,
my rig's warming up in the cool morning air.
In just  a few minutes I'll head down the highway
runnin' for home and my lover waiting there.

She's my little bit of heaven,
she's the sparkle in my eyes.
She's the reason that I'm smiling.
I got to let her know before I ride

I pay up my tab and put on my old Stetson.
steppin' outside, I reach for my phone.
My angel is waiting at the end of this long day.
I got to tell her before I head home.

You're my little bit of heaven, girl
you're the sparkle in my eyes
You're the reason that I'm smiling
I had to tell you so before I ride.

I've seen a lot of mornings on the big roads,
and I've driven through my share of lonely nights
Home was just a house all dark and empty,
now my angel waits in candle light.

She's my little bit of heaven.
She's the sparkle in my eyes
She's the reason that I'm smiling,
and I got to let her know before I ride,
yes I got to tell her so
before I ride.
This was (obviously) written as a country song.
Copyright 2019 by Michael S. Simpson
All rights reserved by the author.
The heart is a harp with trembling strings
standing in the open air
the breeze may come and play a song
for the listening soul to hear

I'll sing my song to you my friend.
Will you sing yours to me?
If you'll teach me how it goes,
I'll sing a harmony.

A song that's passed from friend to friend
flows from heart to heart , a stream
that gathers strength 'til it becomes
an anthem to our hopes and dreams.

We'll sing a world in peace at last,
free from hunger, hate and fear
we'll sing our tortured planet whole
the waters sweet and the air so clear.

Seems to me that peace will come
as more and more we learn to find
by doing as we'd be done to
we sing the very song of life.

Healing songs can fill the world
and every creature find relief,
just sing along to love's sweet song,
and you'll become the peace.
Copyright 2019 by Michael S. Simpson
All rights reserved by the author.
May be used by permission
Jul 21 · 65
Burn Away
Fire in the sky,
bright as a million suns,
woke me from a dream this morning.
Brilliant blazing light
vaporized my night.
All of my nightmares started burning.

Burn away, burn away,
burn down the stronghold of my deepest fears!
Burn away, burn away,
burn away the prisons
of a million years,
burn away the shadows of my tears!

Deep within the flame
thunder calls my name
rumbling from the heart of life's power,
"I give this light to you
to see your vision through
I am the essence of your deepest desire
I am the spirit of your fire."

Burn away, burn away
burn down the stronghold of my deepest fears!
burn away, burn away,
burn down the prison of a million years,
burn away the shadows of my tears!
burn away the shadows of my tears!
burn away the shadows of my tears!
Copyright 2019 by Michael S. Simpson
All rights reserved by the author.
Jul 21 · 39
My Michelle
My Michelle, you're my belle,
my Michelle, I love you well.

Wherever I go, whatever I do,
I'm never far away from you,
cause I keep you always
right here in my heart
not tucked in the corner,
but the biggest part,
'cause I love you, love you, love you
my Michelle, you're my belle,
my Michelle,
my Michelle.
I love you well
my Michelle

Wherever I go. whatever I do
I'm never far away from you
'cause I keep you always here in my heart
not tucked in the corner, but the biggest part,
oh, I love you, love you, love you,
yes I do, oh, my Michelle
I love you true, I love you true,
yes I do, yes I do,
my Michelle.
In memoriam Michelle Collier - R.I.P.
Copyright 2019 by Michael S. Simpson.
All rights reserved by the author.
Jul 21 · 39
Moon 'n' Star
Oh, my lover, my love, how do I begin
to tell you my heart's broken open again?
These tears flowing freely all down my face
as I sing at your table, "Amazing Grace."

Could you possibly know what you're doing to me?
The sweet depths of feeling your love has set free?
My heart overflows and my eyes fill again,
I haven't felt this way since I don't know when.

Oh my lover, my love, I have come home to you,
It seems that our hearts' dreams of love have come true.
Could it be that this joy will not pass away,
but keep growing deeper, day after day?

Oh, I would be the star that your moon would embrace!
Let's dance together through oceans of space.
Let's share together our gifts from above, these
gifts from the heavens, our songs of true love.
Copyright 2019 by Michael S. Simpson
All rights reserved by the author.
In memoriam Michelle Collier - R.I.P.
"What is the fear of want but want itself?"
                                                        ­                    -- Kahlil Gibran
Jul 20 · 137
When the Fog Rolls In
When the night comes down
and darkness is all around
I can't see before my face,
guide me with your grace
when the night comes down
when the night comes down

When the fog rolls in
can't tell right from sin
can't see where I'm goin'
don't know where I've been
oh, guide me with your grace
keep me in the Way
when the night comes down
and the fog rolls in.

We all have times
when we lose our way
lose our direction,
don't know what to pray.
when the night comes down,
and the fog rolls in,
when the fog rolls in

Oh Mother, guide me
when the fog rolls in
when the fog rolls in

In the darkest night
I can't see a light
I hear the foghorn moan
and waves breakin' on stone
I know the channel's near
guide me while I steer
away from danger here
yeah the night came down
the fog rolled in
but Your grace blows clear.
Copyright 2019 Michael S. Simpson
All rights reserved by the author.
Jul 20 · 114
Be My All
Oh my Lord, be my all,
be my all, be my all.

Be my lover, be my friend
be my beginning
Lord, be my end.

Be my Father, my Mother too.
Lord, be my Self
let me wake in You

Be my all, be my all,
be my all in all in all,
be my all,
be my all ,
Be my all!
Copyright 2019 by Michael S. Simpson
All rights reserved by the author
Jul 19 · 123
Song of the Dove
Keep me in your heart, oh Mother, carry me in your arms.
let me do no wrong, Mother,
keep me from all harm,
keep me from all harm.

Carry your words in my mouth, oh Mother,
keep your thoughts in my mind.
Hold your desires in my heart.
let them be one with mine, Mother
let them be one with mine.

Make me, Mother like a dove, make me white as snow.
make of me your song of love
and send me there below,
Mother, send me there below

Send me flying over the land,
send me over the sea,
send me to sing to someone lost
the song you sang to me,
the song you sang to me.

I'll sing your song of endless love,
deeper than the sea,
your song that heals all broken hearts,
the one that set me free,
the one that set me free.
Copyright 2019 by Michael S. Simpson
All rights reserved by the author
Jul 19 · 145
I Will Be Free
I will be free in my heart!
I will be free in my soul!
The light of Christ will make me whole!
A radiant center of light I'll be!
The joy of the Lord will flow through me!

Allelujah! Allelujah! Allelu, allelujah! (3 X)
A joyful chant of celebration. To be sung with utter conviction.
Mar 25 · 214
Your tears (for Mariah)
Your tears
are a holographic ocean
containing all the sorrow
of the world. I will kiss them all
from your eyes.
Your tears
will be
my prayer.
All rights reserved by the author.
Feb 21 · 82
How to
unlove you?
Do I have
a part of
me to do
it, or a
part of
Copyright 2019. All rights reserved by the author
Feb 20 · 616
In the shattered,
smoldering wreckage
of our love
I search for
that black box
that holds intact
my golden heart
Copyright 2019. by Michael S. Simpson.
All rights reserved by the author
Feb 2 · 233
I Cry
I cry
Yes I do
I cry for me
I cry for you
for what we did
and didn't do
I cry.

I cry aloud
when I'm alone
I cry in silence
on the  phone
for all the love
we could have known
I cry

I cry

I cry.

Do you cry too?
I'd like to know
what moves your heart
makes tears flow in
places where it hurts to go
Do you cry too?
Copyright 2019. All rights reserved by the author.
Jan 27 · 533
In the Eyes of Angels
Oh, these sparkling stars,
filling our moonless night with light!
Let's weave them into a
glittering garland of
pure starlight
and wrap our hearts
together with it
keeping our love
pure and strong,
so it's brilliance
will endure
even after
our lives on earth
are only memories
in the eyes of the angels
that we have become.
All rights reserved by the author.
Copyright 2019
Oct 2018 · 191
From Khalil Gibran
"Faith is an oasis in the heart
which can never be reached by
the caravans of thinking."
Oct 2018 · 103
Never Alone
God's always with you
God's always there
God's always listening
God always cares

God loves you even when
you haven't got a prayer
Just talk to Her (or)
talk to Him
God's always there
Oct 2018 · 9
Poetry / Sunburn
Writing poetry is like peeling sunburned skin:
you tease off the biggest patch you can find
yeah, there! where the itch drove you out of your mind
then next where the skin gets thinner, and clings
what comes off starts shredding, and won't hold a thing.
You peel what you can and leave all the rest
(the thinner the skinner the better it gets)
your poem is what's still burned into your chest
Copyright 2019 by Michael S. Simpson
All rights reserved by the author.
Sep 2018 · 240
Dream, Dream, Dream
We chose spend this lifetime
chasing dreams for two.
If they escape us when we wake
I still got to sleep with you.
Sep 2018 · 316
we may be, but
I feel our hearts
in rhythm
wherever I go
Sep 2018 · 383
Baby it's 3:45
baby I'm barley alive
surviving on muesli
and oatmeal and such
"That's cereal drag,"
her laconic reply
Sep 2018 · 531
Hidden (haiku)
For a lifetime this
squirrel hid his nuts so he could
never find them
Sep 2018 · 153
Love Letters
Faded rose petals
pressed between
yellowed pages,
catching my
bitter tears,
once more.
Sep 2018 · 93
Come In
Close the
door. You are now
locked in my
Sep 2018 · 75
I live in a house on a cliff
at the edge of the sea.
Every morning I wake
to the whisper of waves
telling me:

"We're taking it all away,
a little bit more every day.
Watch your step when you get
out of bed-- there may not be floor
left to tread
on your way to the place
where your living room
used to be."

I walked yesterday down a hall
where this morning there's nothing at all
in the place where I lived, wrote and sang
so happily.

I wish I could move away
but I know that it's here I must stay
until all I have is taken away by the sea.
the loss to me is great
more than mere real estate
For it isn't a house I'm losing, no--
it's me.
Not my stop, but
     I take your hand
still the thought of
     pull you with me
leaving makes my
     kiss you fiercely
heart feel hot – to cross
beneath the buzzing light,
softly into this crisp night.
Marsha's poem is intertwined here with mine.
Aug 2018 · 94
Why Thorns?
Roses are lovely
yet easily torn.
Like sensitive women
they need those sharp thorns.
Aug 2018 · 395
The Writing of Poetry
When the most potent
words are found
within the marble
quarry of the heart,
are chiseled free
from the incoherent
mass, set thoughtfully
in the right places,
the poem becomes
a living being,
its song
echoing long and long
in the deeps of the soul
whence it came.
Aug 2018 · 398
Courtly Love
Sweet my lady, I long to see
Inside the heart and mind of thee.
Were I to look there, what would I find?
Gracious lady, tell me your mind.

Do you fear I do not love thee,
Because my face you have not seen?
Or do you trust my love's unchang'd,
As it has ever been?

Do you care to know my heart,
Or have you tired of me?
My lady sweet, do tell, do tell,
My lady sweet, do tell me.

As lovers will, I feel bereft
In exile from thee, sweet!
My lady I confess to thee,
My fears I lay at thy feet.

Whether you love me yet or no,
I will not my love betray, though
Without you my own light grows dim,
I hardly see the way.
Aug 2018 · 368
Blazing in the Wind
Love struck a spark
when first our eyes
into each others gazed--
once kindled there,
pure passion flared
into a fiery blaze.

Love fiercer burns
each time we meet.
The dead cry it is sin:
these hearts alight,
twin torches bright,
blazing in the wind.
Jan 2018 · 1.4k
A Heart Betrayed
So this then is hell:
to live on in pain
with a heart that won't die
though no love remains.
One stanza of what started out as a longer poem, until I realized that all I really need to say could be said in a few words.
Deep below the surface
of a sea storm-tossed, frenetic
lies buried an ancient sailing ship
once bold but now pathetic.

Her rigging long since torn away,
her masts and canvas rotten,
naked bones alone remain
of sailors long forgotten.

She bore these brave adventurers
toward a brand new land.
She and they alike were cursed
never to reach a strand.

But if ye look more closely
at her shattered, mouldered deck,
ye'd find the priceless treasure here
hidden in every wreck.
This poem apppears with permission of the author
I love Carina's "Ancient Relict" so much that I couldn't leave it alone.  In my effort to clarify it, have I ruined it? BTW, her notes are as beautiful as her poem.  Don't miss them!  Feel free to keelhaul me if you think I've violated some taboo.  And, my hat is off to all of you brave souls who, like Carina, succeed at writing poetry in a foreign language!
Jan 2018 · 3.5k
The Randall Knife
The gentle drawl of Guy Clark's voice
called me from my sleep,
saying that when his father died
he'd found no tear to weep.

It wasn't that his dad was mean,
nor that he didn't try,
Guy couldn't find a worthy tear--
he wasn't yet ready to cry.

The blade was broken off the knife
a half inch from the tip.
He could almost feel its  jagged edge,
recalling that camping trip

His dad had let him take the knife
to a Boy Scout Jamboree
it was there he broke the blade tip off
throwing at a tree

That knife had served at daddy's side
when he went off to war,
saving his life in combat.
Of that he'd say  no more.

His father never said a word--
put the broken knife away.
It rested in a dresser drawer
until his dying day.

It was only when Guy's hand had found
and closed around the handle
that he knew, amid the sudden tears
Dad had loved him more than Randall.
Inspired by Guy Clark's song, "The Randall knife," on You tube.
Jul 2017 · 213
Winter snow falls in the mountains,

and, melting, seeps down to the spring.

The spring, in a turbulent fountain,

with a sweet song of youth to sing,

runs down to the riotous river,

and the river flows on to the sea.

Then the water again,

in the snow and the rain,

goes back where it used to be.

I wonder if reincarnation

isn't much like the rain and the snow,

returning through all of eternity

to the places that it used to know.
Copyright 2010. All rights reserved by the author.
The birds of the air are my brothers,
all flowers my sisters,
the trees are my friends.
All living creatures,
mountains and streams,
I take unto my care,

For this green earth is our mother,
hidden in the sky is the Spirit above.
I share one life with all who are here.
to everyone I give my love,
to every one I give my love.
Written as a song for naturalist Joseph Bharat Cornell to use in his workshops.
Jun 2017 · 93
Earth & Sky
Roots anchored deep
Limbs lifted high
I abide in both worlds:
Earth and sky

Reaching through space
Kissed by the sun
I dance with the wind
And invite everyone:

"Oh children of earth
Find shelter in me
My life is to give
For I am a tree."

Roots anchored deep
Limbs lifted high
I abide in both worlds:
Earth and sky
Another song I wrote years ago for a naturalist friend to use in his nature programs. So simple, yet I still like it.
Copyright 2010 by Michael S. Simpson
Jun 2017 · 241
No End
When the journey's over,
when the race is run,
when the light is dying,
and all your days are done.

At the end of the highway,
when the final line is crossed,
at the last ray of twilight,
when the night says you have lost,

there's a brand new beginning,
there's a brilliant new dawn!
Your spirit will awaken!
Your soul will carry on!
Apr 2017 · 769
A Thousand Blue Dreams
A thousand blue dreams
float together
in fluffy white
diamond sky moments
smearing rose-petaled beauty
across the sky,
where delicate cool Spring
still weeps
Winter's tears.
From the fridge
Apr 2017 · 594
you do have
and yet,
you may not

swim with me
beneath the sweet
summer moon,
sleep next to me
one lifetime,
be my playful
in this
this forest,
Thanks to my fridge magnet poetry muse, Mr. Ken Moore
Sep 2016 · 604
To My Best Beloved
Forgive me, please--
I ran away
I couldn't stay
where I was despised.
I had no idea
how cruel she was
to you.
I thought
she lavished you with love,
all the love she
denied me.
I wish I had known.
I would have taken you with me,
taken custody,
and run away,
pushing you
in that big
teal bicycle wheel
you loved to thrill ride in,
screaming with delight
when, running at full speed,
I took the earthen ramp that
made you fly, and as soon as we touched down

Or we could have escaped when
I used to toss you
high in the air, and catch you,
if, just once, an angel
would have come to our
rescue and caught you up,
and then me,
and flown us far away to Hawaii,
where we would have lived
very happily
while you grew up,
knowing every day
that you are loved,
and safe,
protected by your
daddy elephant
from the icy blasts of indifference
and all harm.
Daddy elephant's big ears
are always listening
to the whispers
of your heart
and our hearts
would have understood
and respected
each others feelings,
fears, wants and needs.
We'd never need to fight
we'd say just what we felt
and be unafraid
to talk about anything.

In some cultures
they believe that
everything you imagine
is real.
In that spirit
and with all the love
I couldn't express,
I give you now the childhood
you dream of,
may you feel it
and know
it is true.
Nov 2015 · 462
Meet the Wise Man
I've got too many questions and not enough answers.
Have you got some wisdom to share?
I'm far out at sea, no wind's blowing for me.
I'll take any truth you can spare.

"Three points of contact! Cover your bases!
Hedge all your bets, but shoot for the stars!
Follow your dream, but remember your zip code!
Keep some of it liquid--invest in gold bars!"

Wherever I look and whoever I ask,
Their words only lead me astray.
There must be a wise man, a really old wise man,
Who truly can show me the way.

Tossing and turning, sleep now eludes me.
I get up to wash off my face.
Stumbling into the bathroom, I flip on the light switch,
and the mirror blows up in my face.

There stands an old guy in the mirror before me!
Where is the face that was mine?
The wrinkled old guy looking back from my eyes
Says in my voice, "You'll be fine!"

What can he mean? And who can he be?
And what's going on around here?
He says, "One more thing: you don't need to worry--
You really have nothing to fear!"

"But how do I know if I'm doing what's right?"
He says, "Trust your heart and your soul.
You're doing that now, just keep on without doubt!
You're well on your way to be whole."

"But what if it doesn't work out like I planned?"
What if my dreams go astray?"
"Then make your dreams bigger than ever before,
Plant seeds and stay out of the way."

"To harness the power that's waiting to help you,
Feel free to dream big and dream bold
What do you want most to give to the world?
That no one be homeless or cold?"

"Whatever you want to change in the world--
You can! Just start where you are.
Keep singing your song 'til a friend sings along
Go ahead and shoot for the stars!"

"The very best piece of advice I can give:
Find something that's near to God's heart,
Bring more love and kindness into the world,
She'll help you right from the start."

"Maybe Jesus was just a guy who was sure
that love could make the world better.
Of course he was right and it still seems to help,
until it comes down to the letter."

"Now it's your turn to shine," the wise man concluded.
"Don't think that you can't, 'cause you do.
Give all that you've got in that warm heart of yours,
You'll find that big dreams do come true!"
Copyright 2010 by Michael S. Simpson. All rights reserved.
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