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Jake Hodges
Georgia, USA    I write for fun and to make sense of what's happening in my mind. Music saves lives!
Toronto    when it's raining you're my rainbow when it's dark you're my stars
pluie d'été
"We are alive to be who we discover before we die."
Denmark    "Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash." - Leonard Cohen. © Clindballe
Forgotten Dreams
Lost in my own insanity    The Butterfly Project: The Rules are: 1. When you feel like you want to cut, take a marker, pen, or sharpies and draw a butterfly ...
Quinton Trip
Boston, Massachusetts    Traveler, singer, writer, cat-lover, book worm, tea snob.
chicago ill    this is me showing u some of me don't take it and hart it because I show u me because I choose to so thx ...
My Beautiful Philippines    Breathing through writing /
Colorado    I'm just a girl with words in her head and scars on her thighs
everywhere    my mind is a mess of tragedies and i write all of them here. - a.c
21/F/Philippines    A half-empty girl.

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