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Quinton Trip Jul 2014
Its cold, its warm
I love, I hate
Sobriety, Insanity
Sick of walking in my worn out shoes
Whiskey can't cover the scars
They tell me it's all the same
Quinton Trip Jul 2014
One Drink, Two Drink, Seventeen Drink,
Cloud washes over me
A cloud of haze and adventure.
Fun to say the least.
One ****** down by 10 pm
Gram of ******* diminished
Love is in the air.
6 am death is upon me
Women cant sooth me
Quinton Trip May 2014
Women that I'll see touch the sky
Touched a life
Child was three
This was my third visit to her house today
An addict
Kept supplying
As the straw hit her nose it was transcending
Speaks of life but no life was accomplished
One hit after another
Money in my pocket
Food not in the kids mouth
Not feeling well
Touch my face
Kept moving to the next deal
Put coins on her eyes
I'm no god
Quinton Trip May 2014
A new day is dawning
I blank scale has approached
Do what you will
Erase me from the horizon
Quinton Trip May 2014
My heart is dead for all to see. You're just blind. I've lost my mind and crossed the line too many time. The devil may be reached but never touched. Reach out. Well done.
Quinton Trip May 2014
8am, drunk. What time is it? What day is it? Keep drinking.
Quinton Trip May 2014
Life is young, life is short. Do the things you don’t want to do and do the things that everyone tells you not to do. **** them, try.
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