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As these words travel in my head in through my ear out of my other ear as I think and wonder why am I such this mean person im a bully why I keep asking my self  I said out loud I guess im popular I was abused at the age of 11 and now I see it in my head every night in my dreams ,why me I hit my self my mother used me for money and yet she is dead with her blood on my hands why is this happening to me I guess im going to be gone for ****** this is me saying im sorry this is me asking for forgiveness and some love again God help me help me help me
No words I wright can ever say ,How much I say I miss u every day, As time geos by the loneliness grows ,How I Miss U , and nobody  knows,...
I miss u in the morning , and in the night ,I miss u when the sky shines bright , and the grass is green , your always on  my mind day on night ,when I think of u it all feels so right need to have u , need to hold u , to tell u that I LOVE U,,, my dear I don't want to see us apart , this  separation just tears away my heart , I miss u ,oh , I really miss u will need to need u more and more each day your  my heart u stole it away from thy start , and I know that my heart cannot live without you , I miss u , more than words can say ... that's why I need and love u  each day
I love  love  poems

— The End —