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Gental wind Nov 2019
The circle has healing power/In the circle, we are all equal. When in the circle, no one is in front of you. No one is behind you. No one is above you.  No one is below you. The sacred circle is designed to create unity. The hoop of life is also a circle.On this hoop there is a place for every species, every race, every tree, every plant. It is this completeness of life that must be respected in order to bring about health on this planet.
I learned this from my native culture in growing up.
Gental wind Mar 2015
You poets that thing you are all it keep on picking on me I write these this from my heart and experiences, I guess that's not good enough for you so don't weary anymore I'm taking my page off and put it some where else where it is appreciated.  I also want to say sorry for others that did like my words but please don't send me any more poems I'm just done with this site.

Gentle Wind
I have tried here to create an Essay on Mother
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~with love, Sylvia FC

a Mother,
a GodMother,
a GrandMother,

the central figure in every family's life,
who has the quality of a professor,
the patience of an angel,
the power of Tarzan

the unique habit of keeping her family together as a united one,
with that special kind of love which we cannot see,
we as her kids can only feel it, smell the atmosphere of the cosy surrounds at home as we never could ever feel elsewhere...

at home with Mom is always the best!!
her cookies are the most delicious ones
we love to talk about her in superlatives
Mother a place to hide when we have fear or anxiety,
under Mother's wings is always a peaceful home-coming...

daughters love to write a great tribute to Her
as well as to Mothership

Some quotations from different sources I put down here:
First from the Bible:
"Honour thy mother and thy father" Bible: Exodus

"As is the mother, so is her daughter" Bible: Ezekiel

And now from other sources:
"So for the mother's sake the child was dear"
"And dearer was the mother for the child" (Samuel Taylor Coleridge 'Sonnet to a Friend Who Asked How I Felt When the Nurse First Presented My Infant Child to Me')

"All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That is his" (Oscar Wilde The Importance of Being Earnest)

And the last quotation is mine:
"A Mother is the most complete human-being on earth,  
the caring and loving person,
the only one to whom daughters write a greatest tribute,
the safest place to come home...
a Mother is like Home...." (Sylvia Frances Chan)

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