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 May 2019 star
She was very kind.
She even kindle the light,
To my eyes.
She brought me to my senses.
When I was broken.
When I couldn’t stand up,
She was there,
To help me up.
What could I do without her.

My depression seemed senseless.
My joyful attitude had risen.
And her beautiful eyes,
Really blossom the night.
What could I do,
But ask her tonight.

As I made my attempt,
Her smile was tempting my heart.
With the sudden warmth,
Of a relationship so appreciated.
Since love is so vague,
I appreciate her everyday.

Seeing her cry hurt more,
Than the reasons she did.
Watching her struggle,
Tighten my chains.
Not being able to care,
Really hurt my caring feelings.
I hold to her,
To shine the way for her,
Darkest days.

Oh how much I cared for her.
The way she writes,
Doesn’t need to be define.
I just need to see her smile,
When pen hits the paper.

I always wish her a beautiful day,
In my mind.
For she doesn’t feel pressured,
But when she finally answered.
It was too late...

My hesitation,
From my intimidation.
Really made me late,
To what I really tried,
But it’s pleasant.
She is still doing fine.
All I offered was a presence,
For she wouldn’t be alone.
At least she isn’t alone,
Despite me.....
At least I had guts, I’m back and I hope you guys enjoyed this return poem. I made it long since I had so much time to plan it. I really hope you appreciate this piece. If you’re wondering about the “Obsession with a car” it’s at 1.6k views and Im proud, so proud I submitted it to a contest and made 3rd place. I’m really happy. I hope all the best you all despite your tragedies ❤️
 Feb 2019 star
Telling a lie
Always wanting to shine
When really I was polished the wrong way
My heart was really on decline

Saying her name
Used to be a praise
Now all it is
Is just a way to go down
And cry
Wishing she was mine again
When really she being gone
Was my pilgrimage to a great revival

Very vital
For my arrival that
I stay mindful
Of my trifles
Due to how I’m always tripping on the cracks
That makes everything black
Activating my brain
And making me rage
Since my temper is on edge
With my neck
That is carrying a lot of the sweat I get
From ******* tryna wreak my moderation
Tryna give me a education
In how to be substandard
And Rendered into something  
Worst than America giving a Cheeto
The leveage to all of our bombs

So now I’m just thinking about what you did wrong
Instead of my flaws
I’m reminding you of what you missed on
Always catching wrong
Missing all shots
Finally hit a home run
But didn’t run
Instead you walked away
And became a snob
Who couldn’t turn a ****
As if it was Brittney telling a song
Without hatred and love

Always switching up to benefit your life
But messing with my redefined mind
Which has no space to give you my time
So I’ma make this short and give you a new comprehension

Don’t look at me
Don’t say you gonna love
Or that you gonna **** me
Because all you really doing is lying to yourself
Because I’m non penetrable
Due to my thick skull
That’s always getting dull from whenever you wanna score
Instead you fumble
Like the dolphins in the playoffs
Now I wish you good luck
Since your sorry *** just loss all your luck
When you left me taking a piece of my
This was suppose to be a rap but I decided to post it on a poetic website but most of my poems are lyrics based so I decided to make it mostly lyrics instead of poetic. I hope you Enjoy❤️
 Nov 2018 star
Crying in my sleep
My mind going deep
The thought of a knife
Scarring my skin
Like a slice in the wind
Releasing the stress
From within

May not be right
Does more bad than good
But at the moment
Seems worth the blood
When really it’s not

Maybe I’m blind
Or too young to read inbetween the lines
But I’m sure that this isn’t worth the time
Instead of glooming
I should be blooming
For another day
Even if it’s bad
Because I’ll replenish after my bath

Thinking deep ain’t bad
But becoming negative only brings more pain than reassurance.
So you could brighten up a bit
Before you scare the kid from within.
I hope it hits a spot in your heart to let you know you ain’t alone. I hope you enjoyed❣️
 Nov 2018 star
Near the shore
Near the deep
Near the heart of the sea

The tides were high
Raging like a storm
The current went from sky blue
To as dark as noon

Slowly bringing me back
To the beach
To rest my feet
On the wet sand
My steps being marked
Soon a wave washes it out

Never to be seen again
Waves become calm and relieved
Of their rapids
Once again a beautiful sea calm as can be
I’m going near the beach today so that’s why I made this, also I love the water and swimming a lot. I hope you enjoy❤️
 Nov 2018 star
Rupert Pippingford
Break my bones;
cut my throat.
Pull me open,
learn the ropes.

Breath me in;
taste the fear.
Shank my skin;
stand and cheer.

Kick my head;
let me bleed.
Unbolt my veins;
enjoy the read.

Gouge my eyes;
punch my face.
Wrap me up
in your embrace.
Get to know me like I do you; inside and out.
 Nov 2018 star
Starting slow
Speeding up
Felt unreachable
Just my luck
The car continues off
As I follow with lust

I keep following
Taking detours
Out of trust
Soon enough I hit a hole
But wouldn’t  stop
Due to my stupidity

How naive I was
For believing I could catch up
Instead I should of went faster
Not to the car’s limit
But to surpass her with my pride

She was not all
All to me
Is me
Not her
And her silly games
Of cat and mouse

I have finally surpassed
Forgetting my Obession
Finally at peace
Not begging for her attention

My Obession is done
Now I may continue on
With my pride in mind
Never to fall for someone again
But that would be a lie
Lust will soon rise again
Even if I don’t want it to...
This part two to the Obession with the car, I have finally got over my Obession, now I may feel at peace with my depression no longer haunted by her presence. Sorry for not posting for a while, school has been quite a trouble. For all of you I will post a poem on oct 24 after my performance at my play. I will  narrate and perform my poem for all can appreciate and hear on this date. ❤️
 Nov 2018 star
We sail
With the caravan
West Indies we go
The line that brought culture
To our homes

The pope commands
Spain’s spread
Across the land

Yellow, Blue and Red
The shield
The stars
And the abstract
And Colombia
The three countries of three colors
Neighbors in the land
Of Spain’s essence

Starting from East
Coming to the West
Claiming the land
When riches were command
Queen Isabella paid
And was soon repaid
With lands for home
For their country
Can expand the most

Voyages came
India was the destination
Confusion and desperation
They was sadly mistaken

Amerigo Vespucci
Was the man
Who confirmed this land
This land was named after him.
America was confirmed
To be the new land
Of a world so big
With high demand

Spain voyaged in the need of trade
Instead they discovered and claimed
Argentina, Bolivia , Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guetamala and Puerto Rico and the Three countries of three colors.
Conquistadors fought and soread across the land.
A search for the riches,
The queen did command

A beautiful language
From Spain’s influence
Romantic, sweet, and dramatic
The culture of so much history
Known around the oceans and the lands
Hispanic Heritage
Never forgotten
For how Grand
This is a rap and poem, I performed this poem on October 24 for my school play. They all enjoyed it but my father ofc, he is a tough cookie but that’s alr. I hope you all enjoy ❤️
 Nov 2018 star
A swing
 Nov 2018 star
Back and forward
Forward and back
I feel the sweet down my back
Always sad on one
Always happy on the other

Only in the middle
When nothing is moving
Back and forward
Forward and back

Emotions swing like a bat
The strings is what keeps me going
Hopefully they never snap
I’m being held by a thread
Only a matter of time
Until I’m dead

Back and forward
Forward and back
Soon enough I’ll go too high
Either in front
Or behind
Depends on which side
I swing far
For the rise

Back and Foward
Forward and back
My emotions are a swing
Always moving
In a pattern
Until I’m done
Good bye my swing of life
I Wish you forwell
I’m out of time...
I hoped you all enjoyed ❤️!!!
 Sep 2018 star
The words that one can say
Can hurt a lot
Even though
The things they say
Shouldn’t have any meaning
At all
But they still hurt like a blade

Not very sharp
But enough to break
A mind
Not very kind
You might not even know why
They hurt you
In so many ways

You could
Tell a adult
As if it will stop
Sometimes it does
Or it may not

You can either stand up
Or Be tough
But you won’t hold up
Because the blows
Are too much

Soon enough you’ll break
As if you was glass
You must not shatter
Because this shall not last
You must move on
Or you won’t last long
You need to be calm  
For you can stay strong  
Don’t let them hold you back
I’m doing a challenge with a friend. She does a Personal poem as I do a concept of life poem. Check out Celest. I hope you enjoy ❤️!!!
 Sep 2018 star
Brooke P
Am I a strong woman?
if I weep every night
and sleep into the afternoon
because I can never seem
to get enough rest.

Am I a strong woman?
if I'm constantly
absorbing the traits of others
consuming myself
with who I am not.

Am I a strong woman?
if I don't know myself
as well as I should,
and more often feel lost
than found.

Am I the woman
that would make my mother proud
after she's spent half of her life
teaching me
and modeling
the one that I should be.

Am I a strong woman?
if I can't stand to be
alone with myself
with my thoughts
and let my insecurities win.

Am I a strong,
independent woman,
if I have to question it at all?
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