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Zersrol Feb 20
I walk with "ANOTHER",
I walk with a "LOVER",
I walk with "LOVED" ones,
I walk to be "MY" happiest,
I wish I had my four leaf "CLOVER" luck.

"THE" way of life relies on luck
Yet my "CLOVER" was secretly five,
Hit with bad "LUCK",
I found out that I "NEEDED",
Less luck & more "LOVE",
With that said I left "SINCE",
My heart was "NO" longer whole,
I will always love that "ONE",
I guess I "COULD" be the one,
Yet I couldn't "FIND" the one.
So is one's "LOVE" important, or one's pain.

"FRIENDS" can be here,
Or there,
But the ones we "FIGHT",
Tend to stay the most,
Probably as "OFTEN" as they fight,
We can see that,
They feel compassion despite their spite...

"LOVE" is a tragedy brewing,
Yet friends find "LOVE" in anything,
So is all we want is tragedy,
Or the small amount of good times,
We find from "LOVE".
Zersrol Feb 16
I ask and Take,
Fight and Break.
I Burn and pretend to be a Snake;
To get people who cry to get along.
Who tend to Sneak around.

I always wondered what concept Follows
When a child is faced with something New
What breaks a Fighter
who usually Solos
In everything he ever Knew and witnessed.
Why must he understand the Laughter
Of the crowd.

What makes some Understand,
More than civil words and calm breaths ever would.
Why must I Stand for This.
Its too hard for This child.
But it's the ability to grab another's heart.
With less words, more Actions
More physical touch, and compassion.
Less sad days, more happy Reactions.

May I give the Sad girl a happy Reaction,
And the Sad boy more Compassion.
Zersrol Jun 2020
I was sitting by the cross
An view of a split, filled with mist
A cross of land's moss
and the body's fist
Of water sprinkling across
There was no one else to witness
Other than the first
Of many who was jealous
Only the one with a cross
See that land had filled the body
Making it feel like Belle
Watching the Beast's life fell
The cupid's flower of choice
Grouped for nobody
And felt for the Crossed man,
A feeling of rice,
in a cooker
Ready to play a game of poker
Guessing the time of the pedals' fall.
He felt nothing but the heaven that were tall.
He picked a rose,
And looked up
He arose
To the view of the girl from the riverbed top
Ending his day with a stop
Never may he let a flower ride the brook
Of another man's crop
Happy, romantic, over the top, original poetic story.
Zersrol Oct 2019
Zero zero
One zero one
Never should’ve loved no one.
Zero zero
Ain’t got the trust to.
Zero one
That’s one way to hurt me.
Zero two
I guess you got double the trouble,
because this mindset ain’t right.
That’s a
Zero zero
No love for THE WICKED tonight.
Zersrol Oct 2019
Dropping a thought
Heating up a fight
Never should’ve said nothing
Unless you don’t want to waste my time
I respect the truth
But it ain’t needed
Should’ve stopped in your tracks
Before you broke the line
From between our ships
That’s just ain’t right
Zersrol May 2019
She was very kind.
She even kindle the light,
To my eyes.
She brought me to my senses.
When I was broken.
When I couldn’t stand up,
She was there,
To help me up.
What could I do without her.

My depression seemed senseless.
My joyful attitude had risen.
And her beautiful eyes,
Really blossom the night.
What could I do,
But ask her tonight.

As I made my attempt,
Her smile was tempting my heart.
With the sudden warmth,
Of a relationship so appreciated.
Since love is so vague,
I appreciate her everyday.

Seeing her cry hurt more,
Than the reasons she did.
Watching her struggle,
Tighten my chains.
Not being able to care,
Really hurt my caring feelings.
I hold to her,
To shine the way for her,
Darkest days.

Oh how much I cared for her.
The way she writes,
Doesn’t need to be define.
I just need to see her smile,
When pen hits the paper.

I always wish her a beautiful day,
In my mind.
For she doesn’t feel pressured,
But when she finally answered.
It was too late...

My hesitation,
From my intimidation.
Really made me late,
To what I really tried,
But it’s pleasant.
She is still doing fine.
All I offered was a presence,
For she wouldn’t be alone.
At least she isn’t alone,
Despite me.....
At least I had guts, I’m back and I hope you guys enjoyed this return poem. I made it long since I had so much time to plan it. I really hope you appreciate this piece. If you’re wondering about the “Obsession with a car” it’s at 1.6k views and Im proud, so proud I submitted it to a contest and made 3rd place. I’m really happy. I hope all the best you all despite your tragedies ❤️
Zersrol Apr 2019
Mama is gone
Mama isn’t coming back
Ever again
Mama can’t be trusted to drive

Mama is gone
And that will never change
She gonna stay gone no matter what
Even if I wanted to change it

Mama is gone
She is never coming back
Yaya still cries
Abuelo just forgets
And I tell them

Mama is gone
She is never coming back
Mama can’t be trusted to drive
She can’t turn back
On the straight road she drives on
She took too many lives before going
So Mama is gone
Abuelo just forgets
And I cry with Yaya
But I know
Mama is gone
She is never coming back
She doesn’t know how to turn
Even if she knew
She couldn’t turn back time
To be with us again

Mama is gone
I will never see her again
Until I am gone too
Mama is gone
And Yaya still cries
As Abuelo forgets
I will remain crying alone
As I know
Mama is gone
And she is never coming back
Even if she could turn
Time will never change for her
Until we meet again
But for now I will stay until
My time comes
For me
To be gone
For now I made a song in the memory of my mother who has passed exactly four years ago ago beginning April 8. Which for me rn is tmr night so yeah I can’t wait for that since I’m going to have family over and remember the good times. I hope you enjoy, this poem isn’t a exact poem but a song but most of my poems are lyrical so I just went with this. GN ❤️
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