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Zersrol Jan 27
Telling a lie
Always wanting to shine
When really I was polished the wrong way
My heart was really on decline

Saying her name
Used to be a praise
Now all it is
Is just a way to go down
And cry
Wishing she was mine again
When really she being gone
Was my pilgrimage to a great revival

Very vital
For my arrival that
I stay mindful
Of my trifles
Due to how I’m always tripping on the cracks
That makes everything black
Activating my brain
And making me rage
Since my temper is on edge
With my neck
That is carrying a lot of the sweat I get
From ******* tryna wreak my moderation
Tryna give me a education
In how to be substandard
And Rendered into something  
Worst than America giving a Cheeto
The leveage to all of our bombs

So now I’m just thinking about what you did wrong
Instead of my flaws
I’m reminding you of what you missed on
Always catching wrong
Missing all shots
Finally hit a home run
But didn’t run
Instead you walked away
And became a snob
Who couldn’t turn a ****
As if it was Brittney telling a song
Without hatred and love

Always switching up to benefit your life
But messing with my redefined mind
Which has no space to give you my time
So I’ma make this short and give you a new comprehension

Don’t look at me
Don’t say you gonna love
Or that you gonna **** me
Because all you really doing is lying to yourself
Because I’m non penetrable
Due to my thick skull
That’s always getting dull from whenever you wanna score
Instead you fumble
Like the dolphins in the playoffs
Now I wish you good luck
Since your sorry *** just loss all your luck
When you left me taking a piece of my
This was suppose to be a rap but I decided to post it on a poetic website but most of my poems are lyrics based so I decided to make it mostly lyrics instead of poetic. I hope you Enjoy❤️
Zersrol Jan 17
I look up
Then towards the ground
As I see the shaking of my hands
Crumbling into dust
My mind going places
They should never go
My heart racing
Like a jet that has to go

Crying and crying
Hoping no one sees
Hoping someone helps
But they could never know
Why you tragically fell
Into your darkness
Where you are broken

Feeling forever forsaken
And never awoken
Feeling more than just pain and suffering
More like thinking out my whole life as a Issue

Others are problems so am I
My brain can’t comprehend everything
That wants to hurt my mind
Maybe I’m naive
Maybe I’m Too Shy
All depends will I ever shine and rise from my little mess

Now I’m laying in the Street Breaking Down
Hoping that truck runs me down
I hope you enjoy❤️
Zersrol Jan 5
How do I put this into words
Maybe a phrase
Or a story
Maybe a Series to extend my glory
Through pages and pages of memories
And thoughts

I wonder
If a man screams
Is he as weak as a Person who fears Death
Or as strong as Someone who does
I wonder if I’m the only one
Who journeys above the box
We do commonly find ourselves in

I wonder if a Bird Sings for a Melody to please others
Or to sing for it’s own Pleasure
To be for all
Or to be all for one
Is what I wonder most of all

Give to all
Or give all to one’s self
That is what I really wonder
To thy self
I hope you enjoy ❤️
Zersrol Dec 2018
When I couldn't walk and I couldn’t speak
I had someone to serve my Needs
I was always Safe and so full too
She Fed me and Defended me
I can remember her long eyelashes that I own
I can remember her brown eyes that I own
I can remember her Straight Black Hair that I own
But I never had the courage that she owned
I would wake up at Noon while she would wake up at the Afternoon
Always so tired she said
I will always Love you I said
As Noon became Midnight
I would Love her for every second and every breath
I can remember her
Checking my bed for the ghouls
And when I call for help
She is there
She is my Protector
She is my Lover
She is the best in the world
My Mother
Only if she can see me now
I would Hug her and Love her
Until she's Sore from my Love
I hope
Up there is
As here
This is a repost of a old poem that I didn’t reveal the name to sooner. I hope you enjoy this poem❤️
Zersrol Dec 2018
Don’t go for the moment
Be patient
May be better if you wait
Instead hurrying
Without knowing
If it’s safe or not

Give it a moment
Or you may ***** it up
Give it the time
Instead of going right before time

Rather wait
Than mess it up
Or possibly mess yourself up
Patience is key

In actions and emotions
Nothing is a expection
Some things just need time

Wounds will come
Time will heal
Not all but some
Never to be revealed

Hearts will separate
Things you say won’t matter
Give it time
You might like the manner

We all need some patience in life
No matter how we live it
Your life will always need patience
So good will come with it
I hope you enjoy❤️
Zersrol Dec 2018
Recheck yourself
Recheck life it’s self
As hideous as it is
But look past that
Smell the drama
And the scent of depression
In your life
I lied
You just went deeper in the hole
Look into their eyes
Black as coal
Their heart probably have a bit of shine
But is that really enough
The ones who seem perfect
They used to be coal too
Just took them time to
Supposedly age into a perfect gem
But they still have some dark spots
To their perfection
And don’t hestitate
Life is what you make of it
Even if it takes your breath away
I hope you enjoy❤️
Zersrol Dec 2018
Or so creepy
I wonder
What’s more creepy
His face
Or how he walks
So rigid
So horrid
It’s as if he is a puppet being controlled With wires

What do I do
He is getting closer
Eyes as red as my blood
Or more
With a head
That looks more dented
Than a crashed car
A smile filled with horrible secrets
That should never be told

Do I run or hide
Do I even have a choice
It’s Too LATE
He already surround me
I hope you enjoy my horrid story ❤️
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